Porto info that we collected

They are a bit more than just that I would say. Saracens also dont fit here at all.

Well they had Sultans too. And it doesn’t necessarily have to fit into this expansion anyway.

I dont get what you mean by that. There were sultans in Nigeria or Somalia too

Yeah but they arent adding them, they are just renaming them

Honestly I think that theres not a very strong argument to say that the leak are fake (although tbh I agree that the Gurjara camels are excessively good)

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Are you mixing things up? Weren’t we just talking about Hindustanis or Muslim conquerors? (not in-game Indians)

Hindustanis who are the muslims conquerors of India will be just the current Indian civ but renamed.

What do you mean with them not fitting in the expansion?

Says who? That supposed civ overview leak?

I never said that - they might be already represented by Persians (Sassanids), Tatars (Timurid Siegecraft) and Saracens (Mamluks).

This is how it might play out: Indian civs screenshots predictions: - Age of Empires II: DE / II - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

For all my talk of googling, I should have googled harder.


Yeah, the supposed civ overview link who literally had graphics for all units that werent yet announced

Stop bringing up Saracens. It doesnt make any sense here. And yeah those civs can sorta represent them but Delhi and the Mughals are unique enough in their own

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We can see a chariot unit on Dravidians preview. Meanwhile Bengalis preview shows a LC type cavalry. It will be a bit weird to show one civs UU in another civs preview if the chariot is actually the UU of Bengalis while LC is UU of Gujaras.


I think current indian will be a Muslim indian civ, any one can take that place… ghorids, delhi etc…

The spear guy looks like Muslim and the 3 civs we got right now, bengal, Dravidian and gurjara are all either hindu or budhist so the unit doesn’t go with them very well… I wouldn’t mind if there are 3 indians civs also

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Looks like a campaign unit to me. It’s no Archer chariot either.

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The chariot guy in ss looks like a king to me

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After zooming into the wheel of chariot, I can see it doesn’t match with the wheel pic that BBQTurkman provided us. So maybe only a scenario unit like Crusader Knight from DOTD.

And Bengalis preview is probably taken from one of a campaign mission. That’s why they have units from different civs.

BTW, the infantry units on bridge besides elephant (Dravidians overview). Are they Chakram Thrower? Looks a bit different from the other one where we can see them in action.

Yeah I would say so.

Request to OP.

Maybe add this picture on your post?



My take is that The Bengals will have that cavelry as UU … ofcourse pala didn’t use cavalry like at all so bengalis will not have any imperial age cavalry, but bengal sulatanate used cavalry and there is a legend that only 18 cavalry conquered a city from a king called Lakshman Sena… so I think Bengals will lack cavalry improvements but will have cav uu to cover it

Dravidians will have urumi and the ship

Gurjara will replace India and will have the spear guy as UU as gurjara fell to Muslims first and helped in their further expansions

Chakram thrower will probably be like a mercenary unit of gurjara… anyone who is allied with them can train this unit

The new elephant is probably an upgrade for the battle elephant


I don’t think so. The rider is magically gone. That can be a scenario only unit or another UU for Gujaras.


How many new civs,2or 3?I cannot determine the third one.

3 or 4 … gurjara, dravidians and bengalis confirmed

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gurjara does not have the picture like bengalis and dravidians,this cannot be confirmed.