Please nerf the Mounted Granadero as the unit has no counter system!

Spain → Argentine Revolt is the most unbalanced thing in DE. Recently the devs give them the “Light Ranged Cavalry” tag but there is no use for that as the Skirmisher type can’t do any damage to them because they have 40% range resistance. Your best bet against them is the mele unit, where mele cavalry mostly cost 2 pop and is more expensive than them and most of the mele infantry units won’t even reach to these because they are 1 pop unit and super cheap so what usually people do is vill delete and use 150 of these with 10 missionaries with the unction card which destroy every unit. This unit is both costs and pops effectively, 1 pop unit with 120 food, and those stats make no sense. These mounted granaderos have no negative multiplier vs any units which enables them to counter every single unit inside the game with their range splash damage. Aside from that, the revolt gives you infinite cows where you can constantly get and eat them with a minimum 2food/s, and also you will have factories so basically there is no way your food can finish in addition you will have Imperial mortars with the revolt (this is not a big issue, the main issue is the Mounted Granadero). A bunch of lamers on the treaty ladder are abusing this very simple 1 unit strategy to gain elo and it’s working perfectly for them. Please nerf these units because they are just ruining the game. The players who use this strategy have legit zero skills and are no match to most of the top players yet inside the treaty ladder (not mentioning the names) 5 of the top 10 players at the moment are abusing this strategy because it’s super simple and broken.
Suggestion: make the unit cost coin as well so 120 food and 80 coins or 100 food and 100 coins or something or even increase their population to 2 pop units. It makes no sense where most of the cavalry are 2 pop and even the normal infantry grenadiers are 2 pop but this unit is 1 pop and much stronger and cheaper.


It would be nice to see these nerfed in some way. As far as efficiency goes, they’re probably one of the best in the game. Any civ that can spam one unit against everything is too much, even hatamotos can be killed with art/skirm mix. I think a mix of 2 nerfs like the cost and the pop, or the cost and the RR. Maybe even put in a mechanic where there can only be a set number on the field too?

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In Supremacy this strategy is broken. A few days ago I had Russian Guard Strelets and Cossacks and couldn’t stand a chance against the wave that came upon my base.


Well, yea in fact mixing 2 nerf is the way to go for this broken unit. Because right now the unit makes no sense in terms of stats.

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I think the only thing they should do is to give them siege resist instead of range resist or increase their pop to 2 or make the total cost to 200 resources including gold . They are on cavalry so their speed will easily let them escape any counter units like hand infantry. Definitely the most retarded units of the game

I said it 500,000 times that in TR20 There are some failures who have horrible rating in 1v1 and as a team, however in TR they are TOP, But there is a group of orangutans who think that you do not beat them because you do not get the right troop


Out of all the lame strategies, this by far is one of the absolute most silly. There are only a few civs that even have a plausible answer to this. Most have none at all. It’s just broken.


Just make them two pop unit, they already hav stat of a 2 pop grenedier , cost if ok for a civ that doesn’t have Capitol upgrades .

100% agree. This Unit with Argentina Revolution is too strong. If no other nerf will be around it should be at least a 2 pop unit.


Como usuario de la revolución argentina les ofrezco una solución, Landsknecht.

Recomiendo pedir mejoras para las tabernas que permitan su fabricación o una carta (de efecto similar)

Los granaderos a caballo necesitan múltiples mejoras para ser viables. Los Landsknecht no tienen esa desventaja ademas de ser muy útiles contra caballería en general

Espero que esto les ayude y espero que tengan un buen día :slightly_smiling_face:

If arg rev mounted granadero’s strat is being abused, you have an oportunity, abuse its best counter strategy: choose Inca and spam chimu runners, they will decimate the granaderos.

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Es una opción, pero creo que el problema lo dicen por el competitivo (no saben que va a usar su oponente)

Por eso mismo. Aunque no sepas qué va a tener el otro, Inca funciona. Si toca un español para revolucionarse argentina, lo destrozas. Si toca otra cosa, inca funciona igual. Una masa de 50 guerreros con boleadora con daño de area y unos chimus/lanzas/arcos para apoyar rompen cualquier cosa. Si es un team game, con que un miembro del equipo elija Inca ya neutraliza completamente la amenenza de una rev. arg. Si la estrategia es popular, hay buenas chances de que toque Arg. y el counter funcione.

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Comprendo tu punto, pero hay que tener en cuenta que jugar siempre con incas no es divertido, por eso yo sugerí una alternativa, que garanticen a los Landsknecht en las tabernas. Por lo menos (si no les gusta mi idea anterior) para las partidas en competitivo.

Pero los Landsknecht son infanteria pesada, relativamente lenta, no deberían ser un problema para los granaderos a caballo. Obvio que jugar siempre con Inca no es divertido, pero sería solo por un tiempo, hasta que se abandone el interés por arg. España sin la rev. no es una civ viable para tratado, entonces perdería siempre contra una inca, y dejaría de utilizarse.


En mi experiencia con la revolución argentina, las únicas veces que perdí fue contra incas y los Landsknecht.

Me encantaría que tuvieras razón, pero tienen mucha salud y muchísimo daño contra caballería, son lentos pero letales.
En imperial me hicieron insta kill (no me acuerdo que facción uso mi oponente)

keep thread alive , so dev can listen , treaty ranked is filled with argentina revolt abusers . so lame and stupid.

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Indeed, the issue is that is spreading to casual lobbies and those who lame these stuff think they are actually good.

The pre update is out, and in the patch notes they nerfied the grenadier, is now also tagged as Heavy Cavalry, that means that with light cavalry you can kill it.

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Can u share link of pre update ?