Please sort out Drop Hacking

Its so boring being drop hacked the second you start attacking after like 20 min…

I love this game, but being drop hacked so frequently is killing my motivation to play it more and more.


Issue n.1 and without any doubt a main reason why MOST regular players leaved a game for good


I’m closing in on 500 matches, but this doesn’t happen on 1v1 does it? Do people do that only on team games?

Never happen to me in 1vs1…but happens a several of times in tg

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Happened to me in a 1v1 game. I built a Wonder to break a 1hr stalemate then I got thrown out of the game.

Please before commenting something consider all facts. This is like scream something into vacuum. IT CANNOT BE DONE IN 1V1s

Yet some experts here on forum are like. BrOh iTs Not HaPpeNinG tO mE!!!

Try to play 10 games in a 4v4 and lets see (I recommend you to do so during main Asian game-time) - U are gonna suffer and a LOT - doesnt even matter of your ELO it happens on all ranges.

But brooo just go simply play 1v1s.

Yeah its easy to play 1v1s with my friends against enemy right? :slight_smile:

completely EZ for regular players who likes playing in a team and do something together.

Trust me there is nothing worse than starting to feel that u are about to win but suddenly somebody from enemy team drophacks you AND YOU LOSE ELO.

I was rank 5 in 4v4s before but I was drophacked 3 times in a row so for me (and for MUCH MORE people) there is no point in playing teamgames anymore which is sadly 50% of entire game.

Word. I gave up on them, mostly going with AI recently…

Don’t know if you’re referring to my comment, but I was just genuinely curious if it could happen to me.

Of course it’s a priority, the community has been calling this out for way too long now. No one is telling you to play 1v1 only.

Fix this, please.

I’ve asked this before, but how is this even a thing? Is the game not server authoritative? They had a very small number of jobs to do in terms of things the game needed to do better than 2 DE, and being cheat-proof for multiplayer was one of them. Have they managed to mess even that up?


This reminds me of the 2003 C&C Zero Hour game where anyone could get your IP by playing online and then kick you out of the game lol.

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No am referring to hundreds of people here on forum or on twitch dev-stream chat proclaiming that it never happened to them (players playing strictly 1v1 only) so it doesnt even exist. And if it exist it is only teamgames issue which is by their words - NO PROBLEM AT ALL

Okay if somebody thinks that beeing 50% of modes unplayable than something is wrong between chair and keyboard. The same people ask and wonder why are player numbers droping week by week and why are people unhappy with actual state of a game.

Thats all.

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Its Relic issue.

U can see THE SAME PROBLEMS we have in Company of Heroes 2 ( Replay management like from year 1998 without possibility to go back - u have to reload entire replay - kinda good when u miss something crucial on 30 min mark.) + without tons of additional missing features like SS countdown

Lagging menu - the same issue just like in CoH2

etc. etc. I would need like 1 hour to think about all uncompleted and broken features.

But what makes me COMPLETELY FURIOUS is fact that our entire COH community was telling them about this issues for 9 years only to get THE SAME PROBLEMS in another game … is this normal?

I dont think so

I dont even dare to mention RECONNECT/REJOIN function which is just complete clownfiesta to not have it in any game in a year 2022 and it was not a feature in previous Relic titles as well

What does drop hacking means? Someone explain please


Well it is a term used for people who manipulate a network in such a way as to destroy a server by closing it, or removing other players from it manually using network tools such as net limiter etc. You click a button that denies the incoming or outgoing connection you want to remove depending on the outcome you want and thats it. One button.

This is an explanation I copy-pasted from steam.

As both coh1 and coh2 showed in the past, it can be done in 1v1 aswell. Relic didn’t fix it back then so its probably not as easy to fix with the essence engine as it seems

It happens to this day for ZH players using GameRanger.

I was imagining that no such thing would be happening in such a new game, but AoE4 is full of surprises.

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People who have downloaded cheats, like 5000 pop or sow which you can use in single player to have fun against AI, are using it in multiplayer games online.

As soon the server notices a code difference in all the players in the match (the dude who uses the hack), the server decides to drop the game because the code became foulty.

So if you are about to loos, use the hack, game gets dropped, and you won’t loos ELO.

Drop - hacking.

It sucks!

It does work in 1v1, a “nice person” did that twice to me.