Poll: should more automatic functions be added

I remade this poll, because the options in the other were badly written by me

Simple question : do you think more automatic function (auto q for example) are good?

  • Yes, we need more automatic functions
  • No, leave the game like it is now

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Every possible automatic function needs to be decided separately considering what effect it has on the game. Does it make game all-around better to play or not.
Automatic function removes from player need to manually handle something. This can be good or bad depending on how annoying/interesting/skillful, etc handling that thing is.


Agreed. Of course, even if it is added it shouldn’t be so good that it’s always better than the manual equivalent. The auto-scout case works because it explores the map in a rather haphazard manner and doesn’t go out of its way to look for important stuff (sheep, relics, enemy bases, etc.).


Farm autoseed is good example of automatic feature, that majority seems to prefer. And it is mostly better than manual equivalent, except when player really needs to spend wood on other things quickly instead of reseeding his farms.


And of course, Fish Traps. Pre DE Fish Traps were the worst.


I know every option should be analyze in particular, but here I’m asking about a more general direction : should we let the game like this? Or try to make it simpler?

Not a good poll. Having an AI play the whole game for you is also automation, but to a ridiculous level.

As someone said above, each automati9n feature needs to be discussed separately.

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Read my previous reply

I did but that still doesn’t cut it.

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It does for me, and apparently, for other people as well. I’m asking if the game should remain the same or not. Some people see some task as “annoying” and others, we see ir as part of the game.

Or then maybe you should add:

  • Yes but no more AI driven stuff.

Yeah but its biased and you/others know it.

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No, it’s not. I don’t want any other change to the core of the game. It’s an opinion, not a prejudice.

Putting auto-reseed or auto-queue in the same basket as full AI control(automation is automation :wink:) in order to fit the narrative for your current crusade against auto-queue is indeed biased.


Assuming that auto q is the same tha auto reseed speaks a lot

What is the difference? They both allow you to automatically set up the purchase of something without having the resources present.

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There is no meaning answering this poll the way it is now. “More automatic functions” is such a vague statement, it doesn’t reflect any possible new implementation to the gameplay mechanics, it just try to state a bias to unwelcome new features just for being new features.

And I heavily disagree and dislike that mindset. Because in the end it sums exactly like this: a chunk of the playerbase tries to hostage devs away from implementing new features with a previous disagreed of implementations without giving them a try. Let’s just take a look at how auto-exploration is now after getting implement and how it is changing the game overall (quick answer: it is not).

And don’t get me wrong, these features can and need to be critiqued and debated among us players, but that’s not what’s happenning now, in my opinion. And that poll just shows that.


No, Age of Mythology has this and it ruined competitive gaming. That game is dead now.

I thought the complete lack of balance and ugly 3d graphics are what killed the competitive game?


I think it has much more to do about bad balance(god powers, very different civs) and the expansion chinese were extremely OP.
Every time I see complaints about AoM EE is about the balance, not auto-queue.

Still, I enjoy AoM a lot.