[Poll] Its all about the medieval walls

Let’s talk about the wall itself as well as tactics and building strategies around it.

For the start i have the community question…

Should a part of the stone wall only be destroyed by siege weapons or by other units as well?
I mean especially which option should be the standard in ranked games?

  • Only by siege weapons
  • All units can attack and destroy stone walls

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So let me know what you guys think… :slight_smile:


I think wooden palisades should be attackable even with normal units but stone ones no.


By all units of course. Wishing walls to only be attacked by siege would make them incredibly strong and gameplay would be a boring camping behind walls. Especially stone walls, can you even imagine how strong a stone walling meta would be?

Some people confuse this game with Stronghold.


With the fact in mind that infantry can now build siege weapons, i think it would be not that strong. :thinking:

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We do not know how they are implemented though.
But as soldiers can now walk and fight on walls, how would you separate the unit command of scaling the wall and attacking the wall?


Thats a good question i never thought about but in which case is the infantry able to fight on the wall? Only with the help of an siege tower or perhaps enemy infantry can access the wall from behind through the entrance which we have seen a lot in screenshots? Speculation on speculation… :slight_smile:

Looks like that’s how they’re gonna do it.

Actually it would increase the strategic depth of walls. Units can build siege, so you can reach the enemy base, do a little skirmish or whatever if he has some outlying defenses and then build siege and siege the wall. Units can scale walls and use siege towers to get on top of the walls, leading to wall fights. Meanwhile, he sallys out with cav to try and take down your siege while your main force is fighting on the walls. He succeeds, so now, taking the walls is a must. However, it could’ve been avoided if you committed less men to the walls and kept some spears back to protect the siege.

This is one of my biggest pet peaves with AoE2, how does some guy walk up to a wall and smack it with a sword and poof, it falls down.

So because we want the game to accurately portray walls and sieges we confuse it with stronghold? That seems narrowminded, don’t you think?



Another thing I’m wondering, do you gain control of the gatehouse if you have your units above it, like in Total War? That would make it even more interesting, you are losing the walls, so you fall back to the gatehouse in a desperate last stand to keep the enemy out?


This was in my mind too and it would catapult the wall fight to a completely different strategic level.

No … that has nothing to do with Stronghold but simply an open mind for new game ideas.

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This is not narrowmindedness, but understanding how RTS works, where realism needs to be sacrificed for gameplay. If you want to turtle or siege like it was in reality, and turn the game into simething it’s not, eat a pizza until theres a breach, there are other hybrid RTS out there.

And walling in AoE2 is already overpowered and hurts a potential fast more interesting gameplay, with normal units hitting walls, imagine if they took that away. And almost no one hits stone walls with regular units there because it is almost useless to do that since they are so strong.


Lol, palisades are next to useless after feudal and building walls are not a thing in AoE4.

Since you can walk on walls it is entirely reasonable to not be able to hit walls because instead of attacking the wall to destroy it you can just scale the wall and take it over, giving your archers an advantage. Plus, the AoE4 walls are much much much bigger than AoE2, units being able to destroy them is ridiculous, realism and gameplay aside.


Due to a processing error on my part, the survey was unfortunately reset… :roll_eyes: :unamused:
So please vote again, i apologize for that.

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I’m not psyched about the big walls either. I understand the idea is to make the game more realistic. So I suppose I’m not psyched about constantly making the game realistic, either. AoE isn’t a war sim. It’s goofy. And gameplay should always dictate. It’s necessary for hunan units to get through walls, no matter what size or material they are.

My friend I understand that you like competitive but honestly that is tha root cause of all the flaws the game has right now

They are only big because they have to be big to be able to fit units on top of walls. Are you saying simply having units on top of walls makes it a war sim?

Why is it necessary? If the enemy has fortified walls in Imperial age, what would you do, send in siege or soldiers to batter it down? It will change nothing for gameplay other than the “option” is not there. I never see players using humans to punch through stone walls in AoE2 as it is useless


I think it would be fine for siege to only attack walls, but only if rams and trebs are cheap enough that walls aren’t OP, also for the sake of wooden walls units should be able to attack them otherwise age 2 turtles would be Impossible to stop.


Palisades should of course be able to be attacked by units.


The units need to have pickaxes, shovels (to tunnel) and torches to burn buildings, not hacking with swords/spears.

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I’ve been campaigning for Sappers for years. They are one of my favorite units in AoEO. They pull out pick axes and rams from their backpacks and get to work.