(Poll) How to Buff Vietnamese? Come and vote! (mods, please read my toppic)

Hello everyone! First of all, to you MODS :

I know there’s another toppic about this issue (i’ve created it), but after think about it, I concluded that adding the poll to it would be confusing, since that post have already 190 replies, and it will be veeeeeeeeery annoying to go to the first post to vote. So I asking you to merge the other post into this. This way, everyone will see this first post, and get to vote (otherwise, and I think people who commented on that won’t see it).

I would like to thanks everyone who gave his/her oppinion on my other toppic. But since my goal was to help the devs to get some ideas about how to buff viets, I guess it’s easier to make a poll to show them what people think/want. So, here is a list with pretty much every option I could think about. Also, there’s an option that say “other”, so you can choose in case you think viets should get something that’s not on the list (Camels, for example)

That’s it. You can choose up to 6 options. Thanks!

  • Dark Age Eco Bonus (starting resources/ Berries / hunters bonus)
  • Cheapers Military buildings (Archer range, barracs, stables)
  • Long Lasting eco bonus (Slavs/khmer farm bonus, Turk gold minners, etc)
  • Discounted millitary units (Like Korean’s new bonus)
  • Buff Rattans Attacks
  • Buff Rattan HP
  • Buff Rattan Melee armor
  • Buff Rattan pierce armor
  • Buff Rattans Attack speed/Frame Delay
  • Buff Rattan Speed
  • Reduce Rattan’s cost
  • Buff Rattan (other Idea)
  • Buff Archers HP
  • Give archers regeneration
  • Change Archers Bonus for another type of bonus (speed/damage/etc)
  • Buff archers (other idea)
  • Buff Elephants HP
  • Give elephants regeneration
  • Buff Elephant (other idea)
  • Change Paper money tech for another more agresive/1v1 tech
  • Free Fletching/Bodking Arrow/Bracer
  • Free Ballistics
  • Give them Blast Furnance
  • Viets don’t need a buff
  • Other (please leave a comment)

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Rattans creation time, still agree they need some eco bonus to be seen in 1vs1 tournaments. Nice poll mate!


Oh, thank you very much! And I agree. Rattan could be a little better (either on creation time or have a little more hp). And yes, eco bonus is a must


How about my idea +7% work rate for vill?, it will be good eco bonus. I more choice if you see it good

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You can choose up to 6 options. And yeah, more efficient vils would be a nice bonus! (why 7% though? Hahaha)

11 dont know 7 or 5. I still scare it make civil come to op eco

I think if its for all 4 resources, should be a 5%max

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Yes it good bonus, 5% just 1 more choice :eyes:

Your idea comes in the long lasting eco bonus then. I voted for both Dark age and the long lasting eco bonus. Pretty much sure they won’t both be implemented, but first one would be a game changer, while the second one at least compliments their OK late game tree.

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I sure will 1 in 2 will be it must. For make change this civil :blush:

Remove the delay of rattan archer upon click attack for better micro experience like mangudai.


Thank olive, and all :heart_eyes: Monday I must go military camp for 2 Year. And not offen in here too but thank for listen to me

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Thank you for give us your opinion. Best of lucks! :slight_smile:

  1. Skirmisher update to Elite Skirmisher in free.
  2. improve Paper Money. The player and their allies not only instantly receive 500 gold but also receive 1 gold per 2 seconds automatically.
  3. If Viet need eco bonus in early game, I prefer extra starting resources, maybe +100 wood is a good idea. Viet already has the stronger archers, long lasting eco bonus and discounted millitary units might be OP.

Ellite imperial skirmishers :))). Not strong just ok for kill archer other unit dont do too much :))) not different too much ellite skirmishers. = incas skirmishers :joy::joy::joy:
:)) frank not op, mayan not op? Other civil not op :))). Because people scare it make Vietnamese like :poop: for 2 year. :)))
You must review other civil 11, other civil get unit better Vietnamese.

Having extra 100 wood in the beginning can do so many things, and free elite skirmisher is for training Imperial skirmisher more quickly and easily. It is totally different if you get Impe skir in the late game.

Don’t forget Viet has strong elephant and gunpowder, it is not just a pure archer civ.


Good idea beside but sorry ingame they are not gun civil and bb canon just normal :)). But only it not enough , they need long eco bonus than only 100w from start, reduce cost rattan important in your idea. While mayan get too much bonus eco. + elephant not useful like eagle paladin or steppe lanncer.

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Olive new ideas, rattan high pierce armor so let they dont get accurate damage from skirmishers more, and give they + 3 accurate damage to archer can you make a new vote?

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Add those tech:

  • mansonery (bombard tower with 0 building upgrade is … useless)
  • black furnace (because they deserve to be top tier trash war civ)

new civ bonus:

  • elephant get +30hp/+60hp in castle/imp (so chatra can be reworked)
  • +75 wood each time they reach next age (stronk for fast castle :slight_smile: )


  • chatras : no longer gives +50hp to elephant. civil unit (including: vills, trade cart, trade cog and fishing ship) move 10% faster. (A chatra get 0 link with military… so i don’t even know why it affected elephant)

i don’t think we need to change the rattan a lot. They are strong. You just don’t have the time to mass them since you don’t have any eco bonus to reach castle age with safety.
Paper money is ok even in 1v1 now. When price in the market becomes stupid, you can use it to get a big boost in gold.

Just my thinking. Let’s wait to see what the dev will do


Actually, no, I can’t. It’s not possible to modify the poll after 5 mins. Just chose the option “other”

I like that idea, but I think chatra should still be a military tech… And the eco bonus should be stronger.

Agree, altough I don’t use BT that much

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