Polynesian Maps

Who knows?

Hopefully the DLC will drum up enough profit (along with more players!) to warrant some more exotic DLCs.


We don’t have the sales numbers, but going off of the steam charts for African Royals, we may be looking at Euro civs for the foreseeable future. That’s if we even get another DLC after this one.

Is there actually any data for TAR player count versus the other expansions? I only see the base game numbers. Or do you just mean the rating? All the bad reviews are from it being released with completely broken balance and a few complaints about it not having a campaign.

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I’m referring to this:

It is true that the DLC at the time was not well received, but I think it was redeemed over time. I don’t think the opinion is the same now.

Just the initial bump on release?

It certainly didn’t help that the first big AoE4 beta was at the exact same time as TAR came out. I know I didn’t play it in the first week because of that and I’m sure I wasn’t alone.

USA was also available free by just playing games, so that would have inflated numbers for a short time.

I don’t see any bump for Mexico either and can’t really think of any external impacts other than a lack of demand for it.

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@OperaticShip743 I’m sure the devs have the sales numbers, all we can really do is guess.

@M00Z1LLA Maybe, though there wasn’t any drop when AoE4 was released, so it’s kind of odd that all those people wanted to play the AoE4 beta over TAR, but then when AoE4 was released they didn’t seem to care. And yes, I would say the chart shows a lack of demand for both Mexico and The African Royals.

Again, though, these are just the steam chart numbers. The devs may be seeing something different on their end. Maybe TAR sold the best, and that’s why they went for a similar style of 2 civs + maps with KoTM.

I’m not sure how typical my anecdotal experience is but that is exactly what happened to me.

I was initially super hyped for AoE4 and prioritized the limited time beta over the AoE3 DLC that I could just play the following week. But after I tried it out I was completely turned off and never played AoE4 again.


The real question is @M00Z1LLA , could we get a New Zealand map with Kakapos and a treasure with a vague reference to a lost ring?


It would be a huge miss not to have a few LOTR references.

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Definitely. I’d like some Kakapos too (they’re in New Zealand but have nothing to do with LotR). Kakapos are large, flightless, nocturnal, parrots. Pretty funny. At a minimum a Kakapo nest for an XP treasure.

[quote=“SirBarnzy1, post:25, topic:219847”]
Hopefully the DLC will drum up enough profit (along with more players!) to warrant some more exotic ############## [/quote]

I think the next dlc is in Asia (Middle East or SEA), or else you will always have Greece and Wallachia as European civs xd…

Next year we will surely have dlc, that is, it is the 20th anniversary of AoE 3, so it is possible that we will even have 2 dlcs instead of just 1 like this year…

Of course, let’s not overthink it too much, AoE 3 received KotM in 2022 and the dlc sold very well, despite having to live with Dawn of the Dukes from AoE 2 at the same time…

Me too, although in my case I focused more on the AoE 4 beta and already at Christmas 2021 I bought the African DLC and also played the AoE 4 campaigns…

You are equalling Africa with everything not European.
Why should every region of the world be equally popular besides Europe that is more popular.

Also even if Europe is 2x as popular as any other region in the world, will the 12th most important European civilisation be more popular then the 4th Asian one (Persia for example)?

Also the massive bumps in player numbers can have other explanations:
the USA had an even where you could unlock them for free, requiring you to regularly play the game for a month. So many people played more to unlock the civ.
So this bump doesn’t mean that the USA DLC did sell better then the Mexico DLC.

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…Or gain a explorer power that allows you to summon giant eagles like Gandalf the Gray


You could actually do something like “scouting eagles” that temporarily 3x your explorer’s los.

The bad thing is that many of these animals had already been extinct for some time by the time New Zealand was discovered.

That’s true, things as they are…

Yes, it is most likely that we will see them in AoE 2, not in AoE 3…

Not sure if a single Hawaiian map is the ideal course of action. Modern-day Maui County alone has the potential for like six, plus a few others across the Islands:

  1. Kauai: Lush map with plenty of trees, Wild Boar, and a wide central river. All players begin with a Blockhouse that can train their civilization’s Barracks/War Hut/War Academy units, or for the Africans, their infantry. No Trade Line or natives. Outlaws: Hajduk, Comanchero, Pirate.
  2. Oahu: Players start on opposite shores of a wide bay speckled with small islands (references Pearl Harbor). Few hunts and no whales, but more fish than almost any other water map (references Hanauma Bay and its high biodiversity). Has a Trade Line with two sockets, and a Tapu Mare sits by each team’s starting location. Outlaws: Wokou Ronin, Comanchero, Owlhoot.
  3. Molokai: Players start on a map with plenty of mines and trees but few hunts. There is no Trade Line, but players may battle to control the singular Jesuit socket in the center of the map. Outlaws: Inquisitor only.
  4. Koele: A map rich in valuable treasures protected by powerful human guardians. Deer and birds are plentiful, but there are no mines. No Trade Lines or natives. Outlaws: Wokou Monk only.
  5. Manele: Wood resources are scarce on this arid, rugged map, but there are plenty of whales by the coast. One Tapu Mare sits in the center of the coast, on the left side of the map. Outlaws: Pirate, Comanchero.
  6. West Maui Mountains: A long Trade Line with six sockets winds through the barren cliffs on the left side of the map, while all of the natural resources will be concentrated in the valleys on the right of the map. A Tapu Mare sits at each terminus of the Trade Line. Outlaws: Wokou Horseman, Gunslinger, Comanchero.
  7. House of the Sun: All players begin with a Cherry Orchard and plenty of nearby deer. Trees are uncommon, but there are plenty of mines and a Jesuit site. All players will have the Portuguese Cannoneer and Iron Troop as available mercenaries. Outlaws: none.
  8. Kealia-Makena: Access to the fish-rich beaches is hampered by a long, narrow swamp running the length of the map. There are three Tapu Mare, and each team’s starting position features one. Each team’s starting Town Centers sit on a rise at their respective ends of the map. Outlaws: none, though the Zouave and Fusilier take the place of the random Mercenaries.
  9. Hilo: Each player begins the match with an Arsenal and a single Fishing Boat. Relatively standard resource distribution. Outlaws: Wokou Horseman, Comanchero, Highwayman.
  10. Kona Coast: Players begin the game with a Homestead Wagon and a Fishpond. Relatively standard resource distribution. Outlaws: Wokou Horseman, Comanchero, Highwayman.

I really like pretty much everything else, though.