[Poll]Which civilizations you think that needs buffs or changes poll at the moment

No nearly all people will play at early game in feudal age for make weak enemy economy. And people want pick mayan more Special in 1 vs 1 game. Britton just ok when have good protect unit. But at all they will be kill by skirmishers and ram. At latest game you are wrong paladin, or good camel is different or eagle they are kill britton easy even sign onager Just make 4-5 onager and you will see

+1 villager Maybe available from castle age then. :sweat_smile:

For Huns, I know they don’t need a big buff, I was just trying to make Tarkans more viable.

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Maybe give them that tech in town center in feudal then or have the upgrade be automatic. Anyway, it is just an afterthought, I think +10% pop since feudal will help them out a lot eco wise.


Remove halbs for Britons is not the answer, Brits ar know for their “billmen”.


There are a number of myths floating around about “virtually invincible” late game compositions (another one you sometimes hear is the Goths’ flood, from people who are less familiar with it). Yes, this is a decent composition, but it’s not that hard to counter. If anything, Britons’ late game armies are a little fragile:
-Paladins are a still a great counter to longbowmen if there isn’t a chokepoint. They also use “some little micro” to get around halbs unless there’s a very narrow bottleneck.
-A civ with strong skirms can cost-effectively beat this combo (especially, say Lithuanians, Aztecs, or Vietnamese).
-Onagers/SOs are still useful, because unless you micro every one of them down in time, a single shot can flatten 20+ archers. Your opponent will likely have other units, such as rams or trash, drawing fire.
-Bombard cannons: BCs with siege engineers outrange longbowmen and can take them out well enough, especially for civs with improved bombard cannons (Turks, Portuguese, IDR if Ethiopians get them as well)
-Huskarls will wreck this combo
-Eagles will wreck this combo
-High pierce armor archers (Rattans, Plumes) will wreck this combo
-Battle Elephants, especially Khmer and Burmese, have a good chance to break through the halbs to your archers.
-War Wagons/Onagers do pretty well against them, and Korean Onagers have the most range.
And of course, there’s the obvious “stop your enemy before he can mass his unique unit,” which any civ can pull off.

Tl;dr Britons don’t need to be nerfed. They are a good civ for sure, but fairly predictable.
Honestly I think they’re significantly better in the hands of pros than at the beginner or intermediate level, and a nerf like no halberdier would make them fairly weak and unpopular.


Condottiero is nerf because of its fast deployment time and the allies who specialize in infantry. If buff condottiero, I agree the base armor buff or remove the nerf in combat stat from patch 5.7. Buff training time only to the italians but not for the allies.

It would be better to change the team bonus as ‘Condottiero is availble in imperial age but +6 training time.’

Dont need nerf condottiero, they only bonus damage with gun. And unless all other unit -_- need bonus they more đăng maybe 12 like cham.
Italian good civil dont need buff more they strong too with much eco bonus

Teutons could use some unique inf bonus like most infantry civilizations. Either that or a TK buff.

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i could be completely wrong, but it feels like the idea of some factions needing a buff is due to players misconceptions and preferences to wanting to play a certain race and therefore feelign it needs a buff…

did people miss the mention that this is for land maps? the ranked pool definitely thinks malay is UP, in fact across 40+ ranked games i havent seen 1 malay (except my own for fun) whereas ive seen teutons in roughly 30% of the games… if not more…

and saracens…

even italians and portoguese at least get some kind of unit discount compared to malay with paper elephants (even if they are cheaper but that’s their only land eco boost) and saracens have no land eco boost

byzintines have a massive eco boost wrt trash units, 300 food/260 gold from imp age discount, free masonry/architecture, and situationally one of the most powerful cavalry in the game (people need to read up on how its armour works, they might be missing how its armour counters pikemen) again this is in comparison to malay(would need to reach imperial age before their infantry eco kicks in) and saracens who have nothing for land only games (which was the basis of this thread??)

so while people are asking for buffs on certain factions, it seems to me its because they never think to use other factions that are weaker…

Malay past ages faster, which mean you can advance to the next age with more vils and still getthe same time that your opponent. That’s a huge eco boost.

