[Poll] Will the devs ever care to balance the newest Unique Unit, the Flaming Camels?

Let us discuss whether you think our Aoe2 DE devs will ever consider balancing the latest Unique Unit, the Flaming Camels.

  • They will still keep it as a useless April Fool’s meme, even in July.
  • They will atleast try to balance it, by buffing the Damage output.
  • They will atleast try to balance it, by buffing the HP/Armor.
  • They will atleast try to balance it, by making it the cheapest trash unit.

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Poll: Why do the devs not consider balancing the Flaming Camels? Let us discuss.

  • Because they want to still have it as a April Fool’s joke, even in July.
  • Because the latest Unique Unit is not important.
  • Because the civilization Tatars, is not important.
  • Because they do not like Camels or the Camel Sound.
  • Because balancing units is not Important.
  • Because they want to officially and permanently make it an April Fool’s joke.

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Now I am sure there are those of you, for whom Mayonnaise is a Spice, and who think Flaming Camels just received a Buff, with the “Crazy” Indian Anti-building bonus applying to them




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There’s no option in the poll for “I hope not”

I’d much rather see T Siegecraft balanced out by increasing the treb range to +5 and removing Siege Engineers.

I made some unironically in a team game last night. by some I mean 10. sent them in against 25 ish Frankish paladins. Killed 6 units. felt… really lackluster.


That’s way worse, 19 range is already a lot, 21 would be overkill; plus you’re nerfing all other siege option s by removing SE


Imagine a game in which only Flaming Camels are allowed…

Yes, it is horrible

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So…you’re sending them against the strongest paladins in the game.

Even in that terrible matchup, you sent in 1050 resources worth of flaming camels and outright killed 810 resources worth of paladins. In terms of gold, you sent in 300 and killed 450.

This is ignoring the fact that the other paladins were very probably damaged as well. Accounting for that, even in terms of overall resources you won that engagement, and in terms of gold you massively dominated them.

I think they’re quite fine at the moment, and arguably OP vs elephants.


OK admit the truth first that Flaming Camels are GROSSLY underpowered.
Then we talk on that. Good?

my eyes have cancer now!

watching the commentator i always laugh when people think flaming camels should be able to destroy buildings at all… the difference between presumptions and game balance…

agree camels should be better against cav, but wtf they dont need to be better vs buildings

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I dont know. 10 flaming camels, 300 gold worth, killed 450 gold worth of units. Seems favorable to me.

it takes three flaming camels to kill one paladin with bloodlines. a “badly injured” paladin is still a glass cannon, capable of doing significant damage.

I think the damage is fine. I think the blast radius is the lackluster part. if two paladins are touching eachother, why does it do 70 to one, and ~20 to the other? thats where they fall down IMO.

but what you fail to put in perspective is that those 3 could kill more then one at a time. yeah if i’m throwing them at a single paladin it isn’t going to be good, but why would i throw 3 camels at one paladin?

because of range from the blast? the same way if a grenade went off in real life and two people were walking past it side by side, the one closest will take the most damage.

frankly though, i think of flaming camels are more like a fun unit rather then something to be used competitively.


If anyhthing FC needs is a reduction on their training times

Flaming Camels deserve a huge buff. They are BELOW F-tier (ELEPHANT ARCHER) unit. The most useless unit ever created.


This kind of video doesn’t prove much. On this very channel you can find “proofs” that Teutonic knights counter archers for instance.


This is completely different. These videos make zero sense with ranged units, BUT makes lots of sense with non-micro intensive units.
Also that was the best fight ever that Flaming Camels can take because a real player would use STAGGERED FORMATION and would show that Flaming Camels are even more useless
At least there is a worse unit than the F-tier crap Elephant Archer

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Actually they don’t make sense with flaming camels either. With camels you’d wanr to get as much surface area detonation as you can. Thus you wanf to explode inside enemy lines. Not at the front.

Just like with trample units you either want to be surrounded or surrounding the opponent to make best use of the trample.

Considering the total investment to have Paladins, with all the unit upgrades and stable and blacksmith technologies, versus the flaming camel which needs only one technology, it makes sense why it does not need a buff.


Flaming Camels are crap useless F-tier against everything while they can’t even kill Paladins and Castle required and Paladins are the most cost effective unit in the game, effective against almost everything expect units with anti Cavalry attacks even pro players like Hera, Viper think that they are below F-tier garbage. Some pro players have never trained a single one of them time because they are worse than Forgotten Empires Elephant Archers