Please make an auto queue option for vills

Please add a toogle button inside the TC which will auto queue 1 villager if idle and enough ressources for 1 vill available.
It is just annoying to queue 1-2 vills every view seconds. Especially for causual players it just costs much micro, which could be spent for actual realy strategy management.

Almost everyone, wants uninterrupted vill prod for every first 25min of a game. Every game. This type of no brain micro doesnt give anything to the game then making it less fun and stressful.


If its “no brain micro”, then it shouldnt be a problem.
The difference between a player willing to improve and a player just wanting to play for fun begins with the vill production imo.
So if you forget constantely to build villagers, you will soon be matched with somebody who also forgets it.

Its not really micro intense. If you take correct settings and work with shortcuts, there is zero downtime with your actions and the Q of villagers.


I would like it very much, not only for Villagers but for soldiers as well, like in Age of Mithology.


Also there should be a build button to click. Like horsemen into fast castle build, and the villagers should be auto spreading to the correct resources for that. And also build the buildings required for that build. This is just boring busywork when you know exactly what to do, no skill required, and gives an unfair advantage to better players.


you are joking, right?

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Is that why I have so much trouble in some of my games? I usually get to 40 villagers then go full into military.

When I tried to get a friend to start playing AoE and explained build orders to him, that was actually his first question.

“So can the game do that for you?”
“No, you have to memorise the build order and practice to become good at doing it”
“Well that’s silly, what’s the point of that when it could just do it for you?”

He didn’t get into playing it, as he couldn’t see the point of all that memorising and practicing to do something so routine and capable of being automated. He has a point, of course, but if the ability to execute build orders well were removed as a differentiator between players, we’d need some other way to separate good players from bad players.

Only 40 ??? I produce between 80 and 90 vill to restock fastly my army during fight


Yeah I need the food for my elephants! Cycling them in and out and healing them up with scholars means my economy doesn’t have to be as high. Course every elephant that dies hurts really badly.

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Well it’s simple. Just make it more and more like chess. Cause that’s the game these people really wanna be playing. So maybe include chess mode in the game? So that they get up an actual chess board when they start the game?
Samne with fps, why aim, when you can use aimbot?

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I put it in some thread a couple of months ago. If we want to attract new players to the RTS genre, we must reduce what is called the “learning curve” so that the lower levels enjoy and get better hooked on the game. The automatic queue has very little effect when you already have a certain level.


My favorite argument in the debate (check out the thread, you see it seems like a very emotional topic to many):

Wow that’s the dumbest argument I’ve ever seen. That would be taking away from your stuff instead of adding. Why would anything do that? You might as well use this “argument” to say why villagers should build houses themselves, because avoiding being pop capped is… hard micro

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Why don’t people just watch games instead if they want everything done for them?


It is not the same, here we are talking about the production of an economic unit that you must produce without a fun strategic component.

You can build a house with 29/30 or 23/30, depending on the case.

For this and more, RTS do not attract new players and are dead compared to any Main Stream or second line genre.

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People will play it regardless. Is just not Age Of Empires. Do it yourself or play a Mobile game.

What? There is no strategic component to when to build house. You just gotta do it. If you don’t time it perfectly it’s exactly the same as not timing villagers exactly. The people that’s kept from RTS because having to produce their units themselves are not someone that’ll be missed. They’d be useless anyway. Learning to produce villagers is a simple and important first step towards understanding macro. Later on you gotta learn more, like keeping military production up. This is way harder, so it’s great that we get the intro “challenge” of learning to keep track of villagers first. Seriously, if this is a problem that’s keeping you from playing aoe or you think this is the reason you suck…, there’s gonna be tons of other stuff thats way harder but just as important that’ll also keep you from succeeding. Making vil auto queue will not solve anything. It will not keep you from sucking. And it will not improve your game.

I know some people are just slow, and this is hard for you. Well RTS is not for you. THere are other strategy games, with turns. So you can be exactly as slow as you want and only need to do one thing at once.

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Isn’t it a strategic decision to have to build 3 houses because the enemy is besieging 3 houses in your base and you can’t defend it?

We are talking about an economic production that does not generate any fun. Saving APM there will allow APM to be used for more interesting decisions.

The problem is not with me, I have been playing RTS for many years. I think about the new players and the learning curve.

It would be nice if a modder could make a custom auto queue mod, we’ll see if it’s successful or not.

Command and Conquer, AoM and other RTS games have It.

Nope, you lose 3 houses, you need 3 houses. It’s pretty basic. It’s not a desision.

You can say that about anything. I think it adds fun. And no it takes barely any apm at all, you wont get any more for other stuff.

This I don’t mind. Competetive players would never touch it, but the fortnite kids might give it a go.

The real successful games don’t have it. Starcraft, warcraft III, age of empires… These are all in a different sub genre where macro/eco is more advanced, takes skill and an important part of the game. Games with only money as resource have different focus.

No, I had to build 3 houses because I decided not to defend the 3 houses that were besieging me for whatever reason. That added to the fact that it is very easy to know your population line to be able to build a house in the place that the player wants.

Having to produce villagers only adds to the fun for those who have had to learn the game for months/years like this way. They celebrate being able to win because one made more villagers than another and they don’t accept changes in gender.

It seems that you are from the team of replanting farms like the old AoE2, luckily in AoE2 DE that absurd mechanics could be automated, let’s see what you say against that.

I have played Starcraft 2 and I have to tell you that it is much more wellcoming at the beginning than AoE. The macro is much simpler (2 resources) and even tells you how many workers should be in each resource. Even with auto queue in AoE, SC2 would have an easier macro.