[Poll] Should Slavs be renamed to something more specific?

Considering we have now Bohemians, Poles and Bulgarians as Slavic civs, should the Slavs civ keep its name or be renamed to something more specific?

Should Slavs be renamed to Rus?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care

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Rus sounds lame honestly

Compared to Slavs I mean


Kievan Rus is too long on the other hand. Russians sounds too modern for me.


No, do not rename anything, otherwise EVERYONE will want renames.


I mean, Tais also doesnt sound too well either, but I think since its a good way to represent Lan Xang it is a good idea

I can agree with that, but Slavs represent now everybody and nobody at the same time.


I would say Ruthenians, not Rus. But still intrested what devs will do with Slavs while in game are Bulgarians and Bohemians with Poles coming. They renamed civs in AoE III, but still.


Does not matter, unless you want to have a Spanish expansion, because they have to rename Spanish to Castillians, which means it does not cover the Leonese, Aragonese, Asturians, Navarrans and Galicians.


They had to think about the naming when they release a civ.
Renaming makes no sense to me.

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I totally agree to change the Slavs civ name to Rus, it just make no sense to keep the name.


I mean, they added Bohemians into the game, so at this point, why not? Why only split the HRE? :slight_smile:

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We literally have 5 Slavs civs, so keeping the Slavs civ name is completely ridiculous.


Why not?! Because i think we dont need any new civs.

All new civs tend to be lookalikes of other existing civs or have gimmick mechanics. I dont like both. So there isnt really much reason to up the number of civs even more.

I agree, I was not in favour of splitting HRE at any point, but it is what we got

I am with you, I don’t like keep adding civs, but do you think it make sense to keep the Slavs civ name and we literally have now 5 SLAVIC CIVS?!


We have… Slavs, Bulgarians and in the expansion will get the Polish. Wait how did you even get to 5?


Exactly! Breaking the Umbrella system was a big mistake, or maybe the old designers were wrong to give the Umbrella system from the beginning. I mean look at Turks for example?! Like what the hell?! Or Indians?!

Bohemians are Slavs, same Lithuanains. So we have Poles, Slavs, Bulgarians, Bohemians and Lithuanins, 5 Slavs.

Lithuanians are not Slavs. They are Balts. They don’t share anything with Slavic people. Bohemia was just a HRE sub-division. So they’re just a repackaged Teutons civ.


It was a mistake of the past, but i dont feel like it needs to be corrected. Same is true for Indian (many people want to break up Indians for multiple civs) or China (which now is just chinese). People now know the civ as slavs. Changing the name feels weird to me.

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