[Poll] Do you think it's the end of new civ DLCs?

I respect your achievements in this game concerning the skirmish possibilities. But it does not change your attitude towards the campaigns and they are the piece of heart at this game. Civs are created by the developers based on campaigns, that Is why I refer to your several civ suggestions.

I have only played and completed campaigns of the standard difficulty. Therefore I am just a usual player, who just does what the game tells me, to play campaigns. Very easy explain.

Not quite. At least you fully admitted that you have not played a single other campaign with the exception of the William Wallace learning campaign and the Barbarossa campaign. That says enough.

Hey! Hello! Hi everyone. Lets get back on topic


Result of the poll so far makes me optimistic that it’s not the end. Still want at least one African/American DLC.

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That’s pretty stupid tbh.

They should just rework the UI and sort civilisation by expansion or architecture group instead of just alphabetically.
Then we don’t have a grid anymore anyway.

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They can easily just split the squares up differently to make it fit. Currently 9x5 = 45 civs. But could be 8x6 = 48 civs. 10x5 = 50 civs etc.

There’s also plenty of space on the top row where the Random / Full Random buttons are.


I hope it’s not the end of new civ DLCs, however if it’s indeed the end I have an alternative solution for those who don’t want new civs yet still desire to have new units to cover more regions or parts of the globe not yet covered.

I always feel that the mercenary or minor civ mechanic in AoE 3 could be implanted in AoE 2. The mercenary units would be trained from the Mercenary House, a building available to all civs in the Castle Age. The mercenary units would cost only gold to train, they aren’t strong enough to tip the balance but it definitely means that gold wars in the game are gonna be more intense with them added.

The mercenary units would vary depending on the map. I have some general ideas regarding this:

For maps without a specified location (such as Black Forest, Highland, Rivers, Nomads, Team Islands, etc.), the units available in the Mercenary House would be European, for instance the Crusader Knight.

For Middle-Eastern themed maps (such as Arabia), the mercenary units would be Middle-Eastern, such as the Hashashim or certain type of camel unit.

For Africa themed maps (Kilimanjaro or Serengeti), the mercenary units would be from not yet covered African civs, such as Assegai Warrior, Kanuri Guard, etc.

For America themed maps (Yucatan, Atacama, etc.) the mercenary units would be those from the not yet covered Native American civs, such as a Purepecha unit (I have no idea about it yet), the Chimu Maceman, the Bolas Warrior, or the Mapuche Malon cavalry.

For Scandinavia or other maps set in Northern Europe, the mercenary units could be Varangian Guard or Danish Axeman.

For Mangrove Jungle or maps set in SE Asia, the mercenary units could be Javanese Cetbang Cannon, Visayan Bagakay Warrior, or Champa Mangpung / Vijaya Raider.

And for any map set in East Asia (for instance the map Mongolia), the mercenary units could be Fire Lancer, Thunderclap Grenadier, or some type of cavalry unit.

Basically the mercenary units serve to cover the civs not yet in the game. After all it’s much easier to introduce some units than introducing a whole new civ.

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Since you did not mention it,

For East Europe themed maps the mercenary units can be Cossacks, Hajduks, Orthodox Monk.

For West Europe themed maps the mercenary units can be Swiss Pikemen, Arquebusier with Stand, Frigate.

For India themed maps the mercenary units can be Brahmin Warriors, Tiger Claws, Dacoits, Khanda Swordsmen, Mysore Rockets.

You probably ignored the three because they got recent DLCs. But you cannot just ignore them in such global changes like the mercenary system.

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Can do this by adding more units to the editor.

But editor units are mostly heroes which are weird to use with that glow behind their back.

I dont mean hero skins I was referring to the actual units like iroqs warrior nordic warrior eastern swordsman.If they speak correct languages and not the selected civilization language its even better.

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Anyway you can remove the halo from heroes through triggers.

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Maybe…but I don’t think they won’t continue releasing news dlcs for AoE 2…maybe now they’ll focus on RoR…

In my case, if it weren’t for the campaigns, I wouldn’t play the game (I play multi but to do the event challenges)…

In addition to learning history and the mechanics of the game…

I agree…in fact the condottiero and the Cuman mercenary are mercenaries…but I see it as a somewhat controversial mechanic for AoE 2, although in AoE 4 they implemented it so who knows…

But it would be much more fun if they are playable units in game rather than just scenario editor units.

I don’t think it’s a controversial mechanic.

From a gameplay perspective both AoE 3 and AoE 4 have such mechanics. And from a historical perspective almost all civs have used mercenaries in one way or another.

Of course, I mean controversial for what AoE 2 is… but AoM itself has mercenaries too…

You can make them playable with triggers

Also, regarding Yamato comments. I have asked a few times for help porting the Yamato campaign to AoE2 but no one cared, so I’m still salty


I also had the idea of doing the Yamato campaign but only the missions from the 6th century onwards…

My idea was doing it from thenone from 370 onwards. I had already ported the 373 AD Roman ones

Yes, the same, you have 5 missions after 373 CE:

  1. The Mountain Temple (300/376 CE)
  2. The Canyon of Death (380/587 CE)
  3. Coup (385/645 CE)
  4. Jinshin War (400/672 CE)
  5. Fujiwara Revolts (405/667/740 CE)

My intention was adding evey mission from OG and DE Yatamo. Even the ones which were changed after OG launch, the ones which had Korea