[Poll] Mythologies you would like to see implemented in potential expansions? (If DE or a sequel ever comes out)

Let me explain myself better. Most written sources about continental Celts come from greeks and romans. It was prohibited for the Celts to write down religion or history. It was transmitted orally by the druids. The writting was rare and was reserved to the elite, such as druids.

Ah well the writer said that christian monks in the early medieval times wrote down the told stories.

That’s right, in Ireland

According to this writer also in central europe.

Make an ‘earlobe’ civilization.

Each earlobe has a different ‘type’.

Such as ‘citizen earlobe’ starts collecting deer for food. The ones that fight spin around like in 3d mode like a wheel and then they also hire ‘feet’ and other such creatures to come stomp around.

Usually these are depicted in all mythologies and so it makes perfect sense.

Hello and greetings to all hmm the mythology that i want to see is Lovecraft

Pfff and you would get Cthulu as a titan…


and will have Eldritch creatures

Of course…would be awesome…

yes i think would be nice

Surprised to see SEA (Japan, etc) so low. I do wonder how the forum demographics skew internationally.

I’m British (as heck haha) but Japanese myth has a lot of fascinating stuff. There’s a lot you can do with yokai and the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons alone. This is before you get onto things like guardian shrines, creator myth and so on.

(also voted for Persian and Mesoamerican, but they’re popular picks)

I honestly don’t think Japanese Myth is that low as you think it is. Its just in the middle ground I would say of most wanted new civs and I think that also has to do with two things: 1. Ppl want a drastic overhaul of Chinese civ first and 2. there are cultures like Persian, Mesopotamian, African and especially south American (Aztec/Inka/Maya) which simply are more drastically different than the existing ones I assume. - and about Slavic which might be as similar to Norse as Chinese to Japan: I guess most want Slavic more since it has the classic vampires and werewolves in it (even I think you could bring werewolves into Norse similar they brought Manticore into Greek)

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