[Poll] Do you use Alt-f4 in ranked? Don't click unless you will vote!

I’m not expecting anyone to answer this, at least, not to say yes, but I’m going to try it anyway. Basically what the title says. The poll is totally anonymous, and will not say who says what. (Only poll for ranked games) Better version is here.

Do you use Alt-f4 in ranked games, even if only sometimes?
  • Yes. I hate having to play maps I don’t like.
  • No. I am willing to accept whatever comes.

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I clicked but didnt vote


Poll options are too limiting. I hate having to play maps I don’t like, but I do not Alt+F4 them. Tolerating this system and trying not to ruin someone else’s fun is option C.

Although I will admit that I’m more likely to resign at the first sign of something going wrong on maps I don’t enjoy, and usually go for a strat to end the game early.


The poll should be split between teamgames and 1v1s, so people realize it’s mostly a teamgames issue. Easy to say “I am willing to accept whatever comes” when you play only 1v1s and have 4x more bans.

Yeah after getting a nomad style map 5 times in a row on megarandom and playing without a TC for the vast majority of the game due to unfortunate team spawns, I alt f4 it.

In 1v1 I don’t think I have alt f4’d anything except golden swamp once recently.

Quite frankly, I play the game to enjoy the game, not to sweat on all the maps possible. If I don’t feel like playing a specific map I won’t play it. Whether the current amount of bans is or isn’t enough will never be relevant because of how dynamic the map pool is. Sometimes it’s alright, sometimes it isn’t.

A brief example of “ok” alt f4’ing and not ok alt f4’ing:

1v1 example map pool: Arabia, Arena, Mega Random, Hideout, Islands, Gold rush, Nomad.

I have banned arena, mega random and nomad, betting on the fact everyone else has banned islands. I don’t want to play islands, I don’t like that map, but I have barely ever played it and I wouldn’t mind trying it once or twiec. I want to play arabia, hideout and gold rush. Out of 15 games I get islands once play it, the next time I get it I alt f4 it because I don’t feel like playing on both land and water right now.

Other people have (looking at you, clowns, for example) banned arabia, mega random, gold rush, betting on the fact everyone banned nomad. If it’s islands, which it is going to be once every 5 games or so because much less people have banned arabia than arena and the ones that haven’t banned arabia often times have it favorited, they will alt f4 everything except arena and hideout, sometimes hideout too. So while I alt f4 once every 30 games I get, other alt f4 every 3 out of 4 games they get. And that’s when it becomes an issue.

That’s my personal defense for alt f4ing. Not sure how many bans we are supposed to have, but you can’t scratch every itch with a system that’s supposed to work for everyone.

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The vote shouldn’t have reasonings as map dislikes if there is only 2 options imo. For instance sometimes I use alt f4 but not because I don’t like maps (if I’d do that I had to altf4 half of my games 11) but because of opponents I refuse to play bc of their behavior.

Your poll needs more options:
Yes i close the game whenever i see my allies with +600 points difference.
Yes i dodge the game whenever i see i got matched vs trade pointers like lyx or anyone in top 40 of the tg ladder.
No, i don’t close the game or dodge it, but i recognize i should be playing quick play rather than wanting a fair game.

The better version is out! Please go here.

The question then becomes: why do you play ranked and not lobbies? Ranked is supposed to be competitive play, where players get to compete against players on a wide variety of maps to determine your skill level. Playing only one map distorts the accuracy of elo. So if you want to play no-stress casual games in only one particular setting, why not use lobbies? You can even control who joins your lobby and pick the settings you want.

That’s not what ranked was meant to be. And frankly, with a lot of people using the reasoning you gave, players like me who love megarandom and (land) nomad, never get to play those maps. And yes, I know I can make lobbies - I often do! But if these maps actually make it into the map pool, I want to play them ranked too and the sheer amount of alt-f4ers you encounter is staggering, even 1v1

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lobby system is no replacement for ranked. in ranked you get to track your progress and face off against equaly skilled oponents. people who have issue with alt f4 saying players should just play any random map forget that if you dont ban any maps you wont get alt f4ed. people should realize that wanting to be selective on what maps to play means longer que times. i understand this and thus happily wait 30 minutes or so until i can get an arena game in ranked because i know i am picky about the maps i like

I used to. But with more map bans available I’ve stopped it.

I never said it was a replacement, the two are separate modes of gaming (or should be).

And although ranked should in theory be about competitive play on a wide variety of maps i understand of course people have preferences. So yeah, it makes sense that you would rather wait in the queue longer to get a map you want. I do the same for megarandom and land nomad.

My issue is solely with people that alt-f4, for whatever reason they do it.

Alt-f4 is the only thing that makes this MM system tolerable. It’s important that people alt-f4 if we ever want the system to change. Don’t put up with it, you help no one in the long run.

