Poll: Should fishing boat shoot at ships when guarisoned

My only big balancing wish for the game, that would make the game better at all level and make water game not decided within 10 minutes. Is to have better defensive option on water in dark and feudal age.

I like how it Works in land games it’s really good concept. Having villagers shooting inside towers let your villagers be useful during an attack when they are idle and also helps you gain an edge as defender.

On water though, you have almost no defender advantage and idle fishing boats during an attack are useless. On top of that there are no feudal land units who can fight ships ,and even outpost don’t do so well against ships in feudal until you can get to age 3 for springalds.

Having guarisoned fishing boats shoot (they wouldn’t be allowed to shoot land units). Would help so much for all these issues , especially against delhi fishing boats who can destroy all your ships in age 1 with no defense available.

And yes in feudal the dock has arrowlist upgrade but it’s so expensive and doesn’t do that much damage it’s almost better to just make a ship, so that’s not really a 'defensive advantage ’ if it replaces a ship.

I think the dev did an excellent job with balancing the game and really all the other major issues were addressed, but i always had the impression they don’t give as much attention to water and to me this is the only big balancing issue left. This is especially important for dark age and feudal.

What do you think?

  • Yes, Fishing boats should shoot at ships when guarisoned
  • No, we need another new defensive advantage on water.
  • No, defending isn’t needed on water, or is sufficient.
  • I don’t care because I don’t play water maps
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I think it would be good to make outposts shoot flaming arrows at ships with increased damage and damage over time.
Make docks shoot more arrows based on garrisoned fishing ships, and increase their garrison capacity.

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I actually went a different more creative way. If each landmark were re-developped so that it had a water related buff which would only apply on water maps this could shakeup water as well as make each civ more unique on water maps. I talk about it here, and even step through each current landmark to see how it could be assigned a water buff then rebalanced later.

That’s interesting but that’s also asking alot for the dev. and the bonus wouldn’t necessarily help defending or it would run out of idea pretty quick.

I think it adds too much complexity and it would need a reliable way to defend on water anyway. As not all bonus would be defensive. And i think it would make water less balanced not more balanced with the landmarks.

They could do it but we also need a streamlined way to defend that is easy to implement for them.

Yes, dock should be like TC, shoot arrows

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I don’t think they should shoot automatically, since the lower cost. But should definitely shoot when ships are guarisoned.

I think we both agree that yes, it’s best to simply start with just defending on water at first. I was getting quite visionary with putting water related landmark buffs on each landmark, and my intention would have been to throw water maps out of balance (I mean, it’s not really balanced now anyway so we aren’t losing much) in order to unlock/shakeup something new. It’s complex, yes, but adds new elements to the game which is a strategy game after all and would get players to think more strategically with their decisions.

We can always release something like this as a PEP to let the players test it’s balance, to try to get it more right, and then rebalance as needed.

Some civs would get cool water related eco, military, or defensive buffs, in line with their current civ’s strengths. I think it would be cool :slight_smile:

Best part of my idea, is that water specific related buffs on a landmark wouldn’t throw existing land map balance out at all.

You shouldn’t lose your entire fleet of fishing boat to ONE enemy ship, at pro level…

This video just shows how much we need defensive options on water map. Garrison fish shooting arrows would prevent you from losing EVERYTHING to 1 archer ship.

At 5:30 in this video.