[Poll] Are you optimistic about the future of the game and do you think you are being listened to?

Love it! Will keep playing AoE III no matter what other games are released! :slight_smile: I have asked for the zoom out for some time and now it came! I’m VERY happy with that!


Wait… Wasnt zoom a feature on DE before?

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It was, but they introduced an even further zoom out option that has been very well received


‘Ludicrous zoom’ option was added very recently:
Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition – Update 43871 – Age of Empires



Thanks for this game mode that I always wanted. But in the future it could be more than a map. The idea of this map is that the map is very mysterious and the patterns are often unpredictable.

In the future they could rework the ‘unknown’ map and make it less predictable, because apart from the biomes, the map patterns would not change much more. A combination of these types of maps with the ‘lost’ game mode would make this game more attractive.


Last year was a big year for AOE-3 DE in terms of new content and updates. There are still many issues to address, but I was very pleased with all the new additions. I hope this year will be even better for the game.

I guess today is the day where everything goes back to normal after the holidays and Christmas.

Happy New Year to everyone who reads this!


I’m going to digress a little and mention something more constructive. While I agree and appreciate the direction the game has gone overall, and just the fact that it got this much love after we all thought it was dead, I wanted to point out some of the more negative aspects of the game - balance.

I’m not complaining that the game isn’t “perfectly balanced yet”, but rather the pattern and length of time it takes to correct glaring balance issues.

Since the release of the game there hasn’t been a single moment where an entire civ or two weren’t outright broken. When they finally get around to the nerfs/buffs, they introduce a new civ or rework a current one making them completely ridiculous - always leaving a bad taste for the majority, and euphoria for the exploiters.

Nobody likes playing against something that’s clearly broken and the sole reason for someone’s victory.

Again, I’m not saying it’s easy to balance a game, but that pattern of extreme imbalance at all points of the history of this game always made this feel very uneasy. And it’s still like that now.


Don’t want to change the character of the thread so will not comment on balance. We talk about that adnauseum in other threads. I think the game is great. Overall it is definitely going the right direction.

Even though I can still get nizam spammed, japan lamed and pooped on by the inca I’m happy w it.

The amount of player is down though. My rank has moved up considerably. I’m guessing more than half the old players are missing.


Fix Inca and Japan, and the game could be in a good position


Well, the new civs show the devs still have passion and ideas for the game and the community. Nice.

Personally, I’m still looking forward to improving the European revolution mechanic, giving old civs new elements, units, buildings, techs and cards, and more importantly, continuing to work on improving historical accuracy and balance for old civs, especially the 3 Asian civs. That will definitely be more popular with the community than developing a new civ.

I also search the literatures and continue to provide ideas for those goals. I’m not sure if the devs will read my ideas, and think they probably won’t adopt it even if they do read, but I still hope that these efforts will materialize one day.


I don’t understand the optimism, the game was launched in a deplorable condition, they took an excessively long time for the magnitude of the problem to fix it, such as AI intelligence, blockades, hunts, stuck troops, attack movement, number of units , bugs, horrible balance, all that was launched in a bad state and they took too long to fix it and that speaks so badly of the developer team that it is stupid to think that this will follow a good course with the same team, it can be noted that in the civilizations new there is remarkable creativity.

There is a list that was made more than a year ago of a lot of things that were asked to be fixed, the worst of all is that they are requests that are not demanding because they already existed in the legacy game or things that the other games of the saga, incredibly it seems that they did not even try to solve it because there was never a response or statements on those certain, anyway people love the style of the game and I am sure that there is a reliable player base that will buy the new content, just because they like the game without thinking twice about what to bring the content


As someone who’s been practicing this game intensely I’m looking forward to what may come in the future. I wouldn’t mind a new campaign in the future as the challenge is exciting, and I’m also hoping for potential new civilizations coming this year. I know it’s a lot to hope for with ape4 on the market now, but hopefully there still motivated to keep this game alive.

One thing, pertaining to the Mexico event. I didn’t like that I could only do 3 challenges a day because by the time I realized the challenge existed at all even if I grinded every day I would have been just short of the skins, so I just didn’t do any after coming to that realization. It was a bummer because I was having fun completing the challenges, but when I realized I wouldn’t get anything it was no longer any fun.


Do you remember what the game was like before 2017? There was no promise that it would even be remastered. The game received its last official patch in 2010, and it was kept alive by the ESO-C community along with some very loyal mods and players.

Despite the mistakes you mention, the remaster far exceeded my expectations:

Reworked cinematics.
Improved graphics. (Although they were already magnificent in themselves)
2 new opening civilizations.
Music and sound in general remastered.
Constant technical support and dedicated forums.
Significantly improved AI.
An expansion (Age of Empires III: DE The African Royals) plus 2 minor DLC. (Mexico and USA)
Tutorials for new players (the art of war)
Rework on revs and some new units.

