[poll] How hyped are you for AoMR?

Now that the first screenshots have been revealed and the game is promised to release this year, how hyped are you?

AoMR is going to be
  • my favourite game of all time
  • my favourite “Age of” game
  • a good game but not my favourite “Age of” game
  • an ok game
  • a bad game
  • a disaster
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Feel free to post the reasons of why you think the game will be the way you think it’s going to be. At the end it’s always a personal opinion.

It will be interesting to make a similar poll after release and see how opinions have changed.

i’m confused with the answer options none of which describes my hyped level. I’m looking forward to playing this game, so i’m well hyped, but i wouldn’t say this is my favorite age of the game. until i’ve played this i can’t classify it as a favorite


We are all just guessing, so “a good game” is probably the right answer for you.
I didn’t want to add to many possible answers because people don’t agree when to call something:

  • Amazing
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Decent
  • OK
  • Mediocre
  • etc.

People will put the same emotions into different buckets. So rather have easily quantifiable categories like “Best ‘Age of’ game”.

I would have liked to vote for „favourite game of all time“ but I still saw too few (not all units, upgrades, gods/godpowers) and nothing in action neither animations, gameplay nor campaign and also I need to hear something. If I like 90%+ then I would be easily my fav game too.
But it looks and reads to be very promising.
The question if it’s my favourite Age game is out of the question cause it is, and always will be, my favourite Age game. That’s why I am also only active in the AoM Thread.

Also the guy who voted for just „okay“ has balls to steel.

For me personally AoMR has the potential to become my favourite game of all time.
AoE3DE might currently be my favourite game, which makes my favourite “Age of” game my favourite game overall anyway.
But it’s hard to pick a favourite. There are some games I spend a lot more time in then others but some games just offer a very finite amount of content, like single player only games. Also the type of game I want to play changes, sometimes it’s RTS but it can also be grand strategy, shooter, racing game, flight simulator, action RPG, city builder or economic simulation for example.

AoM was always in a bad spot.
It was an early 3D game so it aged badly but it also released a few months after Warcraft 3 which became so popular that it completely overshadowed AoM.
I personally only found out that AoM was made by the AoE developers after I already bought AoE3 so it looked outdated from the first moment I played it.
Since AoE3DE release this aging just got way way worse. AoMEE barely competes with the old AoE3.

If they even just provide a handful of new civilisations over the coming years (like 1 per year) I could see AoMR become one of the most fun experiences to be had. So many things you can do there that are not possible in any AoE because it’s not bound by history and offers so many cool things.

The only game that I can think of that has the potential to become even better would be an Empire Earth Definitive Edition but I’m afraid something like that will never happen.
It would be awesome if Microsoft would buy the license and remake the game. It was originally developed by some of the AoE1 developers after all. In some ways it’s a secret second successor to AoE1.

I’m surprised that no one picked any of the bad options.
There was a lot of criticism and even hate when the first scenes from AoE4 where shown for example.
AoMR seems to be very welcome so far.


I voted “okay” out of caution. The months - no, years - from the reveal of Age of Empires IV to its release have led me to temper my expectations in regards to upcoming releases in the franchise. I’m aware that IV was developed by a separate company, but it’s left a stain that, IMO, has yet to be cleaned up by Forgotten Empires, World’s Edge etc.
Retold has been through something similar, being confirmed a year and a half ago and with no communication whatsoever from the team WRT development progress until now. It’s a complete aversion of hype that, even with the stunning, borderline-perfect graphical updates presented in the revealed pictures, I find myself having trouble building excitement for a product that, currently, has shown only static visuals and no gameplay.

I admit that that video has established a solid base for Retold to stand on, but the AoE II & III portions of said video have been disastrous. Microsoft has all but confirmed that they’re willing to scam the II community through lies and elevated pricing, and while I do not play III, those fans have been arguably given the short stick with just a five-second announcement of upcoming DLC, with nothing but two civilization flags shown; no names, no further plans. It’s a sickening display of cheap, scummy laziness that I fear would ultimately seep into Retold’s development as 2024 nears its end and Retold finally releases.


I’m missing the option of:
“If well executed and with good and consistent support and patches, this game has potential to be amazing.
Though I expect another lazy release of a half-finished game at alpha state and I’ll hate myself for buying it, because chances are high - following Microsoft’s recent years history in rts - that this game will be made half assed and just milk the cow with minimal effort like aoe4”

AoE2 is my true love, so… I can’t answer the first 2 options. But AoM really is one of my favourite games of all time, so it will be an instant buy, unless it somehow turns into a massive trainwreck, which I don’t believe will happen.

I’m really looking forward to playing this on my Xbox, we’ve got some great RTS options now on there for a console and I love it. The control scheme has been set up very well so I will definitely be playing this on release.

I hope we can play it on console using mouse and keyboards with pc players

Yeah I agree, I hope it has this!

AOM is the best AOE game imho.

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I’m Hyped a lot!

I would love for it to be my favorite, but at the moment my favorite right now is Age of Empires IV.

And AoE IV still has a lot of potential to improve as more seasons come out, more civilizations come, and more fandom requests are added.

Regarding Myhology is one of the game i like more; I would also say that I liked the campaign and the single-player mode, and the mods, and mythological representation and…etc…, it have several defects that one realizes after playing a lot:

  • 1.- Little population for military units.
  • 2.- The extra population bonus from Town Centers is not as significant as one expects.
  • 3.- There is no regicide mode, a map in AoMT but little worked
  • 4.- Many aquatic maps “lack” fish (Specially maps with rivers), and in those that do exist, the fact that fishing boats can only go to one source of fish at a time does not help much.
  • 5.- There are no monsters defending relics, or cool dungeons like in the campaign, I think that with the current “Random Generation” technology of the “ROGUE” genre, it is already possible to make these for a random map, Warcraft 3 that came out The same date already had these, in fact it’s funny because AoE3 did have treasures guarded by Gaia units of bandits or natives, but AoM did not.
  • 6.- The Chinese campaign is not fun, the 2nd level is poorly coded and you die too much from minor errors. The last level consists of massively spamming a single type of mythical unit, and the plot development was not as interesting as the Arkantos one .

Precisely what is expected from Retold is that these problems have a solution, which would greatly increase the fun of the game itself.

Another important aspect:

  • If AoM Retold is very well done, it will have elements that AoE 4 lacks, such as “varied fauna per map”, “Balanced Age Change Choices”, "Various death animations (“crushed, burned , petrified)”.

  • Maybe between games they can learn from each other’s strengths and mistakes, and at least not to be left behind, AoE IV will finally have a varied fauna, because at this rate it will be the only game in the franchise that it lacks that element, along with the “several death animations” thing.

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