Poll about which area of the world the playerbase wants more civs from

how should post count mater not voted opinions

The game is meant to represent the most powerful empires and kingdoms first though

ok so no polyanesiens?

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I wanted to say votes tbh

oh ok so i agree w/ u

I don’t know if this can be considered offtopic, bit I’ve made a way better poll in the past with tons of options (solely missing Caucasian area which I thought didn’t need its own region):

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I wouldnt say Polynesians have much priority, yes


Tongans would be great not going to lie.


ok but we cant so to many civs. i say asia africa most importent next

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they look like for just darkage.
how they can kill a knihgt with sticks? no ofence

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Like Huns could actually face Medieval Knights, which had much better Armour than any Roman Cavalry ever did?
The Huns are the most anachronistic and primitive people the game ever got. If they made it in, almost any civ can. Tongans at least had a sedentary society.


2 wrongs make 1 right now? ok…

I only want some heavy infantry civs… I want some more option than normal xbows and knights. So maybe euro civs are my best bet. A new scottish civ (we have burgundias, so why not?), or swiss, or venetians.

But if I have to choose something outside of europe, I guess India could be very interesting

Mesoamerica is part of North america, rigth?

Asia could have some more infantry civs but outside of Tibet, Tais and Tamils I cannot think of much there

Honestly Celts is an already small umbrella, we dont need more Celtic civs and Swiss were just always kind of there standing menacingly

Venetians is a more solid choice but their territory is small and they seem kind of similar to the Byz or Italians (gameplaywise I mean)

Manzikert iss a good example of how light cavalry archers can win against heavy cavalry. But I don’t like huns in this game, and the fact they get paladins make my like them even less. It is too weird for me

34 votes and nobody yet voted for East Africa or South America. A shame, really, Swahili could actualy bring a lot to the game.

Europe and North America are the leading choices, because the majority of the playerbase is Western, as is known.
It is also a fact that North America is the emptiest place in the game, right now, specially when an Algonqian unit already exists in the files, so people are perhaps naturally inclined to accept a few North-Am civs.


It’s funny how people.lile @WoodsierCorn696 complain there is a no ‘no new civ’ option when polls are specifically aimed at what civs would people who want civs want.

aka. The poll is for just those who want new civs, so there is no reason to include a “no civ” option when the target demographic is only those who want new civs


Would vote for them but I have only one vote and South Asia is honestly the worst case. They need at the very least one more civ.

South Asia already has 5 civs (Indians, Khmer, Burmese, Malay, Vietnamese), so it is not worse off than Africa (3 civs) or South America (1 civ).