[Poll] Will the devs ever care to balance the newest Unique Unit, the Flaming Camels?

Flamin Camels do count Paladins cost-effectively, though.

More importantly, they counter all Elephants.

They don’t counter Elephants, you can see in the video they are useless F-tier against them . Flaming Camels are waste of resources and even Tatar Halbs are much better against every mounted units

60k food and 24k gold worth of flaming camels killed 71,200 food and 26,700 gold worth of fully upgraded elite war elephants.
they did this without ensuring optimal surface area detonation, purely by running headlong into the enemy force.

  1. You use staggered formation against Flaming Camels
  2. A Khmer pocket would destroy your whole eco with Elephants while you producing useless Camels from 3 castles

It’s still funny U used videos where FCamels trade cost-effectively against Elephants and Paladins to argue that FCamels need a buff.

When I first saw it I wasn’t sure whether you were being sarcastic.

  1. that just means they get to hit more because they run into the gaps and hit 3 or 4 elephants at once instead of 2 or 3.
  1. we were speaking hypothetically, that is after all, what mike empires videos are. entirely hypothetical.
    if you want to talk about real game situations, stop posting mike empires videos.
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if flaming camels need to be buffed anywhere, its against buildings. they should be able to perform better against buildings and walls then a petard does.

Trade cost effectively but they were never used in Boa2.(even Karambit Warriors, Shotels were used) Flaming Camels could be an option in teamgames against Elephants, Camels and Paladins, oh wait they are useless. Tatars would make Heavy Camels against Cavalry and their bad Halbs against Elephants

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probably because tatars were one of the least used civs in the game.

because they are suicide units. which would you prefer, a unit that dies on use or a unit that can live to fight another day?

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Tatars were picked commonly (mosty Donut and Canyon Lakes) and players relied on their Hill Bonus, Free Thumb Rhing and Cavalry Archers. Why would you let your Malian teammate to make Farimba Camels intead of the superior, very cost effective, A tier Flaming Camels?

picked 22 times. 5th lowest, only ones lower were goths, koreans, turks, and bulgarians.

i never said i would use them over camels. you claimed they don’t counter elephants. which is FALSE. they do, as we showed you, they trade over 15% better in food and over 10% better in gold, in the very sub optimal mikeempires test that you provided. they also die on use, which is a huge downside, and probably the main reason people don’t use them. people don’t like suicide units.

22 times. It’s enough to show that Flaming Camels are completely useless F-tier units.

Even Burmese with their cancer double castle Arambai (which is not an Elephant counter) strategy is a better choice against Khmer, Vietnamese, Malay and Burmese Elephant tactics than Flaming Camels

I even would go Elephants if I’m aware of my Tatar enemy makes Flaming Camels instead of Halbs.

never claimed they didn’t need love. what i claimed was that you weren’t being honest when you said they don’t counter elephants.
and you claimed 22 times was common. which it also not honest. 22 times was at the very low end of the spectrum and not common at all.

do camels need love? yes. would i buff them vs elephants? no.
do i think it would even change anything if they were buffed? no. people don’t like suicide units. how often do you honestly see petards made?
the only way flaming camels would be made is if you buffed them to such obscene levels that you could counter huge numbers of units with 1 explosion.

Petards at least have a role in the game while Flaming Camels are completely useless and never seen in pro games even in ladder games

Petards are never used either, and even Demo Ships are avoided. Suicide units are just too “all or nothing”, since they attack just once.

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again with the not being honest. they have a role.
camels are clearly anti elephant units. they just won’t be seen because no one really likes suicide units.

3 camels could blow up in the middle of a a pack of elite battle elephants, killing all of them, in an ideal situation.

how often do we see petards? about as often as we see flaming camels.
you continually be dishonest with your comparisons.
you claim

  1. they don’t counter elephants. which has already been proven wrong.
  2. you claim they don’t have a role. which is clearly anti elephant.
  3. you claim that we rarely see them (which is true) but ignore that we rarely see petards too.
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i’ll also largely agree with @JonOli12 about the demo ships. outside of a few highlight reel shots with “tatiships” and the like where an opponent gets blindsided, demo ships are largely useless and only seen in feudal and rarely seen after that, simply because they are too easy to counter.

why make a melee all or nothing suicide unit when you have better options?

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Demo Ships? Demo Ships are always used on water maps. You can’t expect Demo Ships on Arabia or Not Socotra.

If you do an agressive Castle Drop you use Petards to kill your enemy’s walls and his castle. People train 500000000 Petards while they train 5 Flaming Camels

They are NEVER used that means ideal situations don’t exist. They are never used against Elephants instead of TATAR HALBS. People never pick Tatars to counter the superior Khmer Elephants. If they were good people would make them even they are a suicide unit.

we rarely see them outside of the feudal age though do we?

making outlandish claims does not make your argument reliable.

nor are petards, and rarely are demo ships post feudal. fact is people don’t like all or nothing units.

because halbs aren’t suicide units.

because khmer is a better civ overall with a better eco.

yeah that’s why we see demo ships all the bloody time right? oh wait no. its always galley wars with some fire ships mixed in after castle is hit.


One paladin costs 75 gold. The total upgrade cost from knight is 1050 gold. Add 100 gold for bloodlines, 345 gold for all the attack upgrades, and 350 gold for all the armor upgrades.

One flaming camel costs 30 gold, and is unlocked by a technology costing 500 gold. By the may, given the effects of technology, it is likely to be researched even if the player wasn’t planning to use FC, so it is not like one would have to go out of his way to unlock FC.

See the difference? Paladins seat as a nearly 2000 gold of investment, while FC are a side bonus of a single technology costing only a quarter. 2 Paladins have the same gold cost of 5 flaming camels. And you want those 2 units to trade in a 1-1 ratio? Way to make things balanced