Please nerf the Mounted Granadero as the unit has no counter system!

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Don’t know if just making then heavy cavalry will fix them , they are still one pop unit that does 37 demage at 4 area of effect .

Means they are countered by dragoons, which don’t really care about aoe.

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But 4 aoe is huge , and don’t forget thoda cav grens have 40% range resistance

They are now classified as outlaws as well which gets them +20% hp and attack, and -50% train time :slightly_smiling_face:

They get it in the last patch as well for some reason. But now it’s just official. They just gave them a heavy cavalry tag which is useless because it still makes no difference as they have 0.4 range resistance.

Who cares about grenaderos, sioux siege dance is what needs to be nerfed.

Wat? Lakota is bearly viable in late game.

Lakota treaty is really good atm. But wouldn’t say because of siege dance. More mortars meaning you cant wall vs them and war chief oneshots all your art. Which means their skirms dont die.

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