I’m trying to be impartial here, but I think the pool results are quite logical:
viets are weak. Period. Their eco sucks, and currently they only stand a chance against archer civs.
Teutons are not bad, just super slow, and they don’t have any winning card or special skill like most of the civs.
I like portuguese, and I think they’re quite good, altough I think the caravella should be buffed, since it’s sucks compared against the other 2 naval UU. Plus, they’re not as good as other naval civs in water,. But they’re okaish all in all.
Goths are really one dimensional. And without supplies is really easy to counter them

I like to play certain civs, but that’s not affects my criteria when I think which one should be boost

BTW: don’t do drugs, kids, or you’ll become the 2% that thinks Chinese needs a buff


BTW: don’t do drugs, kids, or you’ll become the 2% that thinks Chinese needs a buff

hahaha definitely!

I like portuguese, and I think they’re quite good, altough I think the caravella should be buffed, since it’s sucks compared against the other 2 naval UU. Plus, they’re not as good as other naval civs in water,. But they’re okaish all in all.

even on land only maps?

Teutons are not bad, just super slow, and they don’t have any winning card or special skill like most of the civs.

that being said. ranked is still a lot more saturated with them than malay, indians, saracens so obviously they have something going for them, even if their paladins are slow, they still have fully upgraded paladins, a decent eco bonus, and a few free upgrades. siege onagers and siege engineers (so could deal with massed archers) and bbc

Their eco could be better (15% gold discount it’s not that much), but once they reach imperial, they have a lot of options : fully upgraded arbalest, FU cavalier, FU champion (and thus, FU trash except hussar). Also, after researching Arquebus, the Organ Guns become REALLY strong (and in less extend, every other gunpowder unit).
So yeah, I would just buff caravel. Maybe take the gold discount to 20%, but that’s it

It’s easier to play paladins than camels, archers or elephants. Also, they’re quite good when defending, so I think they’re perfect for low elo players. Bur I like them to get a boost for more competitive environment. I think they only need a boost for theirs TK.

That being said, i like teutons. But, again, I’m a noob ahahah.


I have an idea for Vietnamnese.
What if they created mining camps and lumber camps instantly. Very good early game bonus. Wont affect late game to much.

Bzantyn need get bloodlines. Why they are best cavalry civil and cancel they important tech. Camel cheaper but weaker Special in imperial age.

Vietnamese need a long-lasting bonus. Both rattan and elephants are expensive.

Goths need a small eco buff early game such as +50% hp palliside walls, and then say 10% added pop starting in feudal age, with 15% total in imp

Change the units HP regeneration speed:

  1. Heroes from 30/min to 45/min;
  2. Berserk from 20/min to 30/min (60/min after upgrading Berserkergang);
  3. Berbers Camel units stay the same (15/min).

So there are 15/min, 30/min, 45/min and 60/min (staggered by 15/min).

That would make berserkers inmortal. Vikings are strong as they are, I think

Why no mention to Byzantine. Camel different elephant + why they not get damage +4 include bloodlines. Although get cheap skir + spear but it not enough


Caravel don’t need a buff, they’re possibly the strongest ship in the game. With a mass of them, they have no counters. They struggle in small numbers, but the scorpion type collateral damage is extremely powerful. Longboats may be able to take care of Caravels (although portugueses have +1 armor so idk), because they also do collateral damage from missed arrows but honestly I doubt it. With ~40 caravels, you have to choke to lose water control.

Compare Caravels to Ballista Elephants. 1 Ballista Elephant is weak. 40 of Ballista Elephants are unstoppable. There’s a special threshold: once you have enough of the unit to be able to kill a unit with one volley, then the enemy can never close the distance.

Portuguese’ weakness comes from the fact that they’re a post-imp civ with relatively little going for them. The only thing they do really well is gunpowder units, particularly Arquebus BBC which imo are stronger than Turkish Artillery BBC in most situations

I’d rather Arquebus be a civ bonus because it’s so expensive and its utility is locked behind chemistry. Currently in order to use it, you need to already be in a dominant position. Organ guns are good, but again require large masses. The real bonus behind free Arquebus would be the impact on hand cannons. Their HC are super powerful particularly against knights. A fast imp into cheap HC with free arquebus would be a viable strategy.

To replace the UT, something like Feitoria taking up less pop space would work/work more efficiently. Uninspired as a tech, but it also handles the problems with Feitoria’s inefficiency.