[Poll] Are you optimistic about the future of the game and do you think you are being listened to?

I’m happy, but let’s see what you think:

  • YES!. The game has a future and is in a good direction.
  • NO!. I think that what has been done is not enough.
  • I don’t know what to say about it.

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I’m very surprised with the amount of content and support we got in just one year since the DE’s release. It seems that Microsoft is way more interested in giving AoEIII a new life than we all assumed last year. Not everything has been perfect, of course, but I would say that the Devs are going in the right direction overall. I’m currently having a blast playing the new African civs and maps and I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner!



Devs are doing a fabulous job and I’m excited for the continued support AoEIIIDE shall get in the future. The love and enthusiasm they’ve given to this game is so very much appreciated. Quite the redemption from when AoEIIIDE released.

All we can do is give positive reinforcement and support. I love that the majority of us want more content. AoEIIIDE has really catapulted a game that has been a favorite of mine since release in 2005 into something even grander.

Keep up the great work!


For me, the game is in a better state than ever. I know they are promoting aoe4, but there are so many new things in this game and more to come, that I’d like more people to give it a try and fall in love with it like we are. If this year has been amazing, I can’t wait for what’s to come. Also, I want that Battleship for regular games :eyes:


Definitively going on the right direction. I think not only has it been an improvement over original AoE 3, but on itself as well in optimization, content, listening to feedback, graphics, etc.

Yes there are still some inconsistencies like with the value of shipments, some units like grens/flamethrowers, natives/outlaws/mercs (work in progress) or viability of Age up options/wonders, but I am hopeful that we will eventually get there and we’ll still be able to play this game in over 10 years from now because of what they would have accomplished.

Now in terms of whether I feel listened to personally not really lol. Even in posts that are popular and have over 10 likes I don’t feel like any of those suggestions have been taken into account. It can be disheartening because I try to make them as well analyzed, calculated and researched as possible but it doesn’t seem to make a difference to for eg. other people shouting ‘‘delete X’ thing’’.


It is hard work to read so many suggestions, comments, complaints, ideas, etc. For us it is a game, for them a job. Surely they read a lot of things discussed here.


If they implement the imperial card system, this would fit in well:


I’m happy with the current state and what the devs have done so far. However I think many of the features in later updates should have been in the original release. That’s a business decision I guess.


Overall, I would say yes, definitely. QoL features and new content is all very nice and welcome but it would be nice if they would make additional campaigns eventually. The game has come a long way since its release.


A Europe-centric DLC should have campaigns in the style of the originals. (Synematics, dubbing, etc). I think this should be done to revitalize the game even more.

I would like a full and long campaign sitting in the ‘Napoleonic era’.


The one thing I think could be improved from the devs is communication. More frequent dev diaries, even if shorter, would be much appreciated. But that is a very minor issue.


Yes to both questions. They redeemed themselves.


Game is definitely headed on a good direction. Keeps getting better since release


Yes,but remember that the campaigns of aoe 3 require more time and are more complex to be developed than those of aoe 2, since the campaigns of aoe 3 have the cinematics in game and the decks of cards that are unlocked little by little…for FE to develop campaigns for aoe 3 would require a year of development and it is not that aoe 3 has so many players to do that, and also the players of aoe 2 would complain that they are being left aside…


If so, it would be very hypocritical on your part, because AOE-2 has already exploited its full potential.

Campaigns tend to attract a lot of new players and a conflict of these represented in a game of age would be the ideal to do so.

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I am quite impressed with the dynamic vitality the game has right now, with frequent balance patches reacting to meta, with relentless bug fixes, with new civ expansions in the pipeline, and some QoL adjustments now and then.

That does not mean I don’t have a few gripes with the game (outpost weakness, impractical home city cards, and the need to inject new mechanics into the vanilla civs, to name a few) but overall I am so happy with this game that I almost don’t play any of the other games in my library.

One of the coolest symptoms of the good state of the game is the number of speculative posts in this forum right now. The community is boldly daring to dream about the future and I love it. That does not happen in dead or dying games.


This game is a long way from being complete. It has a lot of potential.


And I never said that aoe 2 has not exploited its full potential; if I as a super fan of aoe 3 that I am,I would love the game to have the same level of attention as aoe 2,but unfortunately it is what there is…


exactly,aoe 3 is having a renaissance in popularity and attention and I love that…I know it’s to promote aoe 4,but hey I’m not complaining either…


and that you say it…a European dlc,a new Asian dlc,a new American dlc,a Southeast Asian dlc,even an Oceania dlc…that gives a total of 10 civs from all over the world…

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