POLL: Should Ranged Units switch to melee attack in close combat?

  • YES, ranged units should have (weaker) melee attack in close combat
  • NO, keep like it is
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All range units in AoE3 have a melee attack , and this mechanic is already in AoE 4 - in the SP campaign, which is early version of AoE 4, for some “irrational” reason (I would be really interested, why), the developers cut it off from the final version.

I want to ask AoE community here (or even developers), what do You think about it?

I see this as step back, IMO the units in RTS should not work only with a theoretical rock-paper-scissors system, but also with the unit roles, in this case ranged units shoud be effective with missile attack, but uneffective in close combat, it is good both for “the immersion” and game balance

Good example is AoE2, where the infantry is not used in the practice , because ranged units are too effective (without melee attack) , its devs are trying to fix it with new tech “Gambesons” (+1 pierce) for militia line in latest patch

You can see crosbowmen stats with ranged & melee attack


I’m pretty sure this was the in case in the beta. I don’t remember if they took it away before or after the release though… Maybe it’s in the patch notes with a motivation.


Ammunition that regenerates while they are idle would be a nice expansion to that model. limiting their effectiveness in prolonged engagements.


How long has it been since you played AoE2?

3.62 Attack Speed? (Crossbowmen)

Wow, the crossbowmen in the beta really were faithful to the slow reloading of the crossbow. I was just going to suggest that the crossbowman’s attack speed could be slowed down more while increasing his attack to be more faithful to his historical counterpart, but I see that even that was considered in the Beta. In fact it would have been a nice touch to keep it.

Anyway, 11 damage for a dagger attack seems exaggerated to me for a ranged unit, I think it should be 6 the same as the villagers and 3.75 atk/sec so that it is not as effective.

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Those are not the Beta stats, those are the Campaign stats.

The Campaign unit stats are based on the state of the game about 9 months before release so long before the Beta.

No way. This is not Total war. Archers should shoot their bows even when in cose range. By changing this to weak close-quarter combat the devs would need to greatly change their stats in order to balance them. Leave as is. We have other problems that have more importance … like the lack of themed UI.


Agreed a themed UI and an Icon reskin for units and technologies to be more descriptive and colorful like in previous AoE games.

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It works absolutely fine in AoE3 and AoE4 campaign mode

the principe is actually same as in Total War, Archers should not be effective in close combat, it adds deep into strategy game (not just simple rock-papper-scissors)

themed UI would be nice, but it is just “cosmetic feature”, melee attack for ranged units in close combat would improve the game in practice

The campaign has a completely different balancing, I consider it almost a different game.

A middle ground option would be having a melee attack with the same stats as the ranged one, so the balancing wouldn’t change. Or at least the same DPS, like half the damage but double the speed. Like AoE3 in many cases.


That is no solution, the point is that the (majority) ranged units should not be effective in close combat like in range combat

player would need to keep archers out of close comabat

Archers are already too balanced as is. If they make this, they will need to buff their arrow attack a lot.

No because if i right click with my archer i want to know what will happen.

I don’t want the archer to start moving suddenly and tey to reach the other unit in melee.

At least if they do that they need be able to shoot a distant unit while they have another enemy unit next to them so they don’t start walking towards enemy.

The archer should stand ground when they do a melee attack on a unit right next to them, and if the unit falls back they would just go back to shooting arrows at them