Polish Winged Hussar

I just want to say that model of Polish Winged Hussar is absolutely awesome!

I’m so happy it is finally in the game together with nice Polish voice lines.
Can’t wait to have Poland as a full playable civ someday. Hope you can make it happen :slight_smile:


They look very cool. How do you get them are they saloon units?

The are a trainable unit from the house of vasa, Also Germany has a shipment of them in age 4


Ok, I knew the Germans got a shipment and always wondered why they looked like regular hussars

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I’d like that too. But I don’t know if they’ll do that.
They just created a minor civilization in this expansion, they’re not going to cancel it right away.

Maybe later. Much later… Or else they make us a Poland revolution to wait (with a little rework of the revolutions it would be nice, I’m still waiting for the French revolution, playing with the fleur de lys flag on the Napoleonic wars map doesn’t fit at all ^^’)

Maybe one day with Danes as a northern/winter expansion :pray:


I watched the lenlenlena’s video about the winged hussars. I love his intro :smile:

Otherwise he says the essential on this subject. But I share especially for the intro, which illustrates well how I feel about this new unit x) (goodbye German generic hussars :wave:)

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The royal houses aren’t mutually exclusive with the nation’s they ruled. There are already Swedes and Vasa, French and Bourbon, British and Hannover, etc. I’m sure they could give a replacement unit if Poles are added and get the Winged Hussar.

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You also get many of those when the timer runs out in the Vienna’s siege Battle as the defender.
(they are so OP that they can destroy all enemies bases)

It would be nice to see Poland included in the next expansion. Weirdly AoE II DE received Poland, despite the fact that its 'golden age (XVIth century) fits AoE3’s timeframe better. It was never a colonial power but that requirement was dropped when the first expansion for AoE3 came out.

Always had a soft spot for strong cavalry, and tbh I didn’t fully recover from the Cuirassier unit taking 3pop instead of 2 (reduction was possible with one of the shipment cards back in the day).

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