[Poll](Updated) Which civs would you like to see in the game? (All popularly requested civs included)

how ridiculous is this idea?
you know how people hideout in trees watching their enemy?
Outposts look like trees

any good come out of this post?
another civ bonus that im contemplating s giving spear man MORE anticav damage

also @JonOli12
i was thinking about your trade cog attack tech
and to make it better in 1v1 you could apply it to fishing ships, making it a naval supremacy tech
oh the things i could do

the only problem is probably the camel in the stable,
were camels used in war?
tried looking it up, kept getting war elephant instead

In sri lanka camels were never used in war.This is a game so having some inaccuracy is totally fine.

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Fishing Ships are too cheap, which would creat Water Trash, and that would be OP.

Also the UT name (Mfanyabiashara Kijeshi) literally translates to Merchant Navy, so it is directly related to Trade Cogs.

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so about the controversy of incan eagles
i dont want to change the existing balance of a civ
but hear me out
if people agree,
and if the tracker is a unit,
make that the scout

That’s right,the Iroquois makes contact with the French explorer Jacques Cartier in 1541,meanwhile the posible campaing for them is about the “Song of Hiawatha” (1525-1595) and the creation of Iroquois League in 1570.It’s perphaps similar to Bayinnaung campaing in the time cronology’s of the standard game (1550-1581).It’s maybe a precuel of the Beaver Wars of XVII century in the aoe3 timeline.


AOE 3 wars of liberty released maori as playable civ … u can get some unit ideas from them as they use mainly archaic weapon

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@Parthnan and the Bayinnaung campaign (1550-1581).

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Well,the devs can give us one world exp. similar to the forgotten exp. with 4 civs,how always gave us:i.e nat am (iroquois),south am (mapuches),africa (zimbabwe) and asia (tamils)…and ready…all happy…Maybe they give us a fifth civ (polinesians),who had an oceanic empire (Tonga Empire) in the Pacific Sea between the XII and the XVI centuries.

I really like all the civi suggestions to touch the whole world it might endup looking similar to a civilizations game.

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Your Bola Rider unit (rider with boleadeira) is finished. or would you still work on it? I would like this unit to be a single secondary unit of the Mapuche, with the Toquis as primary. Mapuches: UU1: Toqui - anti-cavalry infantry. UU2: Bola Rider - mounted archer unit, with ranged attack, armed with a boleadeira (available in the imperial age? Or unlockable through unique technology - in the latter case being a strong unit and with attack bonus against some type of unit, to compensate unlocking by technology).

But if they find it too anachronistic, a mounted unit. I would like your warrior with Boleadeira to be an archer unit (single unit) on foot, with an attack bonus against some type of unit. I like the concept of a unit using a “boleadeira” as a weapon.

@Chekardhar @JonOli12 @Juggernaut8704 @EdgarSamuelON @Parthnan


@StereoQuasar163 sure the maories works fine in Wol,maybe the FE team take some ideas from they and put in the aoe2DE but neither gunpowder unit,similar happens with the iroquois of aoe3 twc…they take the civs,but removing the gunpowder units (i.e the iroquois mantle but removing the iroquois cannon)…

so anyone here remember my tamil civ?
well for my v2 i have been thinking something
the imperial UT that makes knights paladins would be more appropriate for the scout cav line
however the knight line is more iconic so can someone tell me a heavy cav civ?
until then
i was thinking
since tamils had their god Muruga (before having him merged with the rest of hinduism)
i could make a monk tech call “Vetri Vel”
it convert 50% of the monk cost in food (1:1 ratio)
or should it stay with its name and affect the light cav in some way (faster stronger etc.)?

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Tibetans were known for Heavy Cavalry, fully clad in lamellar mail.

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Your list is garbage as you dont mention the proud Ainu so i cant vote :frowning:

Yes. Tibetans and Jurchens would be Asian Paladin civs!
Tibetans = Monks + Paladins + Infantry
Jurchen = Cavalry + Cavalry Archers + Gunpowder


The Ainu of Northern Japan?
They were fully assimilated by the Middle Ages, and those few that were not, were far from an imperial culture.

Or are you just saying this because you do not think anyone would know the Ainu, and you really believed you would sound very smart?

I actually think that, if there ever was a civ with a Trash Knight, it would be the Tibetans, to be quite honest.
Add a Gongkang Armouries UT to make them Trash (these were communal armouried guarded by monks, whose weapons would be freely distributed to the capable in times of war, and returned in times of peace), as it would explain why you are not paying Gold for them, since their armaments were communally owned.