Please lets represent The treaty Community

I don’t feel that Age of empires team are thinking about the treaty community, we have no content creator with early access to the new civs, please we have some very good people that can create some very good content, they are working hard even without the access.


Jaegerchere -

Pollom - Twitch

zivearia - Twitch

Machado - Twitch

floko83 - Twitch


Really glad that you brought this up mate. The Devs indeed have to think about us more. I myself had to go though the scenario editor and struggle there to make some new content and share my thoughts about the new African Royals DLC. Let’s see it from this way. USA DLC came out and no one from the treaty community had early access to it so they can suggest for balancing and now after 3 months we barely use USA in treaty lobbies just because they are really strong. Supremacy players may say USA is fine but in treaty they are OP and I mean no offence but Supremacy players (even top supremacy players) can’t suggest balancing for treaty games unless they have huge experience. Just to make it simple, British/Germany are outdated in treaty games. So, please devs, at least take 2 of the treaty players in the test programs so they can test and suggest balancing for new contents. By doing so you will bring more players to the community. As we all trying to grow the community. Let’s hope this post won’t be ignored by the developers.


Any of us, in top 30 in ranked understand the game properly to bring balance sugestions. The treaty community is alive and want representation too. Floko, zivearia, erchere, avatar should be in beta testing New civs!


Avatar Korra (known as Dramos) is by far the best Treaty player at Cow Booming. His British and Iroqouis booms are legendary. He should have gained early early access !


agree, we do have great players that are being discarded

Perhaps you are right with the Early Access, however I don’t think that devs don’t think about treaty. Just the other day a dev turned down an idea only because it might affect treaty balance.

its so simple, they choose a streamer with 75 subs on youtube, erchere have 1k… how the choose this people? what are the criteria ?

And in this context i would like to bring again what i ask for over and over again:

Give the possibility to see the decks from the other players in the lobby!!! … at least in Treaty Games.

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I don’t know what you think of this proposal. If expanding the number of cards seemed crazy.

The castles of Hausa and Ethiopia need to enable upgrades just like other defensive buildings.

I also think late-game defensive buildings are very weak. I propose that defensive buildings like castles and towers have a further improvement in the imperial age.

I’m not a treaty player but I wish there were more balance changes done for age 4 and 5.

A simple example is how Japan and France have extra military pop after getting max vills. Their eco is balanced out by having fewer vills but then they can get more military out at one time.

Stronger towers etc would make treaty into too much of a turtlefest. We currently already have some players “paint” their section of the map with walls, we don’t need extra tanky buildings to slow that down even more.

Not in resistance, just in attack a little more. The walls do not.