Population capacity

I am playing aoe since age 7 and I think in aoe3 the one of the thing I hate the most was the population capacity I mean how could a single person takes the space for 5 other people and due to that the battle wasn’t very fun I mean how a cannon uses the space of people it was ■■■■■■■■ and further more it used to bound me from using my creation so please increase the pop capacity and let one unit be count as one or 2 but not as 4 or 5 nd


because real life cannons usually have a bigger crew?

also because it was the only way to balance it while still keeping cannons somewhat realistic.


But if they r adding such things then they should’ve increased the pop limit na, I know it was hard at that time to handle population limit of 500 on low graphic cards nd ram but now they can do it and that’s wht m waiting for

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Nd this pop thing always used to hit me as it is just a game but where as in aoe 2 I was so into cuz it was so realistic for me the ways I could attack I mean it’s been 12 yrs me playing it nd not bored yet but I didn’t enjoy aoe3 as much

AOE 2 is not that realistic, a 50 villagers in that game can support 100s of knights.

AOE 3 gets extra population in the way of ships and natives, neither of which cost pop.

Guns (even Cannons) in AoE3 are not realistic either, as in reality, most units would just get one-shot (specially by cannon), rather than suffer damage.

Cannon Shot physics in AoE3 are there to give it a very thin appearance of realism, while in reality they are just stat trading shots like all other units, and not much different than AoE1 Catapult attacks.

In AoE3 villagers magically teleport resources and some buildings just magically trickle in resources or assemble armies over time without cost.

AoE3 is as arcadey as AoE2, perhaps even more so, since you have magical card shipments that supposedly come from overseas, but spawn at your TC, instead of on a boat at the edge of the map-

I respect your opinion my friend
But, no offense, this topic is abt pop capacity
And u should out this in new topic it could be helpful

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But they have limitations we can’t go on war with limited battle ships that made it looks like ■■■■■■■■

And for the fact aoe 2 is a legendary game

But in aoe 3 they have limitations we can’t make them how many we want

The point is: AoE3 is not trying to be realistic anyways, so there is no reason to have such a low pop cap, or have units take 5 pop space either.

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You should ask a farmer how much wood it takes to plant a field. Or maybe you can ask a historian if castles were ever destroyed by swordsmen hacking at the base of the stone walls.

If we’re going to play this game we’re going to find that gameplay mechanics and reality don’t mesh well.


I understand having some units count as more than one person when created for balancing reasons. However, I would love to see an option to raise the population limit. It would simply be an option you choose in the settings or in the game creation lobby. If people want to play the game with the original 200 pop limit they can choose to, or maybe have more options for say 300 and 500 population limits.


Don’t mind,I think the Age of Empire III DE will open 300 pop,400pop,500 pop.haha


I know but wht if they didn’t :sweat_smile:

In terms of that I would like to say that Cossacks 3 has been more reasonable and logic based

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I think 200 is just fine. You can build a powerful army within the cap.


But it is about strategy population must be more then wht it used to be in aoe 3 in order to be more creative in terms of attacking

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I think that 200 and upgrades to level V would be nice.

It is an abstraction of support. The game mixes metaphors a bit which is a bit of a problem. In reality support would be provided by resource. Resource like food and spare parts. Manpower to since you actually need to man stuff. A canon actually has quite a bit of a crew as mentioned before to. Even if it not shown in the game with only two people push it around.

Real war is of course a lot messier. For one calvary unit you need naturally the rider. You need his horse. Which is not manpower but you need to raise it even even train it for war. You need support staff. You need armour. You need to pay them. They need food. Lot of thing play in. But you do not want a simulation. You want a game that gives you the feel of warfare but not be actually accurate to warfare.

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