[Poll] Where to Next in Europe?

What civilizations (Kingdoms, Empires etc.) should be added from Europe next?

Vote for as many or little as possible.

  • Bulgarian Empire
  • Byzantine Empire
  • Castilians (Crown of Castile)
  • Aragonese (Crown of Aragon)
  • Portuguese (Kingdom of Portugal)
  • Danes (Kingdom of Denmark)
  • Swedes (Kingdom of Sweden)
  • Norwegians (Kingdom of Norway)
  • Scots (Kingdom of Scotland)
  • Poles (Kingdom of Poland)
  • Lithuanians (Kingdom of Lithuania, Grand Duchy of Lithuania)
  • Croatians (Kingdom of Croatia)
  • Hungarians (Kingdom of Hungary)
  • Sicilians (Kingdom of Sicily)
  • Venetians (Republic of Venice)
  • Genoese (Republic of Genoa l

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  • Papal States

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  • Livonians (Terra Mariana)

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  • Georgians (Kingdom of Georgia)

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Some usually expected civilizations aren’t present in this poll because i assume Holy Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire and Bulgarian Empire will contain them, and hopefully fully represent them via asymmetric units and bonuses

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Papal States would be interesting because I’m just gonna use mercenaries and monks


added them onto bottom


Papal states and Genoa were part of the HRE.

Having both Aragon and Castille would be too much, just like Genoa and Venice and Sicily.

In general if anything were to represent the Italian peninsula it would be the kingdom of Italy but that too was part of the HRE.


Actually neither were, papacy and Genoa were separate


No, they were not.

Papal states was part of the HRE until 1177 in the treaty of Venice when they got their independence.

Genoa was part of the kingdom of Italy which was a title and part of the Holy Roman Empire. Maps with the HRE show Italy part of the HRE until the peace of westphalia (1648) but even then the Imperial Italian lands were still de jure part of the HRE and were not abolished until 1801.

I like that 4 people upvoted your comment when you are just factually wrong.


apart from the byzantines, I actually know to few about any of them in medieval times to be interested in them. they just seem “smalL” in comparison



The other 2 races in 1DCL are clear.
It’s Spain and the Aztecs.

The campaign will be called Conquering America


sure idc 1100 still 400 years independanty

u right about Genoa though

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Venice, however, was independent, and would go along well in a DLC with Byzantines and Turks.


Then again Bulgarian Empire and Croatia would also make sense with Byzantines and Turks :wink:

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The game starts around 750 I believe is said and ends around 1600. The papal states when independent wasnt that big a deal, the holy sea was important due to catholicism but other countries like Spain were way more important and in general for the game were there is limited civs the papal states is just too small of a country. Rather have Venice then or more preferably Naples.

And how about having the iberian peninsula a civ by itself, and through landmarks become a more specific part of it?
For example being able to choose bettween portugal (whit better navy and gunpowder and an overall cuality over cuantity military) and spain (whit better monks and mercenarys from across the kingdom) at imperial or castle age.


Naples is Sicily

also I never said Papal were more important i just said they were separate

Impossible. It was never united, and to this day, it is culturally breaking away. Go to Spain, the largest country tehre, andf you will hear, over and over again, that Spain does not exist, and Spanish is a concept enforced by Castillian imperialists.
Then in the Middle Ages, you have Portugal, Cordoba, Aragon, Navarre and Algharb, all of which were major powers in the region, and had divergent cultures and languages, to the point that they were constantly fighting each other.

Lumping them all together would eb the same thing as having an Asians civ with peoples from Japan to the Levant.
To this day, Spanish cannot even understand the Portuguese language, when spoken, and swear it is Russian.


new t ome, i thought it was similar like how Czech and Polish are similar or how the Cyrillics are


Go to Spain and Portugal, and verify. The Spanish will actively tell you Portuguese is incomprehensible to them, when spoken, while the Portuguese will say they can understand Spanish rather quickly.

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I thought we were talking about adding civs in general as per topic, but I indeed should have made that more clear.

Naples is not Sicily.


interesting, so it’s one way?

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I’m spanish and i’ll find really interesting the idea of using landmarks and ages to choose one of the many kingdoms that where part of the peninsula in the time period Age4 is located. Also it will be a realy cool way to portrait the Reconquista period gameplay wise. Also it’ll be a clever way to add multiple posible civilications in one go, allowing to add more from other parts of the word

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