AOE4 is offering 8 civs and just quite small amount of contents. For that 20$ price tag is just too much especially for the people living in third world country. AOE2DE offered enhanced graphics with very nice amount of improvement for 15$. It offered a lot of contents as well and a discount for HD players. Thus made the transition from HD to DE not awkward.
Point is reduce the price and offer a discount for those who already owns previous versions of the game. Otherwise expect the game to die at launch. Here in my country 20$ is no joke which might not be the case in other places. On top of that this game is a niche genre and most people who’ll just try once and go or won’t even consider buy this at all.
Edit: It seems it’ll offer more campaign scenario than AOE2 counterpart and many other stuffs. Even so please consider changing price. Especially for the players in South Asia and Latin America. You(MS) will be missing a huge market there. Check AOE2DE Match Data and see the playerbase in those countries.
Please consider these options

  1. Reduce the price to (here in South Asian Dollar) 15$. For USD 40$ should be enough. If there were more contents to offer then 60$ would’ve been but that doesn’t seems the case.
  2. Offer discount for those who already owns previous versions of the game.
  3. Rebalance the price for regional currencies.

I wish I could get it for 20$. But I know that Microsoft increased local prices very much for the games that will be released after e3. I think they want people to join gamepass instead of buying the game.


I dont think you got the prices right- age 4 should be around 60€, and it offers 35 NEW missions. Age 2de didnt offer new stuff :wink:


Where is anything mentioned about missions

2DE redesigned every campaigns and added many new stuffs for 15$ price and added a discount for those who own HD. So it didn’t made the transition from HD to 2DE awkward. DE meanwhile has 8 civs only unlike Age Of Kings counterpart. It feels very awkward from that comparison.

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the steam page says 35 campaign missions in 4 campaigns :slight_smile:

2DE stil lwas a DE, meaning no new game. Just some updates, which allows for tat price :wink:

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still offered new campaigns and civs. They seemed to increase the price of DLCs following the success of AOE2. In HD DLCs were priced no more than 5$. Now it’s 10$ with even less contents.

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it seems its hard to argue here, lets just say a NEW game will NEVER cost as few as a remake or DLC, not nearly. because its production costs much more aswell


Most modern games are 60$ I think aoe4 is worthy of that price tag as long as it has lots of cool new features, although it would be nice to see a small discount to owners of aoe1, aoe2, and aoe3, maybe AOM, but I feel that AOM is more of a different game. The discount should be small though 10$ at most


I can understand a bit the user’s frustration when seeing the price of AoE IV, but a quantity of that price I think is justified guys, this one unlike the Definitive Edition of 19.99 is a completely new title, a premiere, not a re-release, Even so, I believe that prices can be adjusted even if it is a little, especially in Latin America, here in my country with the price of AoE IV DELUXE I can buy a total of 6 packs of Definitive Collection, when in USD with that price you can buy only 2 bundle, that’s the only part where I don’t make sense of it.
Even so, if that price remains as it is now, we will have to pay it if we want the game, this is a luxury, not a necessity.
In the US the price of AOE IV is good, it is worth twice the Definitive Collection, completely justified, worse in Argentina, AOE IV is worth 6 times what the DE Collection, and I am not throwing tantrums everywhere hehe


If something doesn’t happens with the price than I will probably just stick with 2DE. Me and few others revived the small AOE2 community and now it’s ever expanding. We started as 3/4 guys and eventually we have over 100 players who plays the game both actively and inactively. It’s mostly thanks to the cheap price tag. Now if AOE4 follows that route I doubt we will be moving to AOE4 scene. Currently it really feels too much. I hope some sort of discount offers comes in otherwise I dunno what’ll happen. 2DE offered a nice discount which offered so many HD players to move on from HD Edition.


15$ or 20$? Are you serious?

This is a brand new AAA game, from a legendary RTS franchise, 8 civs and 4 campaigns with 35 missions. If your opinion would make any sense (it doesn’t), games with only 3 or 4 factions as so many RTS from the last 20 years should have came out for free since day 1, or maybe for 5$?

I think that the price is a bit excessive, too, especially the nonsensical Deluxe Edition that costs 20 bucks more for only little digital goodies… that’s kinda ridiculous. But asking it to be 15 or 20… lol.


Here in the US, the game is $60, the standard price for any new, top-tier game. I don’t see a problem with it/It should especially not be as little as AOE2DE… that game was a simple remake to get players back to the franchise. AOE4 is a fully new game with many years of work put into it like any other Big Microsoft Project.


as said I offered two option. Either decrease the base value or offer a discount for those who owns previous titles.

Compared to PS and NS games, AOE4 is already LOW PRICE.

AOE community is either full of very very poor people or you guys are incredibly stingy. You guys manage to complain about the price of a brand new game wtf?

Same as the people who always complain about the DLC price tags…


from where I live in 1 dollar is very much expensive. That might not be the case in your country. We have to buy any game in different currency. So we pick ARS or other cheap currency that since doesn’t have anything for that. I will say just a discount for previous titles will be ok.


Well not everyone is born with golden spoon


Or be like all other modern games and cost the normal amount.