Please remove all the nonsense censored words!

Well, it is now. It’s not censored anymore.


It’s ban random things for example sometimes you write P3 … And it’s sensor P3. It’s totally random. You can insult other player but you can’t say basics things. You can say people they are noobs. They should stop playing the game for the respect of others. And it won’t sensor.

hence why we have human moderators :slight_smile:


Just wanted to mention.
A few days ago I made a sarcastic “diss” review of Ornlus new “State of the Civs” Series on youtube.

I took it down myself as people didn’t see the sarcastic aspect.

But none of the “intentionally toxic” things I said was censored. Meaning IF someone wants to be toxic here he can totally do so.

My proposal is that instead of immediately exchanging the words with “###” you don’t immediately publish after someone made the post. Instead, if the post contains censored material, you give a message “Your post contains speech that violates the Microsoft policy.”. Then the passages which shall be censored are marked, giving that person the opportunity to change that OR write a request to whitelist these words.
And a post is only then visible to public when all the censor reclaims are solved.
So it’s up to the user himself to change it up in a proper way if he wants his post to be visible.

Most words have synonyms and there are pages in the internet where you can look them up.

The problem isn’t really that there is the censor (despite censors never work, but I can see why you want it in), but it’s more HOW the censor is implemented.
Everytime I now write a post, I have to fear that key parts of that post are censored. So I immediatly need to check my post afterwards for random “####”. And for no real reason.It’s really awkward.
And I would like to edit my posts myself, just tell me what’s wrong in your eyes and I can rephrase it. I don’t really care. I just don’t want to be censored like that. I have a brain, I can use it to correct myself. And I feel treated like a bot who isn’t capable of reflection and adjustment.

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A censor seems like a strange solution to the problem. A censor would be fine if it could be turned off by users who don’t care, but if the idea is to permanently block certain words, why not just prevent the comment from being posted at all? If a user tries to post something and it contains forbidden language, they could receive a message and an opportunity to change what they’re saying, which would provide a chance to try to work around false positives and give those who genuinely were being offensive a chance to reconsider their choice.

A censor doesn’t really stop something from being offensive. Even if a children’s cartoon had no swearing but was full of bleeps, it would still be inappropriate. If I wrote “I hate you, you ####### ####!” that’s still going to offend the target and require human moderation, so the censorship doesn’t really achieve anything.


I can’t even say “Going Fast Castle Unique Unit” with abbreviations, the censorship has to be twicked !!


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… (((they)))? Why the triple bracket?


I agree. However, I think the word filter needs to removed completely and they owe the community an apology. Nobody even asked for it in the first place. I’m pretty sure none of the pro-players will talk about it because they pretty much make their bread and butter off of the game.

I mean most of us playing the game were born in the 90s

Sensibilities of who? We’re all mostly adults… many of us are in our 30s.

I am. The fact that they started censoring words three years ago and still have not fixed the word filter shows that they are incapable of doing a proper job. Might as well remove the word filter completely or make it optional (in the very least).

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I agree. We are all grown ups and I don’t think we need this “parental control”. However, it seems to be a Microsoft rule.
As I said in my post, I don’t think this really prevent toxic behaviour, since you can actually still kind of insult other players with the allowed words. But this is their forum and those are their rules.
In any case, I would rather deal with another player insulting me than with this random censorship. But that’s just my opinion


I agree. This has to stop. They even cencored the name of an artist that I wanted to mention, because I put one of his songs to a campaign of mine.
Jeeeeez… :angry::rage:

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The triple bracket is an antisemitic remark


It’s a metaphor… And it’s a hate agenda metaphor.
Can’t say if the person who used it knows about that, but does this matter?
Should be blacklisted.

And this ofc is the issue with censors… how do you handle hate metaphors like “they”?

Totally agree. I always was the opinion that insults actually say more about the person who insults than the person who is attempted to be “insulted”.

The issue is atm, that with new regulations it’s no longer the person who insults that is responsible before the law but instead the company which allows that insult to be on their platforms. This basically forces companies like Microsoft to react. And a censor is ofc the “easiest” way to handle that.
This ofc leads to the absurd result that the people who have a hate agenda can now act even more toxic as they aren’t even responsible for their toxicity anymore… In the end this legislation just leads to even more toxicity in the web.

But imo the better way would be to let people solve the censor request themselves if they want their posts to be visible.
Ofc this is only viable in the forums, not in the game.


It’s funny because other Discourse forums have that in place. After clicking on Reply, it gives you a message prompt that says which words are not allowed to use and won’t let you post until you’ve removed those words yourself.

Here it just decides for itself and replaces the letters with #, which is annoying when you’ve forgotten what you’ve written first anyway.

The person very clearly intentionally used it exactly as an antisemitic remark. Reported the post, but apparently human moderators have already reviewed the post and I have no idea what that means. The post is still up and visible.


I know about that, I just wanted to know what this person would say if asked about it. After all this kind of dog whistle has been in use for so long and is now so well-known outside of the initial group that I’m not sure people still give it its original meaning while believing no one will notice.


Okay, this topic has kind of derailed a bit so I’m shutting it off. I’ve recorded the request to look at censorship.