Portuguese Historical flavour

This is something that’s been on my mind for a while.
Ports has been in need of some historical flavour for a long time

Since 2005 they’ve had one of its Church card technologies (encomienda manor) named in spanish!

The Iberian Union a huge event in the history of Portugal and Spain isn’t referenced at all in the game, its end could even be a card for the spanish, a portuguese revolution like and Belgian revolution cards for the Dutch

Finally I would like to ask everyone that plays Ports, what do you think about the HCC Estremoz Field Guns and House of Bragança, have you ever even used them?


Field Guns for Ports: why? Organ guns are great. It’s only one falc in age 3, and 2 in age 4 (if I’m right). Not worth the card imo.

House of Brag isn’t one I’d normally use, but on a few maps it could be worth it.

I used it once, it’s nice to have cannons, but in age 3 no one is going to spend a shipment on just one field gun, and in Age 4 you get access to heavy cannons.

On another note I was always curious as to what they are referencing by naming the card after Estremoz, it’s not a frontier town more like 2nd line of defense, and why does it have the republic of Portugal’s colors on the image?!

This is a fairly common want, and a totally justified one.

More Port flavour. Remove Spanish wordings, etc.

Going further, and again, reiterating what’s been posted before - give them actual Portuguese units. Remove the Organ Gun (make it an Eastern European merc arty) and give them Berços (Portugeuse swivel guns) or something. Armoured Fidalgos/Aventureiros melee units with two-handed Montante would be nice touch too - or even a Nau (warship) - replacing the Caravel.


Maybe also rename their hussar to cavalaria ligeira? The Portuguese never used Hussars as a designation.


If we have to remove the Organ Gun, at least make it a Polish standard artillery unit. I can imagine the fun of CA/Org or Lipka Tartar/Org now.

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Yeah, I’m all in favor for that - Organ Guns stayed in use with the Polish (and Russians) longer than Western Europe. If Poles get a Cossacks rev (which should be a definite, right? :D), then they should use them too as Cossacks were fond of them as well.

I think it’s based in this:

The reason it has the colours of the republic is beyond me, though.

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I just wanted to add that I made a post discussing exactly this (I believe you already know it, MonsieurMoustache) that gained quite a decent amount of traction, so I doubt the devs don’t have at least a passing knowledge of people’s opinions on the state of Portugal’s flavour. Personally, I don’t fully believe in some of my ideas in this post, but I still believe that most of them would, at least, be more interesting additions than what the devs ended up adding for Ports.


The Organ Gun should be the standard artillery unit for European civs.

Might as well make it the Congreve rocket at that point

I believe the phrase is “don’t threaten me with a good time”

Only if the portuguese card stops removing the need to unlimber.

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Also better royal guard names.

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What names would work for the Portuguese? For their RG units? I can’t think of any good ones.

Getting all of their infantry and cavalry units to RG wouldn’t be too hard. They already have RG Musks, Pikes, Crossbowmen, and Dragoons. They’d only need RG Halbs, Hussars and Cassadors. Maybe RG Grens too.

Though personally I’d be more inclined to just go with RG Gunpowder infantry and cavalry. The RG pikes could be reverted.


Organ guns might be great but Ports pretty much never used them.

It’s a fair enough point historically speaking. In game I love them as a unit, and they support the Portuguese unit comps well.

Having said that, giving OGs to Poland seems like a great opportunity.

Eh. Poland had standardised field guns pretty early on. Maybe for a card/revolution about Cossacks or as a mercenary shipment, but not as a UU. Poland should have a unique infantry who is weak, as well as unique cavalry.

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it would also be great to have a unique look to the feitoria town centers! I did this concept art a while back for that