Poles: Szlachta Privileges change

Current effect: (knights cost -60% gold)

Suggested effect: (Light Cavalry Regenerate HP over time)

Perhaps at about the rate of their villagers per age.

Preferred additionals: gain final cavalry armor - gain paladin.

To push Poles even more into light cav?
Two UT and team bonus all for that single (mediocre) unit?
Imho is useless, there’s a reason trash units are called trash units.
Hussars are the most expendable of all, most players just fire and forget with them. Auto heal isn’t needed.

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Well if Poles hussars suddenly became FU and had regen they would surely become problematic since they would have better stats than generic in all aspects and stick around forever in your eco/trade. But yeah pushing them into hussars even more is uninspired.

Perhaps, tho their unique hammer unit would be their other main go-to unit. Currently spamming knights is a bit… It’s supposed to be the winged hussar civ, not sure why mass semi-trash knights seem to be the way to go as of current


  • the tech is mostly useless, because hussars is a trash unit that is spammed, not something you want to save like, for example, camel archers
  • their hussars are now broken

You are giving the poles a trash unit that:

  • is very mobile since it’s an hussar
  • has trample damage
  • has bonus damage against archers, monks and gunpowder
  • has 100 hp
  • has 4 melee and 6 pierce armor

Now, this might not seems like a big deal, but giving them the +4 armor is way too strong.

And btw, giving a civ that unherently has more gold than the opponent fully upgraded paladina and overall has a great eco, good archers and good siege (siege ram + bombard cannon) isn’t exaclty balanced either

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The Poles had knights too irl, the heavy cavalry form of winged hussars that are so well known weren’t quite a thing yet in the AoE2 time frame and due to how the hussar upgrade is designed in the game you can’t really make winged hussars perfect. All in all they are quite a lot of arguments to not make the Poles a complete “spam hussars to win” civ

I’m still with my original attempt to “fix” the poles I suggested here.

I think szlachta privileges is too powerful in it’s current state but the winged hussars and lechitic legacy doesn’t really make sense atm. Especially when looking at their tools against cav archers, cause they basically have no. And that’s actually total bs, as Poles were constantly pressured by cav archer civs and hold their ground successfully.

It makes no sense Poles have no answer to tatars, magyars and cumans cav archers. Also the mid-game powerspike of szlachta privileges is too strong considering that the maybe strongest time of the Poles should be the very lategame. It’s ok that they have several powerspikes to work with, but imo their highest power should be the lategame. Depending on the situation either with obuch + ranged support, gold reduced knight line or winged hussars - or maybe even a mix of these.

But I actually like the decision of the devs to make Poles a mass > power civ. Especially when considering that they may be the potentially best lategame civ (if the devs decide to fix them properly) - you are still forced to play proactively and the opponent has a theoretical comeback chance if he manages to mass better units and then get better trades if you fail to put enough pressure on him.
Also I find it quite fitting, as poles cav was indeed less heavy equipped than many others. Besides the reality is that the reduced weight allowed the poles to use superior tactics after their reforms which more than compensated for the (intentional) abdication of heavy armour. But Idk how this tactical superiority could be represented otherwise in the game than with special utility like (more speed, more attack, trample damage, bonus damage) if not using gimmicky mechanics. And the obuch (+folwark) is actually already the best “gimmicky” balance for a new civ, not too much but also not neglible. I wouldn’t like to add more of such to the poles.

I think lechitic legacy should be the “enabler” tech for an insanely strong polish cavalry lategame, as I proposed in my first thread how I would “fix” them.