[Poll]Which civilizations you think that needs buffs or changes poll at the moment

As from its clear from topic name this is a poll about which civs that you think has to be buffed or changed for land based maps(arabia,arena,black forest etc.)since the latest update, hence there are 35 civs its hard to think about every single one of them instantly so I made as such you can vote for 7 civs to make which roughly makes about one of fifth of civ pool so its generous poll on votes. Goal here get an idea how in general which civs feel weak for the people.

  • Aztecs
  • Berbers
  • Britons
  • Bulgarians
  • Burmese
  • Byzantines
  • Celts
  • Chinese
  • Cumans
  • Ethiopians
  • Franks
  • Goths
  • Huns
  • Incas
  • Indians
  • Italians
  • Japanese
  • Khmer
  • Koreans
  • Lithuanians
  • Magyars
  • Malay
  • Malians
  • Mayans
  • Mongols
  • Persians
  • Portuguese
  • Saracens
  • Slavs
  • Spanish
  • Tatars
  • Teutons
  • Turks
  • Vietnamese
  • Vikings

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These are just my thoughts:

  1. Teutons: Teutonic Knight just doesn’t have a place in the game right now, I hope they change it
  2. Portuguese: The Feitoria is such an odd building. I think they should buff the resource generation but remove Bombard Tower from Portuguese. Another idea is just put a hard limit on how many Feitorias you can make but buff it heavily.
  3. Khmer: Need Thumb Ring
  4. Britons: Remove Halberdier or one of the melee upgrades
  5. Tatars: Keshiks should get gold on attacking anything, not just enemy units
  6. Bulgarians: Konniks win every engagement against someone who doesn’t micro (aka Monks). The fact that they drop Infantry units at a delay on death makes them able to run away from anyone using Attack Move or Patrol on them. I think they need a cost increase. Even making the Infantry unit able to be damaged instantly after being dismounted could work.
  7. Italians: Move Condottieros to Castle Age? They’re really expensive and are so niche. It would be nice if they had some base Pierce Armor, too.

7 is too much, my vote goes for vietnamese they need a buff


Same. I think there’re less than 7 civs that’s need to be buffed


I can see tẻuton and goth need arbalest buff./
China need + 50 food from. Start.
Vietnamese need improve economy and abit power same Slav why rattan archer still get accurate damage from skirmishers, + shoot delay than archer,crosbow, arbalest.
Slav need improve boyar power like rattan archer, they get high armor but still be Counter by spear and camel what is this. It bad while they get 80 gold not popular unit, boyars not much choice in castle age
And which is 3 orther ?
1 think fell unique archer of mayan get more unbalanced, why they get upgrade by food and wood, any explain? While - cost it too much advantage

7 were too many options for me, though here are my main thoughts:

Portuguese: Feitoria is a mess. Just limit it to one building and make it a worthy investment. Right now as Portuguese I won’t build Feitoria because it just takes away too many pop slots for a minor economic bonus which isn’t really a bonus considering that 20 vills/trade cart are almost always a better option.

Vietnamese: I don’t like their Imp UT. Feels bland and uninspired. If it had the effect of a relic on top of it it would be probably way more interesting for the Viet player. Their economy is trash tier like Khmer before the buff.

Goths: Their population bonus needs to be buffed, especially considering that they got indirectly nerfed with Supplies. Their late game isn’t that scary anymore and that’s the only time they really shine.

Tatars: Would be nice if they would get Halbs. Maybe improve the Keshik a bit.


There are 35 civs and as I said its generous vote offer reason of that make it easier choose civs and even if by some mistake say you have chosen OP or otherwise strong civ from what I see from results so far it wont matter in long run.

Just pick which you feel as weak civs compared to rest of the bunch in general.Even there are less than 7 civs needed from your point of view say out of 7 you picked 5 buff needed civs 2 that doesnt it ll effect results drasticly anyway.

If somebody from an unknown country begin to play CHESS, it is not a reason to change the game and add units from than unknown country. It is the same with Aoe 2.
See, what I find an read here. It is from a forum for Aoe 4.

Click over ““Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas”” to open the link.

So Historically accurate will be if South american and African civs reach only Feudal Age at Aoe 2.


Buff so much but dont see anyone see mayan plum why they get upgrade food and wood and other civilization need food and gold. Need nerf they like other archer civil. Food and gold for fair :crazy_face:

I feel that the game is moving into a more competitive form where fast units are becoming the focus of the gameplay. As a result, the Teutonic Knight suffers. The devs need to slow down a bit and allow for slow moving but powerful units to shine. Personally if I play with Teutons, I mount them on siege towers or rams so that I can quickly transport them across the map.

A suggestion would be to increase the carry capacity of rams or siege towers for Teutons and perhaps add a small ranged attack for siege towers when Crenellations is researched and they are garrisoned with infantry.


7 civs is way too much for me. I put some civ on the list just to submite my vote…

What clearly reflect is:

  • the fact that viet is really too bad: no good early (due to lack of eco bonus), no good lategame (some good tech are missing: black furnace, hussard, mansonery), no eco bonus, situationnal UU,…
  • Teutons is a bit too high on the list for me. It’s a powerfull civ but lame civ to play, that they lack husbandry (husbandry is fun) and lack archer (archer are fun to play). Even if they are categorise as a infantry civ, they are not (i mainly use cav, siege and halb).
  • Portuguese are not that bad actually in 1v1 on arena (and prob black forest, but i ban BF so i cannot say if it’s the case). Same for tatars.
  • Byzantines is an old designed civ. I don’t think it needs big buff but maybe it needs rework.
  • Tatars are really not fun to play (and hard). Another may problem for them is the randomness of the map, it’s difficult to play around the hills.
  • Goths only need a small bonus on early. They were many propositions but probably something around hunting (more food on hunted animal like tatars does with herdable) would be enough i think.

