Portuguese Historical flavour

My dream would be unique Architecture Sets for all civs.

European civs should have European buildings, not colonial ones - those present could be reserved for post-colonial civs (USA, Mexicans, Brazilians, South Africa, Haiti, etc.).

Portuguese really deserve some attention.
The Iberian Union, however, did not favor Portugal. In fact, it was extinct as a country during this period. I think this is the reason no card favors Portugal related to this event.

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Other than the infamous Organ Gun and some card name changes, such as for Encomienda Manors, what would Portugal actually need to make it better? I can think of the carrack/Nau as a unique ship, but other than that what else do people want to see that is realistic to the game?

I suppose the biggest ones for me are better RG names. The Portuguese Legion was just a French force and I know Portugal wasn’t known for Dragoons, or cavalry generally.

I wouldn’t focus too much on the union itself.

For the spanish maybe a card that send cassadores and like I said a Portuguese revolution card like the Belgian revolution card for the Dutch.

For the portuguese a shipment of unique spanish units at most.

After the breakup of the iberian union I could imagine upgrade cards referencing the Restauration of Independence and/or Pombaline reforms, what they could be upgrading, that I don’t know yet

There could be archeiros for halberdiers (the Portuguese ch sounds like sh and not like English ch, btw), but that could be mistaken for, y’know, archers.

Or you could use just the Guarda Real part but that just means Royal Guard lol

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I instead would make this supposed Card send Organ Guns instead, since the first Caçador units were created in 1797. Also the Spanish did make a somewhat extensive use of OG during it’s participation in the Italian Wars.

If we maintain the OG as Portuguese unique units sure, but if it stops being so, as somepeople have suggested, then we would have to pick something else

I think the crux of this is that the Organ Gun, volleygun or any form of light cannon fixed alongside each other to fire in a salvo or in rapid succession used by almost all gunpowder-using civs during the AOE3 timeframe (though mainly very early - 1500s-1600s).

Having Organ Guns as a unique unit to the Portuguese is like saying the British unique unit should be the Pikeman - everyone pretty much used pointy stick-men but we’ll say it’s unique and intrinsically linked to the British based on not a lot. :smiley:

To add to that, funny enough Ports probably used them far less in real-life - all my English/translated sources only really point to some 16th century colonial defense but I can’t find a great deal else (I’d love to get hold of some reading material on the Portuguese use of them!)