Poll: The Future of DLCs and what would you like them to see on them

I wanted to make a poll about how would you like to see the (honestly inevitable) next wave of DLCs. I wanted to ask which civs would you like to see, how would you like the next DLCs to be and how do you feel about the last DLC.

To start, which regions would you be interested in visiting (or revisiting) in the near future?

  • East Asia - Tibetans, Jurchen/Manchu, Tanguts, etc.
  • South East Asia - Thais, Philippines, Chams, etc.
  • Central Asia - Uyghurs, Sogdians, Khitans, etc.
  • South Asia (Indian subcontinent) - Afghans, Tamils, Bengalis, etc.
  • Caucassian Region - Khazars, Georgians, Armenians, etc
  • Middle East - Egypt, etc (cant think more)
  • Northern Europe - Varangians, Finns, Balts, etc.
  • Eastern Europe (Balkans included) - Serbians, Vlachs, Croats, etc.
  • Central Europe - HRE subfactions, Venetians, etc.
  • Western Europe - Dutch, Aragonese, Aquitannians, etc.
  • East Africa - Nubians, Swahili, Somalis, etc.
  • Central Africa - Hausa, Vandals, Kanem, etc.
  • Western Africa - Songhay, Ghana, Benin, etc.
  • Southern Africa - Zimbabweans, Kongolese, Angolans, Ugandans etc.
  • North America - Mississippians, Iroquois, Puebloans, etc.
  • Meso America (Caribbean included) - Tlaxcaltecs, Zapotecs, Tarascans, etc
  • South America - Chimu, Mapuche, Amazonians, Muisca, etc
  • Oceania - Polynesians, Micronesians, etc.
  • No more civs.

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How do you prefer DLCs, the way Ensemble Studios did it or the current regional driven period?

  • I prefer having each DLC to include civs from diferent parts of the world
  • I prefer civs being added by region.
  • I dont care.

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How do you feel about the smaller DLCs and what would be the ideal DLC size?

  • I like them! It allows to explore regions faster since we are getting two every year instead of one.
  • I would like to see DLCs with three civs each, seems more balanced imo
  • I prefered when we were getting 4 civ for each DLC.
  • The more the better.
  • I dont care either way.

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Would you like to see new content for all civs like improved water warfare?

  • Yes, I would like new content affecting old civs
  • No, leave them alone

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How do you feel about new architecture sets

  • We need more architecure sets as soon as possible.
  • I think adding more building sets is necesary at some point.
  • I am fine with not getting any more architecture sets
  • I dont care

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What do you think about the new castles

  • I like them.
  • They are kind of lame and kind of ruin the consistency.
  • I dont care

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How did you feel about LotW?

  • I liked it a lot!
  • It was pretty good.
  • Meh, I dont feel too strongly about it.
  • I didnt like it.
  • It was kind of lame

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How did you feel about Dawn of the Dukes?

  • I liked it a lot!
  • It was pretty good.
  • Meh, I dont feel too strongly about it.
  • I didnt like it.
  • It was kind of lame

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Do you care about new campaigns?

  • I LOVE campaigns
  • I always give them a try
  • Eh
  • I have no interest in ever playing a campaign

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Thanks for voting!

PD: If you have any idea for another question leave it in the comments


Great remake of my poll.


Thanks for adding Caucasian civs on their own with multiple options so I can vote for African civs too :+1:


Thanks for such an interesting and inclusive poll, I already voted!


Oceania with bone armour and weaponry lmao.

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How can people prefer 2 civs, 3 campaigns, no new architecture sets, no new animals and no new maps over the old system with 4 civilizations, 4 campaigns, 1-2 architecture sets, new animals and new maps for the same money? I feel that every civ should have unique castles. The only Central European faction I would love to see are the Swiss. Lords of the West is pretty bad to me, I am not interested in Sicilians or Burgundians. I like Eastern European civilizations more, because they are unique. LotW will be surpassed by Dawn of the Dukes easily.


Bigger DLC will obviously cost more.

It shouldn’t. The first HD DLC-s cost 10€ with more content. The devs seem to care about only money. The latest African DLC is the same in Age of Empires 3. There is no 3rd civilization and a campaign.

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Interestingly this dotd dlc had regional pricing unlike the lotw

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Great poll sir. Detailed, unbias and extencive. Good work.

LOTW had regional pricing too:


dotd is $3 cheaper than lotw for me

For me LOTW and DOTD has the exact same prize. I’m paying 15 $ converted which is a pretty bad deal compared to HD expansions.

I think they’ll keep this prize for future DLCs too I guess.



Meh I preordered 4 already anyway, I will see how they do that. Simplest way is a code to all who bought it in email or something…

  1. Here, DotD costs more than LotW.

Sadly, this is Mircosoft policy. Microsoft even decided to remove LotW music despite Forgotten Empires wanted to bring more.

Thankfully, atleast DotD brings new terrain and trees. Possibly new scenario objects as well.

Good to hear. Source?

Source is leaked patch. In Scenario editor tab there were mentioned new terrains ( IIRC something with shallows and forest ) and in map section there was information that current maps got updated with new trees from DotD ( like new birch tree ).


I’m all for new civs from pretty much anywhere, but I would really like some more balance for the civs we already have.

I believe that one of the Poles unique techs gives their cavarly trample damage.
I’ve always really wanted Logistica to apply to all Byzantine cav, but it looks like that won’t be happening because it’s going to the Poles.
Honestly, that’s fine that it’s going to the Poles.
But personally, I’m a little bit annoyed, since in my heart I hoped it would go to Byz some day.
There’s a lot bonuses that could potentially be given to new civs that I think should go to civs already in the game.
When Teutons, Khmer and Persians got their new bonuses in DE, it really felt like it completed the civ and that was really exciting.
I still think that there are a lot of civs, both old and new, that could use some tinkering.

I’ll always be ready and happy to support DLC for AoE2 and I always enjoy the new campaigns that get added, but I hope that new DLC isn’t at the cost of some more comprehensive civ balancing.


To start: we are still going to get more balance, as you can see on the other post civs are being changed for balance. Also Byzantines are imo fine, they have their own place in the game on water and hybrid maps or as flanks in team games. Talking about balance is good, but this isnt the post for it I would say

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First I must compliment you on this detailed and well-structured poll.
One issue I see is that you specified Vlachs, Serbs, Croats etc. as “Eastern Europeans” when in reality they are located more southern or at least in South East Europe.
Now it gives the false impression of being a region that’s only getting covered by the new DLC when in fact Bulgarians are all there is of the Balkans.

What I have trouble understanding is how are 18 voting options not too much? If you can simply assume that there won’t be nearly as many further expansions.
Since a prioritization system isn’t possible here, a person voting for 16 or 17 options might not give their most preferred civs enough of an impact (unless they’d value all of their votes as equally important what I don’t assume for most cases) as opposed to someone voting for a few options.

This consequently can lead to falsified results from a point of view taking into account limited space for additional civs.
That aside, as I said I like your poll because it covers all regions in a well organized manner.