Please make full use of model resources

There is no doubt that aoe3de is a great project, which is not only reflected in its rich gameplay, but also in the updating and upgrading of a large number of models.

However, many of these models have not been enabled, which is undoubtedly a huge waste of resources for the production team and players. Here I feed back three obvious cases to the production team, hoping that the production team can join the game in the future version. Thank you for your work!

They are the models of Changdao and arquebusier in the second stage that are not enabled (the current version actually enables the models of the first stage and the third stage, which are located in era2/3 and era4/5 respectively), so please continue to maintain the current first stage model in era2 (bannerreforms card) and era3, and the second stage model that is not enabled at present replaces the current third stage model as the appearance of era4, The current third stage model becomes the appearance of era5.

The other is the golden armor halberd that has not been enabled. This model should become the appearance of the halberd in era5.

After the above changes, the three units from era3 to era5 will have their own unique appearance models, which will greatly increase the richness of the game screen, and also make full use of the model resources.

With regard to this suggestion, I would like to add some ideas. As we all know, for a long time, the appearance of AoE3 units will not change after upgrading to era4 (era5 units usually follow the model appearance of era4), but this law has been gradually broken after the release of De, especially the new DLC. In particular, we can see that the new Mediterranean units have the unique appearance of era5, which is very good, In fact, if conditions permit, the old nation can also follow suit, which is the central idea of this proposal.


Well,I agree with you very much. As a Chinese player, I’m not satisfied with Chinese modeling. I hope I can change it next time. In addition, arquebusier’s hair style is modern, which is not in line with history. It is suggested to change it to the warm hat of the Qing Dynasty. can refer to keshik\keshik_ hat_ rank02



Need to separate industrial/imperial unit models for other civs like US and Mexico.

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