[Poll]Should drop-off points be implemented back in AoE3 DE?

Just a simple poll, please don’t kill me.

  • No, there is no need.
  • Yes, but only one building where villies can drop any kind of resource.
  • Yes, mining camp/lumber camp/mill.
  • I like bread.

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Some people “want” to micromanage their economies, but then they refuse to touch the livestock pen. I don’t understand it.


I don’t think it has much to do with micro because it takes like 3s(or even less) to build the drop-off camp near the resource.

It’s more about strategy. If you destroy the enemy drop-off camp he’ll have to spend resources + time to make another elsewhere. This adds a bit of “something more” to the game. It’s not a big deal, sure, but a good game can become excellent by having a lot of these “something mores”.

It’s also more realistic than having the resources magically absorbed by the villagers. Seeing them carry that large chunk of gold adds to the whole picture.
Sure, the game is not about realism, but there should be a good balance between gameplay and realism, or else things start getting a bit silly.


and how exactly do villagers use these resources? or barracks, they just magically conjur resources like it was a credit card.

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Read above. As I said, it’s best to have a balance.

Having to move resources around buildings would be too much…

But having them magically gathered by villagers not only is also too much, but also takes a bit away from a gameplay/strategy element.

no it doesn’t, that is your interpretation. there is no depth coming from gather points, all they are is a hassle. you still have to protect your villagers and still have to gather from distant points in AOE 3. id also point out early game aggression is largely more present in AOE 3.


No, it objectively adds more strategy. Destroy their gathering point during a raid and there goes ~100 wood loss for the enemy + villager time to build another.


And yet killing a villager is still much better. If I wanted “realism” I would go into my backyard and chop wood.

One of my favorite things about AOE3 is that it cut out all of the annoying things in Age2, like resource gather points and reseeding farms.


Yeah meanwhile let’s remove houses too because building them is boring. Let us all start at max pop.
Let’s remove resources too, having to click villagers and scout for them is boring.

Let us have limited number of barracks and train freely without the need for resources.

And let’s have hoplites, minotaurs and pegasus units too because if I wanted realism I’d go play Arma 3.


You basically resumed the CoH franchise with these words.
Edit: except for minoutaurs, but a Panzerkampfwagem VI is better than those.
Edit edit: Company of Heroes

CoH? I don’t think I know this one.

Or if we wanted to put all the focus on resource gathering we could go play the anno games.

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Yeah. All the focus.

Most of the focus.

Seriously, though, I don’t think gather points add much tactical element (or realism) and just put an annoying step into resource gathering. Age3 also added the ability to train livestock, but no one ever uses it because it requires too much effort to micro it. They would rather focus on the battles and put their attention there.

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Well. Ok then I guess it’s fair enough.
Also, I don’t see them changing that really, lol.

Just hope AoE4 will have them.

I’m with you on this I miss the traditional gather points and really hope they come back for AoE IV!

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I prefer AoE2 to AoE3. AoE3 is still a great game but I think AoE2 is a better game.

But just because you have a favorite pizza topping doesn’t mean you NEVER eat any other pizza toppings, right?

So, I still love and play AoE3. Hence why I signed up for the beta.

Anyway, to get to the point: I PREFER AoE2’s mechanic of drop off points … that being said: It wouldn’t be a good idea for AoE3! Why? Because the whole game balance and everything about AoE3 is based off of no drop off points. Leave it as it is. For AoE3 … no drop off points is better. For AoE1 and AoE2 … drop off points is better. Simples.


The AoE games are inevitably going to have magical teleportation of resources. The only question is how much. And I don’t think either position can be argued objectively, it’s just a matter of preference.

I prefer the way AoE 3 did it. Gather point micromanagement adds almost nothing to the game, it’s just busywork. But who knows, some people probably like it.


From what I saw from the trailer, they will :slight_smile: