Please every game is a ram rush Feudal

Thankyou thats what i been doing recently, I appreciate your reply of thought instead of the hate… I still dont enjoy the ram strat being so popular with french/english players with the feudal power spike, I would always kill the first ram push but then Would get swarmed with 4-5 more rams after the first two I would repel these attacks but my enemy economy would boom compare to mine being a whole age ahead, I am on a good win streak but I haven’t quite gotten back the elo that is mostly filled with rushes back yet.

U win some , u loose some. :slight_smile:

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Allin rushes have always been a thing though, think about scout or maa + tower rushes in aoe2 or other things. It is just about getting better so one can defend such rushes and take advantage over it.

The issue in aoe4 is, that it is a bit harder to take advantage since ram rushes do not idle your opponents eco at all (building towers does to a certain extend).

Oh and 1 really important thing, your opponent is going for the ram update and rams, you NEED to go for the archer defense or archer attack upgrade. This is one of the little advantages you have against someone who wants to push you as fast as possible, you should be a tech ahead having stronger archers

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Build walls or stay close to Town Center or make two town centers to protect resources. You can also build towers close to resources. Tower and TCs are counter to archers and spears. If they push rams just burn them with villagers. If you survive you are in better position because you are booming and they wasted resources and will take much longer to age up. You can beat them in late game.

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I would not reccomend building walls, they do only delay a ram push by seconds while they are a big wood investement (EXCEPT you can wall before the archers are anyway near so they have to build the ram further away, which works on certain maps) which is better placed in another archery range or an attack/defense upgrade on archers or more archers

Also burning rams with villagers is super risky (you still need to do it) if you lose too many vills or if your eco gets idled for too long, so first you need to get his archer number down before you attack the ram, otherwise he will just start to fokus your villagers with his archers, this would mean he would lose his archers vs yours but you lose way too many villagers. His first push would be denied but he would come a 2nd time with stronger economy and at some point you would just lose.

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Then this is the current meta, and it will be until spring, where they will drop another balance patch. Unfortunately, every multiplayer game has a meta because that’s how the math works behind the games. There is always a most “efficient” way to do something.

I know you’re coming to Ramrush after the last patch, but if you lose due to it, it’s clear that you have a problem with your skills.

shut up. actually rams are big problem

Ram seem quite bad right now. With tc focus fire and scout meta (which are very efficient against ram as well) mean your ram is most of the time not worth the price.

I appreciate the feedback from all of you giving strategies and, I am reading them because I am having problems and continously facing ram rush majority of my games, which why i made this thread because I am frustrated of its popularity that apparently doen’t work xD.

unless it’s an English ram rush you shouldn’t have any problem dealing with them if you knew they are coming as you said.

Brother when its 80% chance its ram rush everygame its hard not to know its coming.

Rams is ok, theyre expensive in fedual and easy to destroy. Youre just nab crying nerf everything. Big problem is siege not rams

Just adding to this… some counter-strategies:

  • information is key. always scout and check their next move. If they’re going for an early barracks, or Archery range then somethings up. Start working towards your own effective counter.
  • make sure you’re scouting and check if they’re building a blacksmith. (unless you’re dealing with Abbasid)
  • remember, Rams cost 300 wood, which is a big investment. So if they’re doing that, they can’t invest the same in two buildings (most civs) or a handful of extra units. Every choice is a trade in the game.
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Does this community just attack people?

I just dont like topics that dont bring solution and just writing nerf nerf nerf

I never claimed for a nerf where do you see that, and im clearly asking for a solution to something im not having fun against. You dont have to attack someone for that.

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Most of my games I’m being ram-rushed as well. I usually play Mongols or Rus lately so vs. England, France, Abb, HRE - they ram rush in probably 80% of my games as well. Even knowing it’s coming, scouting is important - it will help you see how many rams, how many archers, from what angle of approach, if spears are included too, where reinforcements are coming from, etc.

If you defend it, you have a big advantage (and often the opponent is so committed, they just try and ram rush again lol) and can usually get to Castle first and win the game. After the recent changes, even though it’s kind of repetitive to face over and over, I feel like it’s pretty well-balanced. Watch replays of losses and look for your mistakes in terms of what you’re building, where and when. What sort of eco inefficiencies you had or mistakes in microing the attack.

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I believe your right, I just wasn’t making enough units now im producing alot better and even if they’re isn’t an attack I can harass a bit… I was just havea really bad night of 7 losses of ram rush in a row Thankyou all for your feedback the double archery range has done wonders to combat this.

It happens, ram rush is actually quite weak right now, it just super punishes weaker players or greedy players or if you don’t properly scout (even pros lose scouts to TCs sometimes). When you get higher on the ladder ram rushing becomes basically non-existent because trying to ram rush usually loses you the game because it usually doesn’t kill your opponent and its a huge resource investment.