Surely many more things are improved with respect to the previous game that I have overlooked, but it is certain that there is dedication.

I think the biggest problem was some changes due to political correctness, but you can’t blame anyone directly because that’s how the world works now. (changes in the campaigns and in 2 civilizations of America).

If they fix the way these civs get coins in a way that makes sense, the game will be perfect for me: Possible New plot solution on obtaining Lakota and Haudenosaunee coins
Please Fix the “Fur Trade Mechanic”
A better way to get coin for Lakota/Haudenosaunee (and giving coin mines a new purpose)

Many of the complaints and negative reviews I read on steam were for this reason.


Good comment. I remember it was over, most of who was left on the old site was hacking. It sucked.

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Eres bastantemente inocente creyendo que supero tus espectativas el remaster te lo puedo creer hasta un cierto punto

Porque es lo minimo que deberia ocurrir en el remaster y es asi en todos los juegos Mejoras de sonido, mejoras de renderizacion, resolucion, textura, modelo etc
porsupuesto errores que eran dificil antes mejorar o cosas que no se podian integrar en aquel tiempo.

tambien hay que ser iluso para creer que la gente te va a comprar el juego solo porque mejoraste los graficos, por eso hay que agregar contenido nuevo como lo fue mas esencialmente los suecos e Incas.

Mas que un remaster el incentivo mayor por el cual era necesario adquerir este juego era porque antes no se podia iniciar el juego con las 2 expansiones juntas, sino que tenia que estar divido en 3. lo cual descomponia la base de jugadores, no habia modo espectador, tenias que desistalar el y volver a instalar el juego para agregar un mod y esas cosas eran necesarias. todo eso no es unico del age 3 es compartido con el remaster del 1 y 2.

No te voy a negar que es mejor jugar el remaster que la version original, pero de que se pudo haber hecho mejor no me cabe ninguna duda , igual no me quejo porque el precio fue muy razonable, porque mira el age 4, es una maravilla pero como es caro la gente se siente con el derecho de decir que es una estafa y no perdona los errores.

pero hay cosas que se hicieron mal por negligencia, se ve por si solo el juego sufrio mucha fuga de jugadores en ciertos meses cuando habia sido lanzado hace poco considerando ademas que en ese momento los gobierno de varios paises hicieron cuarentena obligatoria por lo cual en teoria deberia haber mas gente jugando. tras salir el deifnitive edition se hicieron cosas negligentes como el parche que ocasionaba caida de fps fuerte, mala rendetizacion, barra de vida horrible en resoluciones bajas, etc . eso que despues del hotfix no sacaron parche como en 3 meses, despues de eso si hay algo mas cagon que te puede hacer un RTS son los pay to win, aqui se hizo descaradamente con mexico y las civ africanas en su lanzamiento.


Man nobody plays swedes anymore. I think I’ve played against them once in a couple months (I lost). All that work and talk about them and now poof, they are gone.


I want to say I am positive about the direction of the game, and I do like the game. However, the lack of a working friends list and the lack of useful player ranks for hosted lobbies really disappoints me. I just don’t see long term viability in quicksearch for team games, and we need to have the ability to create fair games in lobbies.

Bring back player rank for lobbies and update the friends list so it shows both who is online and who is in game. Please. I beg! This simple change would make this game amazing for all us old players and ensure that the game does not completely die as the player numbers inevitably decrease.


As negative as your comment sounds, it’s completely factual and unexaggerated. You could have worded it a bit more constructively, sure, but the game really was released in deplorable condition, and as mean as it sounds is the best way to describe it.

The fact that there have been glaring issues since then makes it harder to forgive and forget when you’re constantly being beaten down by them in the present time.

Balance should trump new content, or just do both types of updates in one go? I understand a lot of work sometimes goes into what would appear to be a tiny fix or ask, but there has always been a lot to be desired in terms of speed and magnitude of the updates versus the magnitude of the issues themselves.

Like, how was Sweden and then Inca incredibly broken for more than a whole week? It just begs the question.


The show care for the game but a wall above a trading route would be nice. But if the dev dont wanth that oke just explain 1 time why and we can live with it. The need to be more clear about their choises and info us more. And if the game gets more update like this i would ppay this forevere i am a bog fan but communication is key

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I meant: It would be very hypocritical of whoever complains if AOE-3 receives a campaign.

I recently realized that the translator translated it singularly and not prurally. That is, directed towards you personally. Excuse me.

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