Please, give me an advice. PC set


Who is your experience and knows your pc well, please advise me.
Thanks in advance.

I will upgrade the Pc to AoE 4.

Graphic Design:
GTX 1660 Super 6GB or RTX 3060 Dual OC 12 GB

16 GB of RAM will be enough or even better on AoE 4, for example 24 or 32 GB RAM.

Thank you for the advice

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not question
6GB will be too low for future.

buy 16 in 2x8Gb
if needed u can always buy another +8 /16

RTX 3060 is better. 16gb of RAM is enough.

CPU 11400F, ignore if you have good CPU
GPU: 3060 12GB will be very good, 3060TI is also very nice, make sure youa re getting it on MSRP
Ram go for 32GB DDR4 or 16GB DDR4
NVME SSD is a must if your motherboard cna support it, not SATA SSD, go for NvMe SSD.
Also turn off precision mouse pointer in mouse settings.

This is my spec, ran very well in Beta with uncapped frames, never dropped below 60 on high. I am waiting for 3080.

So 16 GB RAM will be enough for me on AoE 4 and I will be able to play for maximum details?

That also depends mainly on the graphics, right?

I think that a good setting is:
CPU: Intel core i7 11700 or AMD ryzen 5800x
GPU: RTX 3070 or AMD RADEON 6700XT
RAM: 2x16GB DDR4 with frequency which depend on the motherboard native, if you don’t want overclock the ram
SSD Nvme 500Gb for O.S. + SSD Nvme 1T or 2T

When I improve my PC I will have:

CPU i5 11600 (6 cores¨) 2.8 GHZ - 4.8 GHZ
GPU RTX 3060 Dual OC 12GB
SSD Nvme 500Gb

I think I’ll start the maximum details just fine.
What do you think?

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16GB RAM should be minimum in 2021. A GPU with more that 8GB as well.

I would suggest to get at least 2 Nvme SSD’s, if possible. One for OS and other for Games and Co.

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upgrade monitor to smth like 4k 32’’ monitor - it’s awesome.
I just look at ur specs and cannot understand 1920x1080 even with 144.

PS too be clear for aoe4 it could be useless, but for any other game or work. It’s so much change.

2560 x 1440 @144 could be a good compromise.

yes, I have 32’’ 4k but using 2560x1440(recommended).
Sometimes specifically change to 3840×2160 to try aoe2. 10/10.Just wanted to point out that monitor is huge change for general view.

PS disclaimer(for one who decided to buy only for aoe4). it could be useless, u have to wait release.

Well for AoE4 2560x1440 @60 would probably be enough.

It’s a good PC but add 16 GB RAM

4k Is another World.

Good choice!

  • I5 11600 or Ryzen 5 5600X, either is great
  • RTX 3060 is powerful, but AMD 6600XT is better price, better performance, uses less power.
    You will never need the 12GB on an RTX 3060 (I have one by the way!).
  • 16 GB RAM is enough. You will never need more. Get 2x8GB though :slight_smile:
  • SSD at 500GB might be a bit small long term; don’t need an expensive NVMe for gaming so depending on price, try to find 1GB SATA SSD. But if you can make do with 500, sure!

NVMe are not much more expensive as SATA SSD. But most important is do NOT get QLC SSD they are still bad!

Even for aoe4 u want more than 16 GB. To keep browser and other stuff in background.

NVMe is a must for boot disk.

If budget is enough.

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No no, you don’t need more than 16 GB of RAM. Absolutely not. - I don’t know of a single game that EVER used so much RAM. It will be like that for years to come as only a handful of games require 12GB or so.

A lot of memory allocation is on your graphics card, and if you are having to use your system’s RAM to load video game textures, then you’ve hit a bottleneck with your graphics card.

NVMe is not a MUST. SATA SSDs are fine. They’re wonderful, they’re fast, they’re often a bit cheaper. TigerAsteroid58 made a good point. I would opt for 1TB over 500GB and buy based on storage size, as long as it’s an SSD.

Please, help this person with ACCURATE information. What will run this game at 1440p?

  • A modern card with 8GB of RAM
  • 2 sticks of 8 GB of system RAM,
  • Probably a quad core with 8 threads but 6 cores 12 threads is more solid.
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Modern GPU with at least 8GB VRAM!
CPU with at least 6 Cores!
At least 16GB RAM!
At least 1TB SSD!

Of course all this is highly dependent on available budget. And yes we probably will need more in near future.

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Keep ur line.
I personally had issues cause browser used a lot of RAM(fixed by closing).
To seamlessly launch the game and be able to alt+tab into twich. U need more RAM than game uses.

Prefer using NVMe + HDD7200, but if 500Gb is enough - NVMe enough. U dont need SSD as high volume storage.

I played beta. Game used 7.6GB of VRAM on highest. Assuming aoe4 will also have UHD pack. U already need more than 8GB VRAM. Any other game launched at 2022 would need 8GB VRAM as minimum.
The options were: 6GB or 12Gb → 12GB wins.

It’s not all about “to launch the game and do nothing”, it’s about PC experience.

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