Please give some love to the old civilization

I have noticed that the unit “Japanese Samurai” has as many as 8 independent modeling units depending on the era and technological status (similarly, there are as many as 4 Japanese samurai on horseback), which is an incredible amount of work and detail, and this is definitely commendable!

At the same time, I also hope that some units from the old civilization can get better textures and beautiful shapes (of course, this may have to wait until AOE4DE), such as Zhugenu, which is not friendly to recognition and also appears too monotonous in the graphics. I mentioned this suggestion to developers a long time ago, hoping to design a set of independent modeling for Zhugenu. If you are really busy, at least change their model to an archer, At least this aligns with their positioning.




Japans and Byzantines are the most unique civs. Ottomans and Hre sucks at every aspects. No body can tell me devs dont make too too much care while making the Japans and Byzantines.

Hey man, I agree with you on a lot of things, even including the issue of spearmen comically having two spears and that weird Zhu Xi’s “Imperial Guard”, and this time around, when it comes to older units, I’ve actually always liked the helmet look of the Chinese archers in Era 4, and I’ve always thought that porting it over to the Zhugenu and Chinese handcannons would be very sensible and good looking.


It is seems that they only changes models when considering enhancing identification, like the Japanese spear can only be equipped after selecting Nagae Yari.

However in the same time, they still let ZXL’s spear keep flashing after you select Roar of Dragon, why they don’t care about identification anymore in this case? Is that so difficult to give them with Fire Spear?

Maybe Devs were really busy, or I’m afraid that they really don’t care about your feeling at all.