POLL: AOE 1 graphics into ROR?

Pretty self explanatory.
Which terrain (Sand/Water/Grass/Dirt/Roads etc.) and which gaia units (Gazelle/Berries/Trees/Fish/Desert patch/Grass clump/Rock/Cactus etc) do you want in ROR?

  • Keep AOE2 terrain/gaia Graphics
  • Bring AOE1 DE terrain/gaia graphics
  • Have AOE1 DE base terrain/gaia graohics and include some AOE2de graphics
  • Have AOE2 DE base terrain/gaia graphics and include some AOE1de graphics

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Maybe this poll can be merged with the other topic,

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If anything mods will be available that correct this problem partially but indeed these should be available or changed.


What if I want to design campaigns/scenarios? Like I mentioned there are terrain features like Desert patches, grass clumps that are different in AOE 2 and can not be replicated.

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Agreed, we will have to wait and see if they are available in the editor (I certainly hope so).

I want them on RM too though.

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Yea, I want to be able to make these kinds of map design tricks. (Images taken from AOE Heaven). Looks a LOT better IMO.

Check out Andrea Rosa’s campaigns on AOE heaven and my scenario When gods walked the earth on the mods section. These tricks are impossible with the AOE2 terrain features.


I guess they had some problems converting graphics from 1 to 2.

Units and buildings look blurry, and also there’s the scale problem.

Anyway, some classical props (skulls and so) would be nice to be ported. AoE 1 berry bushes are too classic to be left out.


Pictures from the Steam page

Look at all the small little details they added.
Statues, aqueducts, broken catapults, obelisks, bushes, animals and so.
There are so many different statues alone.
You can find a lot of details when you look closely.
You can’t get anywhere close to that in AoE1DE.


I don’t see any new items, at least from the ones released so far.
Maybe they could add a mode where we could choose between AOE1 and AOE2 graphics.

I don’t know. Im frustrated. Playing AOE1 with AOE2 graphics is really an abomination, it’s a huge turn off for any AOE1 fan. Really the whole thing seems half-done and unfinished. They fixed half of the stuff and broke half of the other stuff. I’m already having buyers remorse, but I can’t pass on this anyways.

I don’t think they have added any new unque buildings or units for the scenario editor too, like the 7 wonders of the world (Lighthouse of Alexandria, Temple of Zeus etc), Unique Wonders for every civ, some cool new Heroes or units for scenario design. Just Copy-Pasta of everything into the AOE2 terrains that are made for another game.

Maybe I’m too blunt here, but that’s the honestly the way I feel about this whole DLC. It’s Microsoft for god’s sake, they can’t be having so many difficulties fixing a 25 y old game for the third time. And we can not go back to AOE1 as it is already dead and will become even more dead.

I just hope they will start paying attention to the issues of the game. Or this game is just cursed and isn’t ment to be fixed.


Have you looked at the screenshots from the Steam page?
There are so many small assets that have neither been in AoE1DE nor AoE2DE.
AoE1DE didn’t have anything and AoE2DE certainly did not have Babylonian or Egyptian statues before.
The closer you look the more assets you can find like small racks with spears and shields that are not part of the academy building or piles of objects placed around between the farms.

All scenario editor objects.

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I can’t see it. Maybe it’s a part of the Academy or an already existing object.

Anyway. the fact that they aren’t showcasing anything new in the trailer screenshots speaks enough for itself. Probably nothing new will be added.

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Ok so you either haven’t looked at the screenshots or you are blind.
Do I have to draw a red circle around everything that is new in RoR and neither existed in AoE1DE nor AoE2DE?

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No need to be a ###### thank you.

And I can bet you that you are the one with bad eyesight, because these things ARE part of the academy, next to the academy is a bonfire that already exists. Go ahead, draw red circles all you want.

And you can’t possibly explain the total lack of any new content with… effing weapon racks…that aren’t actually there. Make sure you understand the point of the topic before responding inadequately.


Some of the new objects have been created by taking just a small piece of another building and made it separate object.

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I picked “Have AOE1 DE base terrain/gaia graohics and include some AOE2de graphics”, but really I’d like all terrain/terrain objects from AoE1 and AoE2 to be available (for custom scenarios/random map scripts) regardless of whether I’m playing RoR or normal AoE2.

I’m not sure why you brought this up. Weapon racks and statues aren’t in any way interchangeable with the AoE1 terrain objects.


Yes, this too but I forgot to add it as an option and now I can’t edit it.

Another possibility is that you have an option between AOE 1 and 2 graphics.

Can’t understand for the life of … why they did it like this. Reeks of laziness. I want to create custom scenarios/campaigns and the AOE2 terrain features ruin the immersion totally. Within AOE2 the graphics are great, but they are oversized for the smaller AOE1 buildings and overal just looks odd.

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True, but there’s actually a very specific thing I want that that wouldn’t help with: more forest types in AoE2, using the trees from AoE1. When AoE2 DE was released they introduced the Mediterranean forest which uses trees from AoE1 DE, so why not elm, ash, sago palm, etc.? I want to be able to combine terrain from both games, not switch between the two.

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There is an issue, because the terrains Grass, Dirt, Desert, Sand, Water etc. look different in both versions. Although I can’t imagine it will be very hard to combine them.

I got to say that the mountains from AOE2 look very odd and out of place with AOE1 buildings. Why they don’t make a version for AOE1 out of those items.
Same with gaia items like Desert Cracks, Desert patches, grass clumps and the AOE2 flowers and grass patches. They don’t really go well together.

AOE1 graphics were very good, they were just missing some more detailed items. Now it’s looks like a Frankenstein of both games.

The assets that I miss the most are the most easily distinct:

Berries, Gold mine, Stone mine (I haven’t tested if they fit well in AoE2DE environment tho).

And I’m not sure yet about the animals; I don’t want to miss the traditional African Elephant of AoE1DE, since the Elephant in AoE2DE is the Asian Elephant. Haven’t checked the others… Lions, Crocs, etc.


PS: Dat zoom detail in AoE1DE tho… jaw-dropping :disappointed_relieved: (double the detail compared to max of AoE2DE), lost working hours unfortunately.


Stone mines and berries look like this in AoE2, it’s a screenshot from my mod. Also, the terrain in the screenshot is ported from AoEDE.