[Poll] Post-Porto Civ DLC by Region

Some people were upset that I listed civs individually (Post-Porto DLC Poll) and not by region, so I will make another poll.

I want it to be simple so I won’t list 20 regions.

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • America (North)
  • America (South)
  • Caucasus
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Oceania

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Hopefully it isn’t too hard to know which civ would belong where.
One vote, I want to know what people want MOST, and NEXT (what region do you want NEXT).

Comment what region you voted for and which civs you’d like to see from it :slight_smile:


I want to see either Swahili, Zimbabweans, or maybe the Yoruba at this point. So I voted Africa. Mississippians and Tibetans would be cool too.


Africa would be great, another civ in South America would be amazing. North America i think is unnecessary.
I wouldn’t mind seeing a China split, or the Cacauses (Or maybe Just 1 Cacaus civ alongside 1 Balkan civ).


Caucasus 100% we need Georgians
More on Africa also would be great

You know, a Vlachs + Georgians DLC called “Kingdoms of the Black Sea” or something like that isn’t a bad idea (not sure if they were kingdoms of what, just change the title accordingly)
Changing the Dracula campaign to Vlachs and adding a Slav campaign that takes place around the area too


imo, such a dlc should come after 1 or 2 more non eu ones though.


would be better as ‘Mountain Kings’ which has Serbs and Croats as well imo :slight_smile:

Yes Wallachians is the only European civ that I still see the possibility/sense of being added. Maybe the Serbs too, but it would be an umbrella civ for the South Slavs i.e. Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks etc. But, as with all civs, it would need to have something new and interesting to add.


Serbocroats? would that be bad?

For the next DLC, I want Africa. Preferably Archer civs!


Even better: a Georgian civ AND an East Asiam civ in a Silk Road DLC


Kongolese, Swahilli and Zimbabueans/Shona would be so cool. DLC name:
South Hegemonies
The South African realms


The Trade Lords DLC (20 characters)


“The Silk Road” could also be a cool DLC name


Muiscas, Tarascans and Chimú here

Serbs, Vlachs and Aragonese here

Tibetans, Jürchen, ???

Nubians, Afghans, Gotürks or an Saracen split (Mamelukes + Abbasids)

Missisipians and Haudenosaunee. (This was a region with no great empires so i don’t know them well)

Armenians, Georgians.

Note this is not the order of the dlc i want to come, would be something like this.

  1. Africa
  2. North America
  3. Caucasus
  4. South America
  5. Asia
  6. Mid East
  7. Europe

Oceania had no civs that can be added to this game, apart from Malay that is now added.


The Silk Road Traders?

The most likely DLCs to be added are a China DLC and whatever civs they can package for an Ottoman campaign with the Turks.
Every DE DLC has focused on giant events that are borderline recognised by the broader public, not just history fans.
Khubali Khan, Wu Zetian and Qi Jiguang maybe for China.
Expect to see a Mehmed the Conqueror or Suleiman the Magnificent campaign sometime down the line.
Those are the DLCs that I can see selling the most possible units, which is why I think they’re more likely.

can agree. no north america or oceania. but a SINGLE more south america civ could come


makes sense. many chinese and turks play and like their history


I third that. Actually South America could use 2 more civs but no need for the North. And screw Oceania.

I’d prefer to see an East Asian themed DLC first though.

Certainly not a bad idea as our final DLC.


I’m thinking South America as most pressing, since literally only one civ resides there. The Incas could do very well with the Chimu and the Muisca, and if you wanted to add more you could go up to the Mesoamerican area with the Purepecha and either the Zapotecs or the Mixtecs (or both, following the Indian DLC model!) to round out the roster a bit there.

But, I also want SA more simply because it would be nice to have an Andean architecture set, with a few civs under it instead of one.