Please nerf the Persian TC AOE2 HD/DE

This seriously needs to be nerfed. It ruins the game.

People will delete their own TC and dump it near your TC over and over again. We all know the name of this “tactic”, but I think it needs to be removed now.

Incas had their fun with tower rushes, now it’s time for Persians to lose their stupid bonus or have it seriously reduced in some way so that it isn’t a method of winning a game, which is built on having balanced civilisations.

It is not like everyone with this civ will only do the persian douche as strat. It isnt an OP strat at all. So there is no need to nerf this strat. There are already some threads about this gaming becoming stale and boring. So just dont nerf this not OP strat.

It is pretty rare for a persian player to douche, while it was for the incan vill rush pretty common to vill rush. That is a big difference. And even the incan vill rush wasnt needed.


i seriously hate people who want to kill every strategy thats any different from playing meta.
It makes the game more fun and more interesting to play. It’s fun to use this strat and its fun to play against it. It’s not overpowered at all, in fact persians have a below average win rate despite this strategy. All it does is spice up the game so not every match looks exactly identical to the next one. so what the ■■■■ is bad about that?
Like man do you really think the game will be more fun if you play against the same strategy 20 times in a row?
It’s bad enough that the inca and the korean trush and the celt hoang drush got killed, but at this point, persian douche and goth infinidrush are the only two things that protect this game from being a boring stale piece of ■■■■ like other competetive games like CSGO.


No. Leave the Persian douche tactic alone. It is rarely done. It can backfire terribly if not done right.


It will backfire terribly if answered right.

Opposed to the former incan rush which often was part of meta strat bec. it didn’t backfire as much it should if played correctly against it.


yea. Incan trush was one of the strongest strategies in the game for sure. But it wasn’t THE strongest. People still played frank scouts into knights and mayan/briton/chinese m@a into archers and had slightly more success with it. If it has been the strongest it would have become meta, but since it was just slightly weaker it didnt gain as much popularity as those strats, which in return made it even more effective for those people who did practice it, because most people didnt know how to play against it. So to me that only means it was in a good place.


When it is done right, it’s OP… I think the HP bonus should come in in Castle age. For lower-level players enough people do it at that level to put them off of the game.

It’s tedious.

Every strategy is OP if done right.
If a good player plays against a bad player the good player wins.
You could say that makes whatever strategy the good player is using OP but really it comes down to execution like it does with every strategy and thats how it should be.
It’s not OP as a strategy by itself, nor was any of the other cheese strats that they killed.


It isnt OP, but you have to know how to act. Since it isnt meta, lower rated players dont know how to deal with the strat. But they cant deal with many other strats as well. When a scout rush done right, it’s OP… When a archer rush is done right, it’s OP. That is just following the same reasoning as you now make for the persian douche.


Are you a Persian player, Faded? :sweat_smile: I’m sure you mean that you hate the idea that people have of getting rid of strats, not the people themselves.

I’ve been playing this game since it came out, please be kind…?

I think it’s a ridiculous way to play the game, so it’s a shame if it remains as it is for the foreseeable future.

I enjoy defending against other meta plays, even defending against Incas vil rush was fun, and an achievement when you do it - but this one is just ridiculous.

I used to be a persian player roughly a year and a half ago, since then ive played persians maybe like twice in total. And ive been douched like once, i wish it would have been more often, because that is more fun than getting archer rushed.

You say it’s ridiculous, but how is that bad really? What makes persian douching bad, but other things that are even less historically realistic like microing 1 unit to draw unit aggro and then attacking with your other units okay?

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I’d say those bits are part of the game, you need to keep an eye on your units in general for that not to happen, or put them on the right stance.

I’m not saying nerf Britons :joy: this isn’t one of those posts… but I do think the TC bonus is unbalanced and very, very difficult to defend as any other civ

It’s not that difficult to defend at all really, all you have to do is not repair your TC because it’s a waste of wood and float enough wood to build a new TC if your old one goes down and youre gonna have a lot of extra resources over your opponent, because they just walked over to you using their entire eco and you were free to gather resources in the meantime.


The problem is that they just delete that TC and repeat the same thing, so you’re always struggling to find wood - in the meantime they are able to inch ahead with villagers and grow their eco faster. In the moments you don’t have a TC, they send in scouts… if you perfect it, it’s extremely tough to do anything against.

Make towers or archers to stop him from doing that.
Raid his unprotected home eco.

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yea but like they have to spend the same resources as you to build a new TC and they have to spend the same time building a TC, its a real level playing field except they are down a few hundred resources compared to you from having to walk over to you plus they have less villagers closeby to help because they likely leave a few at home. it’s a real favourable situation for the one getting douched.

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The title should be what to do vs that start right?


Inca trush was broken, douching is suboptimal and you’ll lose against it only if you tilt. There’s no point in changing that bonus


Consider mining stone early and delete the tc enough times and they won’t have the stone to follow you while you’re ahead due to less time not building villagers/and more time focusing on eco.

Those 10 vills in the TC are half of the eco of the Persian player being idle. You have these 10 players working. That is a big benefit.

If you reach feudal age use military and towers to deny a second TC drop. If defending well your eco is much bigger then his and you will win the game.

Defending a Persian douche isn’t that hard. That strategy is fully based on the defender panicking.

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