I play almost exclusively unranked games but once a month I feel like playing 1v1 with randoms- this is when I play ranked- it’s not due to stress or elo accuracy or anything like that, it’s just that I play with friends and FFA, and I don’t want one particular setting there either, I want variation. I don’t play more than 2-3 ranked games per month. But for a person who sweats on the ladder 10 games daily I can see the reason to hate alt f4ing. As I said though, you can’t scratch every itch.

And I play ranked TG often, but with how broken the party system is it’s just not worth it to alt f4 there.

Alas, don’t worry all ye point farmers, soon enough ranked will be in custom lobbies too, or so I heard.

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u feel that the system is “tolerable” while quitting games
alt+f4 killed TG EW games. totally. 100%
And some people stopped playing cause ur “tolerable”.

I quite playing (if not aoe4 i would not be even here), one streamer started to play TG less often… etc.

Come down from the sky to the earth and consider ur 'toxic" behavior from different point of views.

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No, the restrictive and tyrannical MM system did. You cannot put people together who have no interest in playing certain settings and expect a good outcome.

I know players as well who have stopped playing tgs because of getting disliked maps over and over, or having to wait an hour to get the most popular map. Clearly no one likes to alt-f4 and everyone wants it to become unnecessary asap.

You can call fellow players names but this will never make them play whatever map that ends up in the map pool. If we actually want this to be fixed we need to stick together and make sure the problem gets fixed at the core.


Stick together? Don’t try to suggest that you are alt-f4ing for anyone but yourself. You are actively making multiplayer worse for the majority who do not alt-f4. It’s the reason why people (like me) who enjoy playing megarandom or land nomad have to wait 30 minutes in queue because you have to get through at least 5 people alt-f4ing on you.

I understand the problems with MP right now. I think everyone wants there to be changes. I understand the frustration, that it feels like the devs aren’t ever going to fix the issue. But don’t come here suggesting that alt-f4 is some kind of solution, when instead it’s only creating more problems for the devs to solve. And in the meantime, making multiplayer an absolute waste of time for everyone else, who just want to play without getting alt-f4ed all the time.

bla bla bla. u have TG RM but u still went into EW and alt+f4.
The absence of punishment did. it’s the same for me.

Well, if you really understood it then why blame your fellow player? I get alt-f4’d on as well, do you hear me blame the opponent? No, it is their right and they are not obliged to play my preferred map. This sucks but it’s the situation we are in because of incompetent decisionmaking. If you understand the extreme impact maps have on gameplay you will see it is simply irrational to expect others to play whatever, and by doing so you support the status quo.

I understand that people like yourself who enjoy less popular maps such as MR suffer hard under this system, this is why it’s so important to focus on getting this changed and not confuse the messsage by blaming others who suffer as well. You could convince me not to alt-f4, but then you would have to convince thousands more… It will never happen, even if it does the suffering just shifts from one player to another.

Thought experiment for you, do you think the system will ever get changed if everyone just obeys to the status quo? I don’t think you can honestly say there would be any likelyhood for an opt-in system to be introduced if everyone just accepts how it currently is.

It’s really sad that it has to go this way, but seemingly it’s the only way since even after countless complaint topics on every platform there is no indication for positive change.

In the first place alt-f4 benefits the player who dodges, but as a side effect it might as well be the only way to get change to happen which benefits everyone.

The devs created the alt-f4 problem, they can easily make the behavior unnecessary.

I don’t know what this means and I don’t play EW.

I am not blaming anyone for the problems with Multiplayer. This is the sole responsibility of the Devs to fix. However, it is individual choice to engage in alt-f4. Nobody is forcing this behavior, so the responsibility for that ultimately falls with the players who choose to alt-f4. And honestly, the status quo is better than a situation where everyone just alt-f4s all the time - a situation fast approaching.

Just because I don’t alt-f4 doesn’t mean I support or accept the status quo. I want to see change too. So do many others, hence the endless discussion posts and messages to the devs. I don’t see alt-f4 as any form of solution because it is only going to hurt multiplayer even more than current problems are doing, because it will frustrate the remaining player base. Team games are already dying due to alt-f4 and smurfing combined. I understand the need to somehow force the devs into action, but the thing is that alt-f4ers have created yet another problem that the devs have to fix, because - trust me - now that the devil is out of the bag, now that people know that alt-f4 is an option, they will continue to use it when they don’t like a match-up, even with infinite map bans in team games. The devs will still have to fix this additional problem, only straining resources even further.

There is unfortunately no way to prove that alt-f4ing directly encourages the devs to take action. If anything, devs would more likely to get disgruntled with the way the player-base is behaving. What we can show, however, is the damage alt-f4ing is currently doing to the experience of the multiplayer players. Simply head over to the alt-f4 main thread, and read the many stories people posted there.

I will agree with you here that the inaction of the devs certainly created the conditions for this problem to emerge. Nevertheless, all they created was a gunpowder barrel. The spark still had to come from alt-f4ers themselves, who chose to exploit the match-making system. Now the whole multiplayer system has blown up, and alt-f4ers share part of the blame here.

Honestly, I don’t even want to waste time pointing fingers. There are no winners here, and the entire player-base will just suffer from this whole ordeal.