[Poll]Which civilizations you think that needs buffs or changes poll at the moment

  • Teutons: Teutonic Knight is very much non used because of his speed. Maybe a boost in speed? They are also vulnerable to archers and siege.
  • Japanese: taking into account Supplies and the few unique units that they could ever attack effectivly (melee unique units) they are also not very useful now. They could gain a little bonus against regional units (condotiero, steppe lancer, elephants?)
  • Lithuanians: without the last infantry armor tech their unique tech is like a bad/incomplete tech (Tower shields).
  • Magyars: their bonus (-15% scout cavalry line) seems like a bad berber bonus. They could gain a little more so that could be different
  • Vietnamese: please change the unique tech
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Mayan chan cost upgrade UU to f + gold -_- so unbalanced

I think it would be OP as a team bonus. Portuguese are a post imperial civ. They struggle to get there, but once they reach their full potential they’re pretty much unstoppable (at least, in land). So, no. I don’t think arquebus should be free. 40 elite organ guns with ballistics should be very hard to get. Otherwise, you could just do the upgrade as soon as you fet to imp, and have that in early imp.

Yeah, I feel that’s somehow incoherent to give them those bonuses to trash and then takeaway last armor for infantry. I would change the armor for bracer, since their skirmishers would be good aswell, and they don’t need archers that much

wish it was optional to cast 7 votes, not forced
in my opinion right now only 3 civs need immediate change, and the reason is that they are not getting picked almost at all, and they are vietnamese , goths and tatars. maybe you can argue about magyars and turks too, i’d say yes they might need a buff, but its not as critical as the other 3 civs that i mentioned. they both have something going for them in terms of earlyISH game. magyars’s cheaper scouts and free melee damage upgrade gives them kind of an advantage, and turks’s faster gold miners can give the players some rooms to work with
and since we dont have an absolute dominant civ in the game right now ( like cumans a few patches ago ) , i think its better to buff and balance vienamese , goths and tatars to see them in the game. MAYBE aztecs are considered op and dominant and need a slight nerf? but i dont think its unbeatable like old cumans

I agree, except for the Aztecs. They imperial age its not that good.

byzantines could +40%hp at feudle age.


  • Foragers no longer work 25% faster
  • Foragers gather 25% more food
  • Cavalry receives 25% more hp from Feudal Age.


  • Foragers gather 25% faster
  • Rattan archer elite upgrade cost is reduced to 800f and 750g.


  • +10% population limit starting from the Feudal Age
  • Perfusion also makes infantry cost 10 less food
  • Perfusion cost increases from 450f & 250g to 600f and 350g


  • Town Patrol is free
  • Receive Blast Furnace (benefits both their UU, Camels, Infantry compared to Bloodlines; the Cataphract should not be harder to kill but have a bigger punch).


  • Scout cavalry is 15% cheaper in Feudal Age, 20% in Castle Age, 25% in Imperial Age
  • Recurve bow is a Castle Age Tech
  • Corvinian Army is an Imperial Tech


  • Organ gun other bullets deal 2 dmg not 1.
  • Feitoria is 3X3 tiles


  • Ironclad also allows rams and siege towers to have twice the carry capacity


  • Steppe Lancers, Keshiks benefit from Silk Armor
  • Silk Armour cost raised to 500w and 400g

11 frank why buff not nerf :)). And Vietnamese neeed more buff not just only it:))

Agree! IDK why people wbats to buff franks 11

Berries is the food source with the slowest gather rate. Making their foragers faster helps Frank boom or age up faster. Having them gather more berries is a small bonus that would work in the background. Vietnamese need to age up faster so they would get the faster foragers.

Frank hp bonus:
That would give Frank paladins +8hp for a total of 200hp. Halbs will still need the same number of hits to kill them (6) and Lithuanian paladins with 2 relics will need an additional hit to kill them so they will be more evenly matched.

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11 do you understand now paladin frank is op? + free eco it ok for they :)). They need nerf if need change something not buff :))).

I’m pretty sure viets needs a bigger eco bonus. I never understood why franks have 2 eco bonuses. They already have one of the best food bonus (free farm upgrades) and free bloodline.

Lithuanian paladins with 4 relics are not op? 11 Anyways. What nerfs to the Frank would you suggest?

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If I had to nerf them, I would just remove one of the two eco bonus. Probably the farms one. And Lithuanian paladins… They might be op, but, again, they might be regular paladins. Depending on how you play them

Lithuanians going for relics and cavalry is almost a given. They don’t have a lot of other options.

Franks could lose their forager bonus but not their farm bonus.

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My suggestions for teutons

Ironclad should give units(infantry or cavalry or maybe both fitting with their slow but armored theme) +2 melee and +1 pierce armor and siege units +5 melee,+4 pierce but cost should also be increased accordingly.

Totally agree.

Good one and makes sense since they are historicly good at guerilla warfare(which includes foraging off from the land)

Again I like this one

His suggestion actually makes them very similiar lithuanians(with lithuanians actually being better because they get +150 food from the get-go rather having to gather it in first place) and even with just 2 relics(which is very easy to achieve even by an average player) Lithuanian paladins actually destroys current frankish ones and the most likely gonna destroy even so called buffed ones.

I dont think this is needed at the moment keshiks actually very cost effective(40 gold for cav that -20 hp,-3 attack and nearly same armor compared to a paladin)on the gold side and very good unit too.


Hi, Byzantine need bloodlines because they are horse civil, dont need + 4 attack because in castle age +cavalry not good, they still lose Việt cavalry why? It not Counter to paladin. 20%hp it make different in castle age. Or they can get both of tech 11 but I think Just one

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I believe both techs(blast furnace and bloodlines) would OP for catas I think one could be chosen but both no for me.

11 the reason I say bloodline is more popular. People dont play death match. Asia never play death match. People use hosre camel in castle age. So need bloodlines more than +4 damage.

Welp actually there are many more explanations than"OPness":
there have been moments in the Beta where the civ pool was Franks, Briton and Vikings only
Brits are the default civ that greets you when you first click on “Single player”, or whenever you reset the settings. Add to that longbows are easy to abuse vs. AI
Many people like to play their country/the civ that represents them best…and many players are British/americans

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