Poll: What is/are your favorite/s AoE game?

  • Age of Empires
  • Age of Empires 2
  • Age of Mythology
  • Age of Empires 3
  • Age of Empires Online
  • Age of Empires 4
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What are the current interests of the forum members in this section? (You can mark 2 options).

The whole story that some people have made here about AoE4, being “the majority of players” from AoE3 and SC2 in AoE4, of course, is flat out nonsense.

When you get out of the bubble and ask in a place like Reddit (where there are fans with different points of view on the direction that AoE4 should take) with 5 times more voters (even in discord there are more fans than in the subforum), where there are many fans who DO play the game (if I had put the “AoE4” option they would have voted it in the first place for sure), you see completely different results.

In the AoE3 subforum, AoE3 would be voted in first place, as in the AoE2 subforum, AoE2, as well as in the AoE4 subreddit, AoE4 would be chosen without any doubt.
But if you have a doubt if I have formulated my question differently, I did another poll.
With more votes than the forum in a few hours, AoE4 and another game were voted for by close to 90% of the voters (and that I warned in the forum and some will have voted against).

The most voted option is AoE4 and AoE2.

This is so and as Hasan says, the important thing is the private surveys of the players who represent a larger playerbase.

The official AoE4 subforum is the only site where AoE4 isn’t even in the top 3 favorites.

How minority are AoE4 fans commenting?

Did you really think that AoE4 would have more AoE3 players than AoE2?

Do you think it’s good that the game is starting to look more like AoE3 instead of going its own way knowing the playerbase that the game has?

Don’t some think that the graphics of AoE4 can be “comfortable and pleasant” compared to the graphics that are more loaded with the tonality of colors and detail of AoE3? (and that I agree that the textures and animations should be improved a little more).

Maybe you have to ask yourself a lot of questions and rethink if the feedback they are giving is going in the right direction or maybe the devs are being confused by people who neither play the game nor will they ever want AoE4.

P.S: I think that the best of the entire franchise must be implemented and that it does not enter into major conflicts between players. You can call me crazy.


These results are not reliable because you asked it in the aoe4 subforum. I chose Aoe III.


AOE3 has such a ‘you’re in a real world’ feel to it - makes it so much fun to play.


For that reason, AoE4 is winning…

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They are all good in there own unique way.


I meant that on the whole, most AOE players would choose AOE2. In this sub forum there are only players who already have opted to move on and play aoe3 or 4.

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I will wait a few days. For now, in an AoE (AoE4) subforum, AoE4 is not even in the top 2.

It’s kinda telling that even in the AoE 4 section it isn’t winning in the poll atm. Kinda figured it would.


I love AoE 3 and AoM, but after I finally tried AoEO in 2017, I loved it and I have it as my 2nd favorite, after 3…

Yes I agree…

Yes, I agree…AoE 2 players only play AoE 2…while AoE 4 has both AoE 3 and SC2 players…


Especially since ES were bringing up massive changes to aoe3 compared to the previous aoe games and being super innovative, taking risks and aoe3 is winning here in the poll BIG TIME.

That means, people who were super open minded about new ideas (aoe3 winning), wouldn’t suddenly be narrow-minded and dislike new ideas in aoe4.
The newer gen game should ideally receive more likes than a game from 2005.

All that means, aoe4 is just lacking in quality drastically and didn’t receive much love from the devs in the first place.
It’s not about taste, the poll shows it’s about objective quality and state of the game.
It’s full of bugs almost 2 years after release and it seems lifeless.
Don’t get me wrong, aoe4 has HUGE potential.
Unfortunately, there was never enough love spent on it in the developement and it was pretty much abandoned by the devs after release.


When the poll closes, I will give my reasons why I made the poll and analyze the result.

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My hunch is you want to demonstrably show how many non-AoEIV (AoE3 in particular) players frequent the IV subforum, and if that’s the case I’m curious as to why…

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Sounds possible, but even if a lot of AoE 3 players frequent the AoE 4 forum could just mean they play or have played both games. Also this is the AoE 4 section so there should be more AoE 4 players here anyway.

point is aoe2 onlies don’t touch other subforums while 3’s players happen (basing this on me) to be more open to other games, many play both 2 and 3 at minimum, with 4 on the side, so many of us automatically vote for 2 and 3, not just 1 or another, odds are at least a few of aoe4 votes are shared with 2 and 3 too

There are also former AoE 2 players who moved on to AoE 4, either after not playing it for 20+ years or after playing DE

Or maybe the forums just aren’t that representative.

Doesn’t mean they don’t have a place (they’re certainly less popular since places like reddit, Discord, etc and the like took off). I love forums personally. Part of why I’m here!

But then again anyone who thinks a game with five major seasonal updates and many other patches in under two years is “pretty much abandoned” may not have their fingers on the pulse, exactly :sweat_smile:

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AoE 2 not being the most voted game here also makes absolute sense because as the average AoE 2 player, AoE 4 doesn’t feature enough for you to honestly consider switching unless you’re really tired of “your” game.


AoE2 is not the most voted in the poll of this subforum.

but it tells that ppl has enough of aoe 4 bs since launch becuase the activity gotten slow recently not only here but in every one. even on discord the activity is slow. reddit may be the exception is redddit but is an echochamber by default.

Yes, that’s what I’ve said.