Poop Lord has been banned from ranked for 167 hours

It’s as the title says. Though the game that got him banned is just a normal one, I can’t help but think he somehow had it coming. I know a lot of people don’t like him because he uses stupid, uncounterable strategies. At the same time, he’s no worse than any other ranked player.


There’s a code of honor in combat. Maybe doing these memelord troll strategies once or twice is forgivable but constantly doing it is abusing it and bound to get you banned. TC Dropping every game is frankly ridiculous. Play normally, and don’t always go for memelord troll strategies.

If these strategies are forbidden or not tolerated, there should be some sort of written regulation about it. Without it, I don’t think it’s fair to ban one person for his playstyle.


Well if it’s in the game and it’s not a glitch, there is no reason to not use it (no matter if they want to do it 1 or 2 or every game they play).

Yeah, i can agree about those strats being OP, but the players using it (not only them) have nothing to do with it, they don’t manage the game balance (hello, devs) and anyway, there is no document or statement that forbids certain strategies from being used. Yes, i agree that glitches shouldn’t be exploited (like the Lithuanian relic glitch when LotW was released), but this is definitelly not a glitch and it’s not their problem if it’s op.

However, if they trashtalk and insult their rivals while playing, they deserve that ban (although i think 7 days is unnecessarily excesive), i don’t really follow that pooplord’s content and don’t know about their in game behavior, so i couldn’t tell if the ban is deserved.


From the little I have seen, it was deserved.

Also the strats seem to be more about annoying or frustrating people than anything else.

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I agree with most part of this.

I think we saw the mainproblem of these games in this video. It’s not only about this strat.

In my opinion is the mainproblem, that 4 premade people are playing against randoms (or at least not a fully premade team).

It’s already a huge disadvantage for the other team…now they have to face off strats which are not meta… a good communication is key to counter these in teamgames.

The guy who got TC dropped even wanted to continue but one of his mates already had enough and gave up —> the game ends.

I know the playerbase isn’t that huge…but it shouldn’t be allowed to face off nonpremades as a premade team. thats just bullshit. And if it’s not possible to let only premades play against each others…then they should at least face off players above them, so it’s kinda fair.

by the way i hope they don’t do this tc droping every freaking game…because tbh it’s pretty boring and annoying to deal with it. Maybe you are not doing sth forbidden but if i had to play against people like this every freaking game i would(and probably others too) quit the game…and that shouldn’t be the way. It’s okay to face off strats like these a few times but not every game.

Maybe open lobbys then instead of playing ranked


This is not a reason for a ban. Grieving, yes, meme strategy, no. Like, I don’t know this guy, first time I remember ever hearing about him, so there might be something else that is the real reason behind his time out.

So, I don’t know if he does something to deserve a ban. BUT, yet, he cannot say he was banned for this game you linked, unless when you are banned you are told why you were. Never been before, so I also don’t know that.


It’s pretty hard to judge if the ban is justified or not.

Should sb get baned for playing meme strats? Probably not

Is it healthy for the game if you have players around, who only want to frustrate/annoy other players? No

The guys in the video probably played more than once against them…and i bet they are not sad about this ban.

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A simple strategy for newer players is to manage your eco, keep it fired, and replace the Town Center once it is down.

I think it is 100% not this game but reports from previous games.
He was infamous for planning from start of game, putting a bunch of Spanish cannon galleons on the pond & just idle from there - really annoying since those galleons are pretty undestroyable without a dock.


(and tbh I think he plays mainly to annoy his opponent -
his strat are not even creative like the new ones & he usually just teases his opponent while smurfing, esp. in TG)

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I’d say anyone who would support banning people for playing the game within the rules of the game does not deserve to have a good experience to begin with.


well he confirmed he also writes “gg ez” at the end of games.

Sorry but playing these strats and even being such a #### at the end of the games…he deserved what he got.


I am going to pose a problem to you, if a player drops out and we want to restore the game, any player may validly observe the state of the map. That is undeniably unethical and playing within bad faith. How should you handle it if you know someone did it, even if it is within the rules licit?

That is such a weird argument that doesn’t make sense at all. I can’t even begin to address it.

When you do a restoration, you have to end the game you currently are in. Since the game you currently are in is theoretically over, the map becomes visible.

Well… actual cheating is actual cheating. To compare it to not cheating… it doesn’t make sense.

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The purpose was not an interchangeable situation but to present a problem between something being licit, yet a form of bad faith play.

Seems to me to be just a strawman argument, but so weak that it really can’t even reach the level of being considered a strawman argument.

It is not a strawman, but a problem to which I myself have no solution. Should such a person be banned?