[Poll] Do you want more Amercian / Eagle Civs

  • I don’t want any new civs
  • I want more civs, but neither American nor Eagles
  • I want more American Eagle civs
  • I want more American civs, but no more Eagles
  • I want more Eagle civs, but no more American
  • I watn more American, don’t care if Eagles
  • I want more Eagles, dond care if American
  • Don’t care at all
  • Other, not listed
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We still have couple of Eagle Warrior bonus left.

The whole being cheaper could be a bonus but Incas food discount might make it look terrible. So other than discount we can still have extra speed which was again, used to be a thing for Incas. Some completely unique bonuses can be

  1. Faster firing
  2. Trample damage
  3. Regeneration
  4. Cheaper upgrades
  5. Takes less bonus damage
  6. Deals more bonus damage
  7. Takes less population space

We also dont yet have the no elites upgrade eagle civ r one missing any techs. All 3 civs are FU. So a civ where eagle is an option but not THE option


Sign me up for more American civs. I think it would be interesting to have Eagle variants for South American civs, but in the interests of simplicity (in terms of gameplay and likely dev effort), I voted for more American eagle civs.

Coincidentally, I’ll be doing a couple videos next week on the top possibilities for new American civs, as well as my favorite hypothetical eagle warrior bonuses.

These are all good, and there are many more. Far more choices than will likely ever be used.


Unsure if this is a good idea. Meso civs are already the type of civ that are super strong early games and drop off later.

Removing elite eagle would make them drop off way faster than the other meso civs, so why pick them? If you compensate by buffing their early game (to incentivise picking them over other meso civs) than they might become op.

That’s not to say theres isn’t a sort of balance that could work. But it’s definitely tricky.

Yet we have civs with the cavalry scout in various stages of not good as well. Emphasize the archery or onagers of the civ and a frontline of halbs and thats not terrible for end game at all. Vikings come to mind as a civ that manages with weak scout and no eagle.

And no 2nd Imperial Age upgrade version either. Or a replacement of Elite upgrade with even stronger upgrade like Winged Hussar.

Yeah sure. Like Eagle Warrior can build barracks can be a legit civ bonus for a future civ. But I’m not going such absurd (not anymore I guess) routes.


Other: I’m not particularly interested in new civs, but if there are new civs, new eagle civs seem like (one of the) best option(s).

My reasoning is that I feel like newer civs have been quite gimmicky, and there are still plenty of non-gimmicky possibilities available for eagles.

Also, the devs seem determined to make infantry civs work, and they might actually manage that with an eagle civ.


New one can have a very string UT to compensate that. Elite Upgrade gives only +5 HP to Eagle. Main stat boost are +1 PA and +2 attack. Attack can be compensated by faster firing or trample damaging Eagle. PA is hard to manage. Maybe very high regeneration rate.

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Maybe a civ without EEW but an strong all-rounded UU and an imperial UT that makes eagles no costing gold.

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Mississippians when? Building Cahokia within AOE2 is the thing I need right now.


I want more Eagle Civs and more American Civs.
But the Eagle Civs don’t have to be American and the American Civs don’t have to be Eagle Civs.

Also I want more Eagle Warrior like units. The unit itself should only be limited to Central America, North and South America should get a different unit with the same armour class.


So you made your vote on the “i want more american eagle civs” category.
Which is correct imo. I maybe should have written “american AND eagle civs”, so there is no confusion weher this is the right category to chose.

Honestly, I’d be digging more American civs.

The Purepechas, the Zapotecs, and the Mixtecs from Mexico and The Chimuans, the Diaguitans, and the Muiscans from the Andes are imo the bare minimum of what they can have in-game when it comes to relevant civs in the already-represented areas of the Americas.

I think North-of-the-Rio-Grande NA civs would be interesting too, since there are a few pretty decent choices to be had there. But, I feel like they should focus on expanding the holes in places we already have civs in in order to fully flesh them out before we go anywhere else. It would be criminal imo to add civs in new areas before we finish in areas that need more love.

I agree; the EW was a mostly Central American phenomenon. Purepecha would be interesting in the sense that they could be a divergent, non-EW civ, as I don’t believe they ever adopted the Eagle Warrior knight caste from the locals (being an outsider civ to the Mexico region), but i guess you could make the case for their inclusion on the grounds of their empire incorporating local peoples in the expansion process. In that case, they could be the no-bonus Eagle civ.

I could see the Andes having a weaker and cheaper Chasqui (I think that is the AOE3 name) unit that deals a bonus to vils, moves fast and can take herdables like the Celts (only this unit though). That way, they’d be good for early game harassment and late-game eco raiding. Not much else, but it could spice the unit usage up.


Why waste effort on new models and animations when Eagles work. We still have crossbows on every corner of the globe so why sre eagles so special they need variants when from the standpoint of its already in the game we cna just pluck it out and make it work.

Full tech tree mode is already overbloated as is

Keep it simple stupid philosophy is damn lost and I will not be quiet about reigniting it!


Why do you think making a unit model would be too much work?

AoE3 gets like 5-10 unit models for a new civilisation while having 1/5 of the player base of AoE2.
I don’t think it’s 50x as much work to make a model for AoE2 compared to AoE3 if it’s even more work at all.

Full tech tree mode is a stupid feature that shouldn’t exist.
It’s more crazy then most mods out there.


Then you have to have different stats and “unique abilities” and it really still leaves the units longing to have a ton of civs to fully realize it as a standard unit instead of a gimmick

I really need tofind a way to make this easier to explain to most people.

Why can’t it just be a unit shared by 2-3 civilisations like Winged Hussars or Steppe Lancers?

Or are you generally against uniqueness and want civilisations just to be different numbers on generic units?

Because I view Eagles as a regional unit for Mexico. I’m in the camp of favoring more regional variety anyway; I don’t want to see crossbows everywhere, I don’t want to see knights everywhere, I don’t want to see 15th century European greatsword infantry used everywhere. Models ain’t a problem for the dev team apparently with their bonus event shenanigans and editor unit additions, so why should it be an issue for minor changes to similarly-styled units in a more normal setting?

And besides, aren’t you going on and on about civ aesthetic and design? The same design every time makes civs bland imo, and even with that being said I’m not saying to make any groundbreaking changes to any civs either. Same roles, different executions unit variants are more in line with AOE2 than units with gimmicks like armor-ignorance and armor reduction per hit, even if I think those are cool gimmicks when used well.

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Mever on aesthetics. Tech tree variety is more imprtant than pretty pictures to pretend tk praise some blender artist.

Nobody was mad at Sandy peterson for any of these flaws back in the day. Why does it matter now?

Also we dont as a society give enough credence to the civ crafter. It is an unrespcted art