Please Don't add Attack Delay to the New Units

Large attack delay gets in the way of micro and player control/enjoyment, just look at player behavior. there is a reason that I have not used sharpshooters more than twice, rarely see them from other players and carbine cavalry sucks to use. its also a major reason why bolas warriors rarely see play and many wish for skirmishers for the British/dislike for c.a.

It harms melee units as well, as they must complete a long animation as their targets continue running rather than dealing damage immediately and and continue trailing as their R.O.F. finishes, like zealots in sc2. if hussars dealt damage as soon as they reached a target and followed that target instead of standing still, it would make them much more effective and easier to control. ships also suffer from a delay before firing and it makes them unfun to use/micro. I avoid using ships when I can just because how janky and unresponsive they feel, which is never a good sign for a game that is supposed to be fun.

removing attack delay from these units would be a major QOL upgrade, making them much more player friendly. I also I hope the new units don’t follow their example.

if large attack delays must be included with the new units add it to Caroleans and Cassadores as well, they both move fast and making their staple units unfun to use would reduce their play/win rate.


Well, partially I agree with you because it is easier to micro units with instant response.
But the developers intentionally include setup animation to balance units and include more variety which is very good in my opinion.

Without setup animation English Longbowman with his huge range would beat every type of infantry/ranged cavalry and would be simply OP.


doubtful, some units seem to change delay on upgrade. units also have different delay depending on animations, such as Cassadores firing slower when using kneeling animation, skirmishers in defend mode firing slower than Skirmishers in volley mode, or Caroleans having multiple different attack delays in melee. there is no consistency.

but that’s not even the the important part, which is its not fun to use and control units with large delay. StarCraft does this well with small and nonexistent delay resulting in very responsive units that feel great to use. bolas warriors and sharpshooters are prime examples of what happens when units arent fun to control and fight you to use them well.

longbowmen are also disliked because of how terrible they are to control and inability to micro, skirms if available in age 3 would be preferred over them. they are some of the least fun skirm unit to use because of how the delay interferes with your ability to control them. there is a reason brit mirrors open with musketeers instead of longbowmen, and musketeers are the preferred age 2 unit in most matchups.


I agree, I think that outlaws are still not being use because (one reason) of their 1.5 attack, with normal range in comparison to their counterparts, and in a moment in the game when units are constantly being kited so you still lose to their counterparts because you are not in prolonged combat. That attack should be double and put into 3s time reset. This is why one of the only viable ones are goon-like units with 3s attack.