Indian civs screenshots predictions:

My speculations based on the 2 official screenshots:

Chakram unit replaces all Indian civs’ hand-cannoneer similarly to Incas’ Slinger.

Battle Elephant and Elephant Archer with new pre-elite designs given to all Indian civs.

All Indian civs get the transport ship which acts like a small fortress.

Current “Indians” named Gurjaras and have the Elephant Archer replaced by the spear & shield unit.
They keep the Imperial Camel upgrade.

The heavily armoured elephant with no rider could either be a campaign-only unit or an imperial upgrade to the Elite Battle Elephant or a replacement for the battering ram. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Dravidians UU: Urumi unit


Bengalis UU: Bhuj / horse unit

(Bengalis in cyan and Gurjaras in red)

(Dravidians in green)

Where the icon come from,cannot found the website from the officials support.

Source: Porto info that we collected - Age of Empires II: DE / II - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

Bengalis cant have a heavy cavalry UU lol. That wouldnt happen in a thousant years. The evidence just says that the leak represents at least one of the builds of the DLC

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That’s what we were saying for Lithuanians and here we are. Either way if there exists a 4th Indian civ, why hasn’t its emblem been found?

What evidence? Maybe just the images of that leak are real.

Because they arent part of the DLC. It doesnt matter for this thing and may as well keep their old emblem even if it doesnt make much sense

Not comparable. Bengalis are notable through medieval times forvtheir lack of good native horses

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It cannot support,it was not from the officials and cannot be determined,the third new civs why not have the huge picture,maybe the third icon replaced the Indian instead,and I cannot find any infomation for rename Indian.Why bengalis and dravidians have but Gurjaras do not have?It is strange!

It’s very comparable as the reason could be balance which also resulted in many other civs getting units like knights that they didn’t really use.
The game has never been known for historical accuracy and I’d be surprised if that suddenly changed now.

No lol. Knights represent heavy cav, they arent just “knights” and theres close to none civs that have knights and didnt have heavy cav, and those civs have awful stabkes.

And Bengalis can just be a normal archer civ way better so why not just give them decent archers?

I dont see how its comoarable either.

Vikings immediately come to mind and there are more, just as Lithuanians. Balance always comes first in Aoe2.

Lithuanians had heavy cav and Vikings dont have a cavalry UU. Not to mention the descendants of the Vikings were great ridersw

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Source? First time hearing this.

But wouldn’t that be Normans(Sicilians)?

E.g. the Koreans also had no horse-drawn “warwagons”, nevertheless it’s their UU.
The Persians also had no elephants but recruited Indian Mahouts to fight for them - yet the strongest elephant in game is their UU.

Why do you need a source? Literally they were like every other feudal society in terms of military. They had a very similar army to the Poles according to wikipedia:
" When the Commonwealth was formed, there was little practical difference between the Polish and Lithuanian armed forces but they were kept separate; "


The War Wagons are both based on something Koreans actually used and also represent the Korean playstyle

What you are saying is like making a Hussite civ and giving them as a UU the “Czech Knight” or something like that.

Because you will not find any / it isn’t true. They resorted exclusively to light cavalry.

Twist and turn all you want, the Vikings used no knights or any cavalry in battle.

But the weak part of the bengali army was always the cav. Theres no reason to give them a unique cav unit either

Thats false.

But its true, Normans arent Danes nor Swedes. Normans are Normans.

And they still had access to horses and somewhat used them before they became Danish/Swedisg

Yet you fail to (dis)prove it.

If you seriously consider elephants as regular cavalry now, then they had that too as according to wikipedia Bengalis used elephants too.

Yeah I have proven it. Wikipedia article of the military of the commonwealth. First paragraph I believe.

Not gonna search for something myself I know I won’t find.

I dont. They are diferent parts of the army. Bengali horses sucked.

Also Bengalis had a lot of flavour, why would they need to make them something they arent