[POLL] Battle Elephants to Indians, New civilizations, the worst Unique Unit, worst Secondary Unique Unit, worst Generic Unit, worst civilization

Does the Indian civilization deserve Battle Elephants?

  • Yes
  • No

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Would you like to see any new civs in the game?

  • Yes
  • No

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Which is the worst Unique Unit in the game?

  • Jaguar Warrior
  • Camel Archer
  • Longbowman
  • Cataphract
  • Konnik
  • Arambai
  • Woad Raider
  • Chu Ko Nu
  • Kipchak
  • Shotel Warrior
  • Throwing Axeman
  • Huskarl
  • Tarkan
  • Kamayuk Warrior
  • Elephant Archer
  • Genoese Crossbowman
  • Samurai
  • Ballista Elephant
  • War Wagon
  • Leitis
  • Magyar Huszár
  • Karambit Warrior
  • Gbeto
  • Plumed Archer
  • Mangudai
  • War Elephant
  • Organ Gun
  • Mameluke
  • Boyar
  • Conquistador
  • Keshik
  • Teutonic Knight
  • Janissary
  • Rattan Archer
  • Berkerk

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Which is the worst Secondary Unique Unit?

  • Genitour
  • Slinger
  • Imperial Camel
  • Condotteiro
  • Turtle Ship
  • Caravel
  • Missionary
  • Flaming Camel
  • Imperial Skirmisher
  • Longboat

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Which is the the worst generic unit?

  • Longswordsman
  • Two-handed Swordsman
  • Champion
  • Hand Cannoneer
  • Petard
  • Castle Age non-Hun or Tatar Cavalry Archer
  • Castle Age non-Indian or Berber Camel Rider
  • Siege Tower
  • Steppe Lancer

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The worst civilization:

  • Koreans
  • Italians
  • Portuguese
  • Turks

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It seems to me that Portuguese are outshined by most civs on any map. They’re not strong on water especially nor on land.

I have no concrete idea how to fix them though.

Steppe Lancer are per se not bad, they just don’t have a niche truly.

Flaming Camels seem situational. In which way are they better than Tatar Halberdier?


I’d say siege towers are in a much better position than longswords and steppe lancers


Hard to choose! 20 characters

  1. Indians need Battle Elephants. It is something has been requested from the first day Battle Elephants were introduced into game. Check the comment section of any old Battle Elephants related video or article. You will find atleast one guy requesting this.

  2. More new civilizations is always better. It keeps the game fresh. Civilizations have a lot more replayability value than Campaigns dlcs.

  3. Ballista Elephants, why should one go for them when Scorpions+Hussars are a lot more cost effective and easier to train?

  4. Flaming Camels: One of the most useless units.

  5. Siege Tower: Never seen anyone train them outside Campaigns. Way too much expensive for its purpose. Should cost food/wood (trash) then it might see some use.

  6. Koreans: No good options other than tower rush, which in itself is quite hard to be relied on.


I’m against adding Battle Elephants to the Indians civ we already have. I’ve already explained that in another thread but when Forgotten Empires was designed, they wanted to create an extreme Anti-Knight Camel civ . There weren’t Battle Elephants in the game too back in AOF days. Granting them to a new civ using the South Asian architecture set yes, but not the Indians we have. They’re really named in an unlucky way, considering that the Indian subcontinent used massively Elephants for warfare.


Just stating the fact about this popular request, so voted according to majority. Was watching a SOTL video on Battle Elephants, even it’s comment section is filled with this demand.


Seige Tower is less used only because it crashes the game, it can be really good on walled maps, or if you want to surprise your opponent. Can change game in seconds. I recall it was used decently on WK.


For Indians to have BEs, they would have to lose the Villager discount, Heavy Cavalry Archers, Champion, Halberdier and Imperial Camel.

It wuld need a complete redesign of the whole civ, just to have 1 unit. The UU would likely have to change to something even worse than a Karambit.

There are 5 civs with Elephants (4 with BEs), just pick one of those.

No they wouldn’t lose Villagers discount, Heavy Cavalry Archers, Champions, Halberdiers and Imperial Camels


Without losing their super economy, there is no way they would not just spamm BEs and become the best civ in the game by far.
People used to complain about Persians. With the Vill discount translating into the most Food efficient Boom in the game, and with Sultans UT getting you more Gold per miner, they would become the definitive One-Unit civ.

No they wouldn’t be the best civ. Khmer have superior eco with their supeir Elephants. Indians would have the worst Elephants and we rarely see non-Khmer Elite Battle Elephants even in Team Games

And when you can afford Sultans most likely there is no gold on the map.

And they would have a non useless gold unit against Meso civs and Goths


Khmer have a worse Eco than Indians. 20% Vill discount by the Castle Age, actually nets you more Food than any Farm bonus in the game.
Couple that wih Sultans, and aall you would see Indians do is Mass BE.

Khmer had to be nerfed recently, because Food related bonii, with Elephants, is a recipe for OP civs.

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No, Khmer have MUCH better eco in the Imperial Age (where Elephants are used, mostly) while Indians have MUCH better eco in the Castle Age, but Indian elephants would be generic compared to the fast Khmer elephants in the Castle Age

And Indians goth nerfed 4 times: lost Arbalest, Fishing bonus was nerfed, Camels were nerfed 2 times while they got 2 minor buffs: Camels have more damage against buildings with Masonry and Architecture and EAs were buffed, but they are still very close to completely useless F-tier.


They absolutely do not.
Indians Fishing was not nerfed at all, no that they can deliver at the Docks. Otherwise it would be too great a bonus for Shore Fish gathering.

They absolutely do have a better eco in Imp. You make ~30 villagers in the Dark/Feudal Age ~90 in the Castle Age (on the way to Imp) and ~30 in the Imperial Age. So Khmer eco is better LONG TERM because the Indian eco bonus disappears in middle Imp.

It was a nerf, because EVERY CIV got the Dock bonus.


It was not a real nerf, it was an adjustment to compensate, but they still Fish better than any other civ, by far.

You make the most Vills in the Castle Age, as you say, when Indians can make them 20% cheaper, which translates into a huge amount of Food saved.

This is why they were not given Knights, or else they would just spam them even easier than Franks or Huns.
Same concept applies to Battle Elephants.

As they are, if Indians got BEs, they would probably be permanently banned in all tournaments.

No, it was a real nerf. The current Fish Bonus is much weaker than the old even with the Docks.

Camels are cheaper than Knights so you can abuse the Indian eco more. They don’t have Knights because of their Camels not because of their bonus



The wood discount is not enough.
In other thread some people suggested to give them a bonus of wall building speed, so they can wall themselves faster (like 50%), and thus not spend villager time walling instead of collecting resources.
This could be great with both their wood nd stone bonus, and would help them to go for a fast castle UU build order.

im sure there’s trolls in the vote… long bow and kipchak were voted for? :open_mouth: even slingers! wth