[Poll](Updated) Which civs would you like to see in the game? (All popularly requested civs included)

the graphics for bolas rider unit and the mantlet unit in the american worlds mod is made by me :wink:


could you post more images of this unit? Bolas Rider. I would love to see it.

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You did a great job with the mantlet at Age of Empires 2: American Wold. I thought this unity was magnificent. I would really like it to be part of a future game, officially.


here it is the bolas rider and his spinning bolas
i gave it to Thermoh (the project leader) last summer along with that mantlet unit.


I even talked to Thermoh too. He had a project for an unofficial expansion for Age of empires 2 DE. I even suggested the warrior priest as a unique unit of the mississippians (hybrid of priest and infantry - a unit that heals and attacks). I also came to suggest a unit armed with a boleadeira as a single secondary unit for the Mapuche. But the last news I had, unfortunately, was that the project had been abandoned. A feather.

But I hope you can do a great job with this unit armed with a “boleadeira”. And let this unit one day, join the official game, as well as your other unit “Mantlet”. :slight_smile:

of course it will be great to re-create the units for DE. but first they need to allow us to add new civilizations to the game:

currently we can replace existing civs but cannot add new ones.
also i am bit concerned about AI functionality. the fact that American World mod didn’t work with AI and mostly an online tournament based mod for a spanish community is what kept me a bit away from it since I don’t know spanish neither do I prefer to playtest everything online.

I hope in future updates they will fix this problem of adding new civilization via mods.

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exactly. Unfortunately, these limitations end up discouraging creators and new ideas that could further enrich the game. But I am really content that you have sketched (you are working on) a unit using a “boleadeira” (Bola Rider). Could you tell us how the interest in working with this unit came about? and what was your intention? Be a single unit? and which civilization?

Thermoh originally requested Bolas Rider only for the Araucans Civ in the mod. He requested elements such as a bandage on head with feathers, player colour tattoo on body and as such.

Mantlet was a bonus unit I made for him later.

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I made a Nubians cocnept long time ago, but not sure if it belongs here…

Gonna try to do one of the Muisca


Every new civ idea is welcome here! :slight_smile:


I really like Camel civ concepts.

Age Of Empires is lacking Camel civs and there are plenty of Camel bonuses left:

Camels move 10% faster
Camels recieve 3-4-5 melee armor
Camels +2 LoS
Camels attack x% faster
Camels recieve trample damage
Camels need 0.8 population
Camels are trained x%faster
Camels +3 attack against infantry
Camel unique units…

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how ridiculous is this idea?
you know how people hideout in trees watching their enemy?
Outposts look like trees

any good come out of this post?
another civ bonus that im contemplating s giving spear man MORE anticav damage

also @JonOli12
i was thinking about your trade cog attack tech
and to make it better in 1v1 you could apply it to fishing ships, making it a naval supremacy tech
oh the things i could do

the only problem is probably the camel in the stable,
were camels used in war?
tried looking it up, kept getting war elephant instead

In sri lanka camels were never used in war.This is a game so having some inaccuracy is totally fine.

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Fishing Ships are too cheap, which would creat Water Trash, and that would be OP.

Also the UT name (Mfanyabiashara Kijeshi) literally translates to Merchant Navy, so it is directly related to Trade Cogs.

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so about the controversy of incan eagles
i dont want to change the existing balance of a civ
but hear me out
if people agree,
and if the tracker is a unit,
make that the scout

That’s right,the Iroquois makes contact with the French explorer Jacques Cartier in 1541,meanwhile the posible campaing for them is about the “Song of Hiawatha” (1525-1595) and the creation of Iroquois League in 1570.It’s perphaps similar to Bayinnaung campaing in the time cronology’s of the standard game (1550-1581).It’s maybe a precuel of the Beaver Wars of XVII century in the aoe3 timeline.


AOE 3 wars of liberty released maori as playable civ … u can get some unit ideas from them as they use mainly archaic weapon

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@Parthnan and the Bayinnaung campaign (1550-1581).

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Well,the devs can give us one world exp. similar to the forgotten exp. with 4 civs,how always gave us:i.e nat am (iroquois),south am (mapuches),africa (zimbabwe) and asia (tamils)…and ready…all happy…Maybe they give us a fifth civ (polinesians),who had an oceanic empire (Tonga Empire) in the Pacific Sea between the XII and the XVI centuries.