I agree. viet will need bonus. Teuton need arbalest -_-. Byzantine need bloodline why they not get it -.- goth need arbalest more than early eco. They get wild animal food more cary I think it ok. Tatar dont know. Any why only me ask plum archer need chan cost upgrade for balances :sob::sob:

I’m going with my two cents here

Viets: they lack a good eco bonus. Always fell behind. Also, some little buff for either archers or elephants (prob archers). Rattan could get some faster shooting, and bonus against chu ko nu

Teutons: great civ, but like some other people said, too slow for nowadays. They need to boost it in a way the become playable, since they’re not bad. Either give them husbandry or rework them as a real infantey civ (maybe making Teutonic knights faster

Goths: they’re lacking something. Probably an small eco bonus. Since supplies, they’re mych more easier to counter

Burmese: they’re fine, altough the elephants could use some buff, since last attack nerf.

Tartars: haven’t used them that much, but I feel them a little bit underpowered.

Portuguese: both fetorias and caravel should be reworked. The first one should be stronger, and the second one should cost less pop space

Turks: I still think they need elite skirmsh. Change mi mind :laughing:


Goths: +10% pop from feudal age. Fortified Palisade Wall upgrade available in University.
Vietnamese: Each animal killed gives +10 Gold. (Even Wolves.)
Huns: Tarkans can Plunder Stone from enemy defensive building as they do damage to them.
Portuguese: Get +1 villager with each Town center built.


Nice idea for portuguese, it reflects it’s colonial traditions well. Don’t know how much it would affect gameplay tho.
Edit: What about nomad, tho? 1 extra vil without downsides?
And cool concept for the huns, might make tarkans more present in games. But i think huns are fine the way they are.

With all due respect, I can’t tell you how useless palisade walls, fortified are not, are by the time you can build a university. There is actually still a tech in the DE scenario editor called Revetments, which allows palisade walls to be upgraded, but this should be available no later than Feudal to get any use.

B…b…bu…but…it is one building.

Unpopular opinion: I actually like where the Feitoria is at, and think it has a useful niche. Nothing will ever compare favorably to the utility of trade when it’s available, but the Feitoria obviously has uses when you can’t trade. As far as balance, the Feitoria has already been tweaked a lot, and there’s really no way to make it universally useful without making it crazy OP in some situations, as was discovered when it was first introduced. It’s obviously not worth making in most team games, but it can be extremely useful in the following situations:

-FFAs. Portuguese are one of the best FFA civs for this reason. I’ve won a fair few games on Black Forest, Arena, and Islands this way. The longer you last, the more inevitable your victory becomes, as long as you periodically make sure that none of the other players are trading. The fact that you can literally escape into the forest or wherever with one villager, and go from nothing to generating an infinity of all 4 resources is pretty great. And the Portuguese lategame combo of Organs/Bombards/Halbs is no joke.
-As others have mentioned, it’s even decent on black forest 1v1s, or arena at the mid-low level as long as you don’t let your enemy get all the relics.
-Island maps. Most of the time, the ability to generate wood is not that impressive. However, island games (even team games) often become a late-game stalemate until somebody runs out of resources (usually wood for ships). Here the Feitoria becomes invaluable.
-Anytime you want lots of stone. Obviously, stone is the scarcest of resources, and the only way to get it once it’s been mined is to buy it for increasingly higher prices at the market. Even in team games, I’ll sometimes drop a Feitoria or two if I expect the game to go late, and use the proceeds for defensive or offensive bombard towers.

So yeah, it’s hard to see the Feitoria becoming more viable in ordinary play without becoming too strong in the above situations. I think the resource generation should stay unaffected, however, here is an interesting buff I just thought of for the Feitoria:
-Give it all the attributes of a Town Center, i.e. you can train villagers from it, garrison up to 20, which can shoot arrows, and it can be a dropoff point for all resources. IMO this would be a fun little buff for Portuguese that makes the Feitoria more interesting without making its resource gen OP. I mean, the thing looks like a cross between a freaking castle and a town center, it would be nice if it had some defensive and dropoff capabilities.

Edit: Another idea I just thought of, but could live if it was never implemented:
What if the Feitoria by itself generated nothing, but could be garrisoned with up to 20 villagers who would “work” on producing whichever resource you specified? The rates of course, would be balanced in a comparable way to how they are now (i.e. they would gather much slower than villagers farming/mining/chopping), but you would be able to choose which resource you wanted.

I too think Britons need a bit of a nerf. I’d say removing halbs or even reducing their sheep bonus would be enough.

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No no no no no. Why all ok with they now, need nerf Mayan not Britton. What make you thibk britton op -_-, cheap res archer it ok, but upgrade no golf for plum in long year :thinking::unamused:. How about other archer civil. Special Vietnamese. Upgrade UU with high price

I think they become virtually invincible in late games, if you manage to gather around 30~40 longbows (or even arbalests) and mix up with a few halbs, and with the help of some little micro, there’s virtually nothing you can do, even mass paladins or siege onagers (they outrange onagers, so you cannot get close enough).
Yet I think their range and damage is fine, I’d say the sheep bonus just makes them faster to age up and thus makes they get to that late game madness sooner. If they had no halbs would be easier to cavalry civs to try a counter with paladins.

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Mayans are OP as well, the longer lasting resources and cheaper archers make them a great archer civ, yet still they have no cavalry nor gunpowder, so I think it already makes a good balance. Still britons are way more picked (i think it was the most picked civ on DE since its release, loosing only to Cumans before the nerf they got), so it means people are well aware of their OPness

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